Inspiring Spiritual Business Names Ideas

Inspiring Spiritual Business Names Ideas

Inspiring Spiritual Business Names

Spirituality is a means to identify oneself and the good souls which are starting to rejuvenate people’s lives through spirituality are the true angels sent by God. By various means of spirituality, such as Metaphysical, Reiki and by other spiritual means, one can start this business besides social cause as well. It is the only business from which you not only earn profits but it also satisfies your inner bliss by changing people’s lives in a positive way.

However, the first step to commence a business is by naming it first. You can name your business with any choices which are suitable for you. But you should mark below points before naming a business of yours.

  1. Choose a business name which actually resembles your motive and aim.
  2. The business name should be eye- catchy as well.
  3. It should not be too long which people might forget.
  4. The business name should be short as well as simple which people remember even by overlooking it once.

These are few of the focus points to be considered before naming your business so that your business reaches to maximum people and numbers of people take advantage of the social cause initiated by you.

Spiritual Business Names

Some of the dynamic Spiritual Business names which we have picked up by extensive research are as follows,

  1. Soul Wave
  2. Learn Divine
  3. Temple Bliss
  4. Inspire Daily
  5. Divine Aura
  6. Beautiful Petals
  7. Come Calm
  8. Loving Buddha
  9. Spiritual Buddies
  10. Intense Joy
  11. Calm Minds
  12. Uptown Zing
  13. Heaven Birds
  14. Changes Life
  15. Elite Waves
  16. Cosmic Waves
  17. Spiritual Guru
  18. Super Galatic
  19. Meditate Yourself
  20. Indigo Love
  21. Celesta Life
  22. Avalon Space
  23. Up Espirited
  24. Earthy Delites
  25. Free Spirits
  26. Spiritual Secrets
  27. Free Selfs
  28. Love Yourself
  29. Nature’s Nest
  30. Rise Edge

Reiki Business Names

Some of the Reiki Business names which we have picked up for you are as follows,

  1. Affection Curves
  2. Spirit Acharya
  3. Natural Therapies
  4. Energy Therapies
  5. Heart spaces
  6. Living Birds
  7. Platinum Healing
  8. Stress Remedy
  9. Free love
  10. Living well
  11. Primal Nurse
  12. Aurora Coaching
  13. Meditation Coaching
  14. Mix Yoga
  15. Spartan fitness
  16. Tranquillity admirers
  17. Casa Unicorn
  18. Pegion Pray
  19. Blue Bliss
  20. Peace admirers
  21. We Believe you
  22. Good hands
  23. Soul Therapist
  24. Mind Beauty
  25. Cleanse Yourself
  26. Chakra Guys
  27. Spirit Network
  28. Shield Yourself
  29. Positive Vibes
  30. Blessing Jars
  31. Go Relaxed
  32. Essential Peace
  33. Spiritual Lives
  34. Discover Yourself
  35. WE Nurse
  36. Live Beautifully
  37. Spiritual Splash
  38. Happy People
  39. Massage your mind.
  40. Little Lotus

Metaphysical Names

Some of the Metaphysical names which we have picked for you are written as below,

  1. Antrix Eyes
  2. Cosmic alignments
  3. Detoxify you
  4. Revolution You
  5. Spiritual Retrend
  6. Ancient Masters
  7. Nature Zings
  8. Bless yourself
  9. Dev Spiritual
  10. Awaken Yourself
  11. Purple Sense
  12. Owl Awakening
  13. Inspire Zest
  14. Mid East Bliss
  15. Bit Spiritual
  16. Solace Palace
  17. Enlightenment Hippies
  18. Mother Yoga
  19. Lakshmi’s Lair
  20. Owl awakening
  21. Awakened Auras
  22. The Blissful hands
  23. Red Mercurian
  24. Spiritual academy
  25. Healing unit
  26. Violet Spirituality
  27. Adventurous peace
  28. Alchemist Spiritual
  29. Bliss personalities
  30. Spiritual Nerds

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If you have figured out the perfect name for your business until now, then it is just perfect. But even after reading hundreds of names, you are confused about which brand to chose, then we understand your concern. Establishing business name is not that easy since it signifies your brand name and it should also be such which enhances the loyalty of your brand among the clients which you serve Therefore; the attention should also be given towards faith based business names. Below are few of the tricks which you can use to modify the names as per your needs.

        Faith based Business Names

Step 1: What actually comes in your mind when you think of opening a spiritual academy?

Elaboration:  Write it down on the paper as raw as it comes in your mind. Draw it, Make a flowchart or write it down through graphing or you can use the voice recorder as well by recording your voice of what you actually want.

Step 2: Now, you tend to get the glimpse which you actually want from your business.

Elaboration: Organize Step 1 by cutting down the irrelevant things and ticking the right things. You can use any of the tricks to organize your thoughts and mindset as used in the previous step. For Example, Voice recorder, Flowcharts, diagrams etc.

Step 3: The focus point of your business name is that it should be simple and short so that people remember and recognize easily. Therefore conclude it with the short and simple name.

Elaboration: After organizing your thought process briefly, try to find out two-three words name describing that thought process. To conclude, you can use thesaurus or Idiom and proverbs. Also, you can talk to your friends, relatives and family regarding the best word suitable describing your thought process.

Step 4: By this step, you must have a rough idea of the business name which you are going to select. Get approval of the name from self, your friends and family as well.

Elaboration: Talk about the business name with your friends. Start telling them that you have “XYZ Academy/Centre” and observe their comments and acceptance of the names. Observe that how far they can remember your business name and it is also easy to pronounciate for them as well. With this trick, you will ideally get to know that far people will remember your business name as well as the acceptance.

Step 5: After finalising the name, Look up for copyright and trademark issues.

Elaboration: After you have finalised the name, check that the name which you have selected is free from any copyright and trademark issues. If the name which you selected for your business is subject to any copyright and trademark issue then it is strictly prohibited to use the name as you may fall into the trap of legal repercussions.

In the scenario of copyright or trademark issue, repeat the cycle again from the beginning. You can also reverse step 4 and step 5.

Step 6: Final selection of the name

Elaboration: Once the name is finally selected, you need to secure it by managing the compliances regarding the copyright by paying the fees. The benefit of Copyright of the name will be that no one will be able to use the business name which you put down. Also, if the business is small and you think that there is no need to secure it. You can skip away step 6.

By following the above steps, we are pretty much sure that you will find the most suitable name for your business. Have a lucky name!

Author : Priyanka Maheshwari

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