Unique Names That Bring Good Luck

Picking a name for your little bundle of joy can be unnerving. There are so many great options to choose from. Not to mention all the suggestions coming your way from family, friends, and well-wishers! But just when things start to feel overwhelming, parents realize how lucky they are to have their baby. So why not give them a unique name that brings good luck? There are many names stemming from different origins and cultures that symbolize good fortune and luck. For instance, naming your baby after a divine goddess like Fortuna who is the personification of luck in Roman mythology is a good way to ensure that your little one has a unique name that holds great significance.

Listed below are 10 unique baby names that are sure to bring good luck to your family!

  1. Tyche

Tyche is the Greek equivalent of Fortuna, a Roman goddess. She is the daughter of two major Greek deities, Aphrodite and Zeus. So, it comes as no surprise that she is the goddess of luck and fortune. She is also known to embolden the whims of fate that decide the lives of mortals. Would you like to name your daughter after one of the most powerful and luckiest daughters in Greek mythology?

  1. Zada

Zada means ‘prosperous’ or ‘fortunate’ in Arabic. It is a variant of the name Zaida. This was a popular girl name in Syria, and it is slowly making a comeback.

  1. Aintza

This unique name has an equally unique origin. It has Basque origins, which means that it hails from a niche group of people in either Spain or Paris. This group of people believed that Aintza means ‘glory’ or ‘glorious,’ and it was usually given to a girl. It was said to bring good luck to the bearer of this name.

  1. Fausto

This name, which is deeply rooted in Latin, is a great name for your son. It means ‘fortunate’ and is said to bring great fortune to the men bearing this name. Faust is a shorter, more modern version of the same name.

  1. Parvaiz

Here is another name to add to your boy name list. Parvaiz has Persian origins, and it translates to ‘lucky.’

  1. Ventura

This one’s for the girls! The name Ventura is taken from an Italian surname Bonaventura, which means ‘good fortune.’

  1. Hideyoshi

This Japanese surname can be split into two. “Hide” means ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ and “Yoshi” means ‘good,’ ‘virtuous,’ ‘respectable,’ and (loosely) ‘good luck.’ It is a good option for someone who is into the idea of using a surname as a first name for their child.

  1. Kazuyuki

This is another Japanese name that can be split into two halves. “Kazu” means ‘harmony’ and ‘peace,’ and “Yuki” means ‘happiness’ and ‘good luck.’

  1. Sarava

This name has an interesting and unusual history as it was derived from a phrase used by the people of the Candomble religion. This is an African religion that was later taken to Brazil by African slaves. The name means ‘good luck’ and is known to bear good fortune.

  1. Merritt

This is a unisex name with Anglican origins. The original meaning of this name is ‘boundary gate’ which has later been interpreted as ‘deserving of fortune.’ We could not agree more! Those who draw healthy boundaries are definitely deserving of fortune in their lives! Wouldn’t you agree?

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All of the names on this list come from beautiful and unique cultures that celebrate good luck and fortune. Hopefully, you found one that suits your baby. We hope your baby finds all the fortune and luck in the world! Is there a name in your culture that alludes to good luck? Let us know in the comments section!

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