Amazing and Cute Names That Mean Dawn for Your Baby

Amazing and Cute Names That Mean Dawn for Your Baby

Have you just found out what you’re expecting? Before settling on your little one’s name, it’s time to decide whether you want a gender-neutral name or one that indicates the baby’s sex. You may have started by looking at lists of top baby names, but if you’re having trouble deciding, here are 100+ names meaning dawn that are sure to help you make up your mind.

Names That Mean Dawn

The term dawn comes from the Old English word dæg, which is thought to have meant day. Names like Denise, Denise, and Danielle come from different forms of these words!

And although all these names share etymological origins with the dawn, many other names mean a day in different ways and languages. Read more below to find a name that implies dawn to you!

Names                                                       Meanings
Ace (Latin Origin) means ‘one, unity’. The name is also associated with a player who excels at a specific part of a sport or the entire sport.
Asier (Basque Origin) means ‘the beginning.’
Berilo (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘beryl, pale green gemstone.’
Haruki ( Japanese Origin) means ‘spring Child’. This Japanese baby name is associated with the famous Japanese author, Haruki Murakami.
Ichiro (Japanese Origin) means ‘First born son’. Ichiro Suzuki is a former baseball player.
Irving (Scottish Origin) means ‘green river, sea friend’. Famous author Irving Stone takes after this name.
Jarek (Slavic Origin, Polish Origin) means ‘spring.’
Navin (Hindi Origin) means ‘new, novel.’
Neander (Greek Origin) means ‘new man.’
Neon (Latin Origin) means’ bright.’


Amazing and Cute Names That Mean Dawn for Your Baby

Unique Boys Names That Meaning Dawn

One of our top picks is an ancient name quickly rising in popularity. If you like names that sound familiar but aren’t, consider giving your baby boy a name that means dawn.

You’ll have to act fast, though—this one will likely be snatched up by parents looking for unique and meaningful baby names. Here are some of our favorites:

Names Meanings
Ahaan ( India Origin) means ‘dawn.’
Aroon (Thai Origin )the name means ‘dawn.’
Aleph ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘chief, number one
Clarence ( Latin Origin) means ‘bright’. The name of a famous African American Associate Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.
Dion (French Origin) means ‘child of heaven and earth.’
Elio ( Latin Origin ) means ‘sunny.’
Jemuel ( Hebrew Origin ) means ‘day of god.’
Lucian ( Latin Origin ) the name means ‘light.’
Sampson ( Hebrew Origin ) means ‘sun’. The name is associated with the Book of Judges in the Bible.
Vihan (India Origin) the name means ‘dawn.’

Unique Girls Names That Meaning Dawn

Amber, Ashlynn, Faith, Gwen, Gemma. Imogen, Jade, Justine, Karen, and many more names mean dawn in their feminine form. Listed in alphabetical order by their definition of meaning dawn are female baby names that begin with these letters.

Also included are their definition and name popularity rankings based on hundreds of thousands of parents who have used our exclusive Baby Names Finder to discover cool meanings, along with statistics about gender distribution.

Names Meanings
Chiara ( Italian Origin) means ‘light, clear.’
(Greek Origin) means ‘gold’. The name is derived from Criseyde and is associated with a famous poem, Troilus and Criseyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer.
Danique (French Origin) means ‘morning star.’
Dawn (Latin Origin, Arabic Origin, Hebrew Origin) means a new beginning or hope. Many English families prefer a trendy name for girls.
Dia (Spanish Origin) means ‘love, lamp, heavenly, day.’
Electra ( Greek Origin) means ‘shining, bright’. The name is associated with a female superhero in Marvel comics.
Elenore ( German Origin) means ‘light.’
Eliana (Hebrew Origin, Latin Origin) name meaning ‘my god has answered.’
Goldie (Yiddish Origin) means ‘dawn.’
Helena (Native American Origin) means ‘bright or shining light’. The name of a female superhero in DC comics is the Huntress.


Unique Gender Neutral Names That Meaning Dawn

If you’re searching for unique baby names that mean dawn, check out these choices. Each has something to offer, whether it’s because of its meaning or historical significance.

A name that implies dawn gives your child a reason to get up and see what daybreak has in store—or just another way to spell sunshiny! So whether you prefer a traditional option like Isabella or an unusual one like Ebony, we have some great options to consider. Read on for more information about each of our top picks…

Names Meanings
Beacon (African American Origin) meaning ‘signal light.’
Callahan (Irish Origin) points out ‘bright-headed’. Callahan is the name of the protagonist of the Dirty Harry series.
Dagny (Scandinavian Origin) meaning ‘new day
Early (Britain Origin)meaning ‘bright new day
Lior (Hebrew Origin, Israeli Origin) meaning ‘I have a light.’
Neriah ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘light of Jehovah’
Nouvel (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘light.’
Nova ( Latin Origin) means ‘light.’
Phaedra (Greek Origin) means ‘bright’. This is the name of a famous character in Greek mythology.
Sunny ( Native American Origin) means ‘sun.’
Zerah ( Hebrew Origin) means ‘to rise; dawn.’


Popular Names That Mean New Beginning

If you’re expecting and need some baby name inspiration, we can help. Our list of names that mean dawn includes selections from across multiple generations and cultures so that you can find something unique and meaningful. Search our lists to see if there’s something that appeals to you or gets started with one of these picks.

Names Meanings
Beeja (Hindi Origin) means ‘new beginning or happy.’
Beryl (Greek Origin) says ‘sea-green jewel.’
Caron (Armenian Origin) means ‘springtime.’
Cerelia (Latin Origin) means ‘relating to springtime.’
Chloe (Greek Origin) means ‘young green shoot’. Chloe Armstrong is a popular character in the famous TV series Stargate Universe.
Javiera (Spanish Origin) means ‘new house or bright.’
Kady (Irish Origin) means ‘number one.’
Kia (African Origin) means ‘season’s beginning.’
Midori (Japanese Origin) means ‘green’. This is a typical Japanese name associated with a Japanese anime with the same character.
Nasima (Arabic Origin) means ‘breeze, fresh air.’
Oriana ( Italian Origin, Latin Origin) meaning ‘dawn.’


Names That Mean Dawn From Around The World

These names include words that mean dawn in many different languages and top girl and boy names with various meanings. We had several hundred of our favorite gender-neutral baby names with dawn in them—names that sound gender-neutral and could be used for either sex.

All these gender-neutral baby names have meanings related to early morning or daylight. You can sort by alphabet or by popularity; you can also use our filters to view all girl names, boy names, or genders together.

Names Meanings
Aviv (Hebrew Origin) means ‘springtime, freshness, youth.’
Cyan (Native American English Origin) means ‘greenish-blue color.’
Dagny (Scandinavian Origin) tells of a ‘new day.’
Denver ( American English Origin) means ‘from enviers’. This name is linked to the popular Netflix show ‘Money Heist’s’ character Denver.
Issey (Japanese Origin) means ‘first born.’
January (English Origin) means ‘the first month of a new year.’
Mika (Hungarian Origin, Japanese Origin, Russian Origin) means ‘beautiful fragrance.’
Nasim (Arabic Origin) means ‘breeze, fresh air.’
Neo (Latin Origin) means ‘new’. This name is associated with the main protagonist of the Matrix series, played by Keanu Reeves.


Amazing and Cute Names That Mean Dawn for Your Baby

Now that you’ve learned about all of these possible meanings for your child’s name, it’s time to finalize your decision. It may seem like too many choices, but once you have narrowed down your top five favorite names, deciding which one is perfect is bound to be easy.

Look through each list and think about which characteristics best reflect your baby; also, remember that most of these names can mean different things depending on their spelling.


1. What is the Greek name for dawn?

In Greek mythology, Eos is considered one of four significant goddesses (along with Hera, Demeter, and Hestia). Also known as Aurora in Roman mythology, she was an ancient Goddess of Spring, as well as youth and childbirth. Her symbol was a rooster or red-tipped staff. She would bring forth her children each morning at dawn.

2. What Japanese name means dawn?

The word for dawn in Japanese is Tsuki. In English, it’s often written as Tsukino, though many variations exist, such as Tsukiyomi or Tsukushi. This can be combined with other kanji to create different names, including Tsukikage (full moon), Tsykino, or Tsukinome (moon from sunrise). You can also take single elements of each name and combine them to create an entirely new name – something that is both popular and widely accepted amongst families in Japan.

3. What are names that mean sunrise?

These names are perfect for brightening your day with their sweetness and light. They can be used as given names or nicknames, and many of them have evolved into common usage, giving you a familiar choice. Sunrise is an encouraging word that inspires action—what better quality could you hope to find in a name? Here are some sunrise names you might like to consider if they’re not already taken!

4. What does the girl’s name mean, twilight?

If you’re expecting a baby girl, you may already be considering names. If you have decided on one that means twilight, then congratulations! Twilight is derived from Latin and means dusk. A lovely meaning for your little girl with an equally stunning sound!