Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions

Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions

If you are searching for a suitable name for your technology company start-up that can generate a long-lasting impact on the mind of your potential customer, you are at the right place. It is vital to choose a good name as the name can go a long way with your business.

There are several important factors of naming a technology company that every brand expert follows. For example, if you are providing software solutions, then it’s better to connect your company name with the unique feature of your software. According to the influence researchers, the average attention span lasts for around 8 seconds.

You should not use any forgettable name for this reason as the name will fade away with overwhelming background information absorption. In this article, I will suggest your name based on many factors that will be discussed further. (Choose The Names That Means Death)

Tech companies name that suits SEO, Google Analytics

Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions

According to some SEO experts if a tech company name is linked with words that are SEO friendly then there is a better chance of getting organic traffic and conversion. One important thing to note down that the company name should be way different than the usual one. The reason behind this, if you name your tech company with a common name, then it will be really hard to rank on the first page as the competition will be much higher.

One should not just simply name his company without thinking. The name should make a good brand image that looks much dissimilar from peer companies. There is only one con that is finding a name which is SEO and googles analytics friendly is a really hard job. Hence, you need to twist the name a bit. So if you are among the start-ups who prefer to get organic traffic by your company name, then here are some names that can be suitable for Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions. 

404 Fighters Auto Hike Bezmi Bytes and Bots Chip Checkers
7th Tower Software Auto Tech Binary Bosses Capstone Technology
A Talent for Tech Autocity Bluelight Suites Software Century Computers
A+ Automation Bluelight Suites Software Chupl
Access Point Tech Pros Automotique Nation BMA Technology Corp Cloud Soft
Aliva Tech Avatar Tech Boztik Cobaz
Amlin Avid Automation Brain Balance Code Red Technology
Amtrix BarCraft Tech Brain Boost CompuConnect
Astray Applications Basic Batches Bring Bright Computer Capers
Aurora Apps Betage Studios Buildie Tech Computer Cargo

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Technology Company Name Ideas based on Tech Product

According to some conventional brand strategist, a start-up should pick a name that indicates the tech product type. Additionally, these types of Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions can generate a long-lasting impression on the potential customer’s mind as product features are connected with the technological company. The conventional brand strategist also suggests that the naming should be done with little alteration of the product features. Examples of such names are as follows.

Computer Castle Cryptical Software Dongle Tech Pros Enzay
Computer Task Group Inc. Cybersify Down Memory Lane Except Software
Cookies and Cryptos Deep Dive Tech Dravis Favicon Tech Pros
Core Computers DeployDash Dunzer Fiercify
Core Cut DeployDoctor Ecologiq Solutions Files and Firewalls
Cornerstone Information Technologies Desktop Pros Effectus Solutions Fiscal Analytics
Creatique Inc Diginaturalis Elmit Flash Video Cam
Creative Information Tech Digital Decoder Encode Pros Flow Follow
Crenly Digital Decoder Encoders Unlimited Flutch
Crisp-Pixels Computers Digital Genius Enlig Formula Fantastic

Easy and Cool Tech Name 

Modern brand specialist prefers to name tech companies that are unique and cool. This name generates a feel that the company is connected to a modern trend. Besides that, naming with something not common can generates feeling distinctness with other products. These Technology Business Names are easy to spell. Hence, these tech names are easy to remember. Modern Market strategist prefers this type of naming. Examples of such names are as follows.

Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions
Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions
Furvy Giant Tech Hardware Heroes Hunk Cultivator
FusionTech Gigabyte Tech Hashtag Web Consultants Hybrid Tech
Futuralis Solutions GoGreen Hashtag Web Consultants Hybriques Technology
Futuratech Golden Master Tech Haute House Data iKnowHow
Futuratechs Great Gigs Hendey InDesign
Galaktik Solutions Green Progression Hire-o-specialist InMotion
Gamma Tech Green Solutions Hitcka Inniviossionary Tech
Gamsher Green Surface Tech Hopper Technologies Innova Solutions
Geek Lumino Green Touch Solutions Horizon PC Professionals InTouch Software
Genius Tech Hannit Hostname: Repair Intrino

Tech companies name based on a target audience

Brand specialists prefer another type of Technological Company Names that target selected audience groups through the company name. These types of name suggest that the tech company is made for these audience groups. The idea behind suggesting these Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions is to show the core value of the tech company is highly engaged and concern with the targetted age group. Examples of such names are as follows.

Invictus Technology Know it All Technology Metrilogic Solutions Nationale Digitale
Invikta Technology Lane Information Technology Micro Know Neft
Ivula Leez Micro Madness Neocyber Technology
Jennis Leznit Microstrategies NerdKnowledge
Jentir Liktin Mike’s PC Mashup New and Improved
Jumper Jack’s Tech Repair Lyrung Mouse Marauders Nexalook
Kazma Machine Learner NaKnow Next Digicorp
Kernlow Macro Mobile Solutions Nano Know Next Information Systems
Keyboard Kings Maverick’s Tech Shop Nano Quantico Tech nextGen Technology Co.
Klasp Meganil Nano-Micro Tech Obersh
Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions
Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions

Trustworthy Tech Company Names 

According to some brand specialist, if the name of a tech company suggests a solution. Then the trustworthy of the brand becomes more reliable. Examples of such names are as follows.

Odiseus Solutions Phil’s Plug and Play Quantico Sbot
OmniSoft Technologies Plenta Quantique Corp Scientech
On-Point PCs Processor Pros Qwaz Scretl
One Stop Tech Professional PC Parameters Radiance Software Shanray
Optima ProGoGreen Radioactive Applications SimTech
Orbit Tech Progressiva Rahn Sky High Tech
Oval Solutions Progressive Technology Solutions Renenergy Fusion Smart Tech Support
Ovid Technologies Pulse Tech Renewergy Technology Solar New solutech
PC Privy Qualov Safe Mode Selections Solarius Technology
Petite PCs Quantic Corp Salorix Systems Speedlight Solutions

Tech company name that has essence or story

 If you name your company that expresses the essence of service provided or a story, there is a lot of chance that your brand image will at a faster rate. This kind of name is suggested by the brand specialist Your brand recognition will also be improved if the tech company name connects well. Examples of such names are as follows.

Squilt Tech Solutions TechTrust Top Notch Tech
Start Tech Tech Tamers Techware Top Tech
Success Tech Tech Testers Ten/Ten Tech Top Technologies
Synerque Inc Tech Theory The Tech Throne Top Ten Tech
Tangled Tech Tech Trek Thrive Technology Total Tech
Tatch Techarius Development Ticket to Techland Totally Techno
Teachable Tech TechAware Time Manager Trace Technology
Tech Connect Techncorp Tiznel Tracking Tech
Tech Partners Technokings Tony’s Tech Tools Trained in Tech
Tech Pros TechnoTrends Top in Tech Trek Tech


Your tech company name should not have negative connotations. Examples of some technological companies’ name are CoronaTech, XzombieTech etc. In the recent article, Agriculture Company Name Ideas has been suggested that can be matched with high influence level. Hence, from these Tech Company Name Ideas, hope you have found your suitable technological company name. Another important factor which I have considered while suggesting these tech companies name is the name should social-media friendly i.e. once people hear this name, they like to talk and research about the company. 

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