Megical mermaid name

Magical Mermaid Names And Their Meaning

I am sure if you are here then you might be a big fan of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord of Rings because all of these have taught us about the existence of magic and Magical Mermaid Names

People are in love with the magic and mythical creatures. Mermaids are also one of those magical creatures that are half fish and half female. Although mermaids are based on fiction and myths, they are loved by children and adults too all over the world.

You all know about Mermaids but you never knew that Mermaid names can be used in a child’s christening. So if you are just about to be parents or are parents of a baby girl and searching for names for your baby that are suitable for them, then you have entered into the right platform.

We have got a list of some enchanting and magical Mermaid names female for you that you can give to your baby girl.  Scroll down and have a look.

Magical Mermaid
Magical Mermaid
Radiant Embrace Ardent MERMAID Wow
Livid NAMES Refinement MERMAID MERMAIDsy Magnolia
Pamper Dona MERMAID Quaint MERMAID Visibly NAMES
Diamond MERMAID Ora MERMAID Fab Galvanic
Azraa MERMAID Idolize Magnificence NAMES Illuminating
Attractive NAMES NAMESoryx Honey Orchid
Darling NAMES Vanity MERMAID Ayesha Panda
Knockout Sheer MERMAID Counter Crystal
Bunny Achieve NAMES Resort NAMES Tempting NAMES
Vernal Blush MERMAID Evolve NAMES Being NAMES

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What is Your Mermaid Name: Names with Meaning

Were you born to be a mermaid? Well, we all wish to be one. Its a dream of many of us, so why to spoil your dreams? Now if you have planned to be a fairy are you prepared for that? If other mermaids asked you “What is your mermaid name”? What will be your reply? Do not worry we have got all for you. Here is the list of magical mermaid names with their proper meaning:

  1. Ailsa: The meaning of Ailsa is “elf victory”. Ailsa is the name of the stunning islet of the Clyde. Ailsa was also nicknamed as “Island of Alfisgr”. Could it be more apt for your new baby?
  2. Aerwyna: The meaning of the word Aerwyna is “friend of the sea”. Don’t you think that this melodious name will sound great for your kid?
  3. Alfreda: Anybody has hardly got any idea about the meaning of this name but let me tell you that it means “elf power”. This name is supposed to be liked more after its meaning is known.
  4. Aine: Aine is an Irish name which has been derived from the Photo-Celtic word “aidna” which means “radiance”.  According to the Irish mythology, she is the queen of fairies.
  5. Alvina: Alvina means “Elf-friend” and is the female variant of Alvin.
  6. Alice: This classical and magical feminine name means “of the nobility”. Alice is the name of the curious and imaginative protagonist of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventure in the wonderland, which also has a Disney movie named after this.
  7. Ariel: No one needs an introduction about this name but let me tell you if you are unaware of this. The word Ariel means “Lion of the God”. And do you even know that this name is the symbolic name of Jerusalem?
  8. Asia: Don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about the Asia continent. In the Greek mythology, Asia was Oceanus’s daughter, who was herself a mother of Prometheus and Atlas. The meaning of the word Asia is “sunrise”. This is a very sweet and substantial name that you can give to your daughter.
  9. Asherah: This is the name of the goddess of fertility and motherhood and the meaning of this name is “she who walks in the sea”.
  10. Asteria: Meaning of word Asteria is “like a star” which sounds so magical. If you think Asteria is bit difficult then you can opt a simple form that is “Astra”
  11. Aubrey: Aubrey means “elf ruler” and this name is a unisex name which will suit both your baby girl or baby boy.
  12. Aurora: The green lights that we see dancing in the sky are nothing less than a magic. Aurora Borealis, better known as Northern lights, takes place in the sky when there is a collision of electrons with the upper atmosphere. This word has been derived from Latin which means “The Dawn”.
  13. Coralia: Coralis means “Like coral” which was earlier the name of a mermaid. This is the perfect name suggestion for the parents who are looking something unique than the common Coral and Coraline names.
  14. Celeste: We all see something majestic and mysterious about the stars, planets, and Galaxies. Celeste word originates from Latin which means “Heavenly”. What a perfect and elegant name for your child!
  15. Cyrena: Cyrena was a water nymph who fought with a lion who tried to harm sun God Apollo. Apollo in return built a city named Cyrenaica for her. The meaning of Cyrena is “Mother of Aristaeus”.
  16. Dariyah: This name isn’t sweet or girly but it gives more of a brave kind of feeling to a girl. Dariyah is a spelling variation of the Persian Word Daria which means “sea”.
  17. Deema: This name has been inspired by a Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies which had a group of dryad preschoolers and their adventure with their teacher Mr. Grouper. Deema is an Arabic name which means “rain”.
  18. Delphine: We know that Delphine sounds like Dolphin and its very true the meaning of this ladylike French name is “Dolphin”.
  19. Fairy: This is a very simple and straightforward name that is given to girls. If you are a Pokémon lover, then you might know that Fairy is one of the kinds of Pokémon.  
  20. Isla: The name Isla is derived from one of the most beautiful islands of Scotland, which is also known as Queen of the Hebrides. This is a perfect name for a girl to win the world. The pronunciation of the name Isla is like “EYE-LA”.

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Are you parents of beautiful daughters and looking for some cute mermaid names that will suit your little angel? Then you won’t need to hustle anymore because we have a prepared a list of such beautiful names that means mermaid. Scroll down to look for your favorite mermaid names:

Sagara Yara Capri NAMES MERMAIDlaza
Ronelle Nerine Ava NAMES Flattering
Shui Edlen Sheeny MERMAID Bare NAMES
Tempeste Gali Fascinating MERMAID Purr
Sarila Adoring Contour Define MERMAID
Rona Elegant Beach NAMES Well
Penina Dazzle MERMAIDlytical Captivate NAMES
Rutna Flamingo NAMES Boldness Glamour
Wanwisa Sheer NAMESable Hottie MERMAID
Giselle Candy NAMES Bright NAMES MERMAIDonus

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Are you in love with those magical fairies and mermaids? Then you surely can use your love for mermaids to create some inspiring names for your children. So here we come up with some enchanting mermaid names for females that will surely define your little one like a mermaid. Scroll down to have a look at these enchanting names:

Shasa Sidney Contact MERMAID Rave
Undine Venilia NAMESnest Daytona NAMES
Yareli Aine Blurred NAMES Unforgettable NAMES
Tina Tethys Princess Miraculous NAMES
Zenevieva Sonatine Desire NAMES Defy MERMAID
Sonnet Tama Harmony Rave
Ormanda Behold MERMAID Spellbound Daytona NAMES
Vilmaris Fulgent Tease NAMES Unforgettable NAMES
Ragni Hottie NAMES Lust Miraculous NAMES
Philomela Coco MERMAID Ageless Defy MERMAID

So this was the list of magical and beautiful mermaid names that you can choose for your newbie. Also, these names will be perfect to be given as nicknames to your children.

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