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Your skin is the outermost layer of your body. Healthy skin reflects your lifestyle and attracts many. Happy, Glowing, and hydrated skin is everything that you seek for. Using plenty of skincare products, drinking liters, and liters of water are the very parts of a skincare regime. The craze for healthy skin can even shut the mouth of the most talkative girl for 15 to 20 minutes while applying the glow mask.

Let’s start from the beginning and now let me suggest you some skin care business name ideas. Which will not only be classy but will help you to grow your business.


The Skincare regime nowadays is inclined towards organic and natural products. The home remedies and the homely ingredients have taken the internet away with DIY videos for skin care. Your business name can also sound a little organic too, with these names:

Natural Snowflake Skinology
Organically You Aroma Touch Pure Life
Glow Organic Essence Herbaluxe
Earthy Ways Roots Natura
Nature and You Mystic Dew Celestial
Pure & Organic Organatural The Pure Lotus
Arganix Glow Leaf Five Elements
Bio Beauty Naturova Nature’s Promise


Nowadays there are not specific boundaries while naming a business. It is really hard to guess the product type just by its name. The young entrepreneurs are more likely to opt for names, which sound fancy. If you have the same concept in mind, I have fancy skin care company names for your business.

Luxe Skin Fuel Flex
Kutz Think Skin Rejeuv
Change Cleanz Radiance
Elixir Illuminate Allure
Envy Swiclo Swiss
Zeluxia Elle Vitaglow
Grace Bello Belleza
Gloria Femme Capello
Jeunesse Gleam Magnifique
Lucent Karess Casablanca
Rejuviant Le Beau ReDeux


Skincare businesses have come across a long way. The beauty salons and spas have their own beauty and skin care products as well. Most of the big brands have their physical stores and salons too. The reason behind selling their own brand is that the business owners want to carry the passion for beauty in every way to their customers.

Salt Precious Retreat
Soft Touch Avalon Idiva
Pamper Serendipity Purple
Fiona Drift Orchid
Mind and Skin Ahaglow Petals
Botanique Skinistry Oceanic
Skinology Hot Stone Sculpt
Escape Head to Toe Orenic

If you have a business that offers skin care services as well as products, then your business name must be small yet approaching.


Cosmetic treatments do not mean cosmetic surgeries or upliftment surgeries. Simple peeling and acne treatment and even any skin related treatment comes under cosmetic treatment category. There are many dermatologists who own their skin care business.

If you are one of them your business name should be more to the point and easy to guess. Let’s get some names for you.  

Juvenilia Skinn Dermacore
Touche Dermatology I-skin Radiant
Love Your Skin Emerald Skin Clinic Derma Elite
Dermacity Overhaul Skin Care Clinique Derma
Soothe Skin Clinic Zitfree Skin and You
Skintecture Probody All About Skin
Proface The Inner Beauty Skin Lab
Skin Talk Skin Story Skin Appetite


A regal or aristocratic name is always in fashion. The trendiest cloth and makeup brands sound absolutely classy with the concept. If you believe so you can opt for some classic name that will sound more regal.

Precision Highness Victoria
Bella Pearl Queenz
Chic Contour Skwin
Celestine Palate Iherb
Skin Heaven Crown Alice
Voleaux The Myst Sephora
Skinnora Calesthenic  
Vault Zeura

So, if you own a skin care business, you already know what all it takes to attract your customers, Great products, good reviews, Clear intention and most importantly A GOOD NAME.

Your business name makes relevance and creates the primary trust of your customers. The new footfalls who don’t know how you serve will imagine a tentative expectation just by your name.

Whatever be your business name: be it a name that is just another word for skin care, sounds organic, looks fancy – all you need to have is good products and services.

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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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