Names That Mean Warrior Girl For Your Princess

49+ Names That Mean Warrior Girl For Your Princess

Female baby names that mean warrior girl strong & brave – ideal warrior names if you’re looking for names with meaning. Not to be confused with warrior baby names that are just cool and unique!

When it comes to finding the right baby name, a few things are more important than the meaning and significance of that name.

Whether you want your daughter’s name to be full of character or give her something unique yet meaningful, these warrior baby girl names might be perfect for you!

  • Clovis (Germanic), meaning “famous warrior.”
  • Dina (Scottish), meaning “sea warrior.”
  • Drew (Scottish), a unisex name meaning “warrior.”
  • Earline (English), meaning “nobleman” and “warrior.”
  • Elda (Italian), meaning “warrior.”
  • Emlyn (English), meaning “brave and noble warrior.”
  • Fianna (Irish), derived from the name for warrior bands in Irish mythology
  • Gabriela  (English), meaning “warrior of God.”
  • Gerta (German), meaning “warrior.”
  • Jamari (Native American), meaning “a woman warrior.”

Girls’ Baby Names That Mean Warrior

If you’re looking for warrior names for baby girls, look no further than these strong, fearless—and perfect—names for little ladies.

These names mean warrior and are sure to honour your daughter’s kick-butt nature. Whether she wants to fight for peace or fight off evil spirits, there’s a name here that will suit her fierce personality.

  • Boyana (Slavic), meaning “warrior” and “fighter.”
  • Brunhilda (Old Norse), meaning “armed for battle.”
  • Clothilde (French, Italian), meaning “famous battle maid.”
  • Griselda (Germanic) means “dark battle.”
  • Hilda (Germanic), meaning “battle woman.”
  • Ingrid (Scandinavian), meaning “battle” and “chief.”
  • Luane (German), meaning “graceful battle maiden.”
  • Matilda (German), meaning “battle-mighty.”
  • Maude (French), meaning “battle might”
  • Oriel (Lat in), meaning “battle fire.”
  • Rochelle (Germanic), meaning “battle cry.”

Names That Mean Warrior Girl For Your Princess

Names Of Warriors In Mythology

Ares is known as the God of war, and it’s not difficult to see why. His name translates to The Aggressor or The Battler. But, Ares was also associated with death in a way that made him more fearsome than other Greek gods.

The Greeks believed that souls were led to Aries upon death, where they spent eternity either battling or being held prisoner by him and his two-headed dog Cerberus. Pretty intense stuff for a baby name!

  • Ares — (Greek): The powerful Greek God of war. Known for his physical courage, Ares is represented in the violent aspects of war. His expertise was in weapons of war, rebellion, bloodlust, and defence.
  • Tyr — (Norse): God of law, justice, honour, victory, and war heroics.
  • Woden — (Continental Germanic Polytheism): God is associated with war, death, battle, wisdom, poetry, the hunt, prophecy, and victory.
  • Athena — (Greek): Goddess of skill, strategy, crafts, mathematics, inspiration, wisdom, warfare, the arts, civilization, heroic endeavour, courage, law, and justice.
  • Juno — (Roman): Goddess considered the special counsellor and protector of the state.
  • Thor — (Germanic): Powerful god associated with warfare, lighting, defence, protection, weather, courage, revenge, trust, battles, and strength and often depicted wielding a giant hammer.
  • Anhur — (Egyptian): God of war. One of the many titles bestowed upon him was ‘slayer of enemies.
  • Donar — (Teutonic): God of war with immense strength associated with thunder.
  • Agastya — (Semitic): War Goddess, also known as ‘The Shrieker’, merged her identity as a Sky Warrior.
  • Odin — (Norse): Powerful God associated with battle, death, victory, and war, as well as wisdom, prophecy, hunting, and music.

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German Girl Names Meaning Warrior or Mighty

Freya is a mighty name with Norse origins, meaning bringer of peace. Freya is a goddess in Scandinavian mythology and considered one of the Vanir, members of a tribe that opposed and was eventually defeated by Odin and his Aesir tribe.

Freya is also thought to be one of two patron goddesses for miners. Stark means intense or strong-willed.

  • Adelheid — noble; also Edelheid or Adalheid in Dutch: 
  • Avelina — noble; also used in Italian and Spanish: 
  • Cardholder — means battle helmet in Old Norse: 
  • Bertha — from an Old German word meaning bear: 
  • Boadicea — possibly derived from Celtic words meaning victory goddess: 
  • Brunhilde — means dark battle maiden in Old Norse: 
  • Brynhildr — means shield maid in Old Norse.
  • Alvara (German)— meaning “army of elves” or “warrior elves.”
  • Clovis (Germanic)— meaning “famous warrior.”
  • Lou (German)— meaning “warrior maiden.”
  • Gerta (German)— meaning “warrior.”

Names That Mean Warrior Girl For Your Princess

Teutonic Girl Names Mean Warrior.

Check out these cute Teutonic girl names with fierce, robust, bold and brave meanings. Naming your daughter after a mighty historical warrior is a terrific way to honour these courageous women, and it will guarantee your little lady has an interesting name! There’s nothing wimpy about any of these German warrior baby names. … 

  • Adelaide Means “sweet and noble.”
  • Adette  Means “sweet or noble.”
  • Agatha Means “good and kind.”
  • Aili  Means “sweet.”
  • Alberta Means “bright.”
  • Aliz  Means “sweet.”
  • Alvira  Means “fair.”
  • Antonie  Means “priceless.”
  • Berdina  Means “glorious.”
  • Bertrum  Means “shining secret.”

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Gaelic Girl Names Mean Warrior.

If you are looking for a name that means warrior and originated in Ireland, Scotland or England, these Gaelic baby names may be just what you’re looking for.

Historically, many Irish Gaelic names have been anglicized, so if you don’t see one of your favourites here but want to use it in Gaelic form, please check out our A-Z of Irish boy names and Irish girl names articles for more information.

  • Artemisia (Spanish), meaning “perfection,” named after Artemisia I of Caria, who wielded power before women could vote in Athens
  • Grace (English), charmed, was named after Grace O’Malley, a chieftain of a clan that built wealth from piracy and legitimate trade.
  • Cleopatra (Greek), meaning “glory of the father,” is named after the famous Pharaoh Cleopatra.
  • Joan (Catalan), meaning “God is gracious,” is named after Joan of Arc, considered a heroine of France.
  • Mai (Punjabi), potentially related to the meaning “mother,” could also mean “blossom”, named after Mai Bhago, who led Sikh soldiers and was a skilled warrior.
  • Mino or Minon (Fon language), meaning “our mothers,” named after the Dahomey Amazons, who were a group of female warriors
  • Olympias (Greek), meaning “from Mount Olympus,” is named after the woman who led an army in 300 B.C.
  • Olga (Old Norse), meaning “blessed” and “successful”, was named after Olga of Kyiv, who was a pagan warrior princess who became a ruler.
  • Teuta (Albania), meaning “loyal leader” and “queen,” named after Teuta of Illyria, who was a queen that became a pirate
  • Tomyris (Persian) is named after a Persian warrior queen who defeated a ruler who attempted to invade her country.
  • Names That Mean Warrior Girl For Your Princess


Most names here were chosen for their meanings, but a few have been added because they sound good. Whether you’re looking for a character to bestow upon your little lionheart or want something solid and fierce to wrap her in warm blankets and tuck her into bed at night, we’ve got you covered!

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1. What does the name mean, strong warrior?

Any word that begins with Ana means ‘strong’, ‘firm’ or ‘vigorous.’ A good warrior name for your daughter! Variations include: Anasim, Anasa, Anasara, Anassah and Annisa.

2. What names mean fearless warrior?

In honour of all strong women and those who fight like a warrior, we’ve compiled a list of names that mean fearless warriors—looking for a last name to compliment your daughter’s new first name? Check out our list of last words that mean powerful!

3. What names mean warrior of God?

The following names mean warrior of God. If you’re searching for a name that means warrior, consider these on your list: Abigail: Hebrew for Father’s joy. Ahava: Hebrew for Beloved. Aminah: Arabic for faithful to Allah. Arabella: Latin meaning little Arab. Ariel: Hebrew meaning lion of God.

4. What does the name mean, Brave fighter?

This unique baby name means strong and brave; it also fits well as a nickname for families that have Brittany in their tree. This is sure to be a favourite for people who believe in strength.

If you are looking for something different and want to name your daughter after a warrior princess, choose Brittney! She will always stand up for what she believes in. If you go with Brittany, consider pairing it with one of these great nicknames: Britty, Britti or Britches.

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