699+Best Fantasy Planet Names

Planet Names
Planet Names

There are millions and Billions of planetary bodies that are present in the universe. We are a small part of the small planet names earth. When we are in our solitude. Don’t we think of the possibilities of different planet names that can be there on the planet and the features they would have?

Movies like Star Wars and Films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe take us on trips of many unknown and unheard-of fantasy planets that are Random, fictional, and perhaps. For instance, Thor is from Asgard; Superman is from Krypton, Thanos is from Titan.

There can be the possibility of other planets that might have peculiarities that endow their humans with substantial superpowers, such as the green lantern, Thanos, Nova, or Thor.

Here we are about to tell you various fantasy planet names that would help you be more creative and indulge in your space science fantasy.

Planetary Names From Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are mentions of many Sci-fi planet’s names in the Marvel movies. Most of the Heroes of the MCU are space-faring personalities who save the earth and other planets in the universe from the verge of complete collapse.

Let us look at some of the most popular fictional planet names from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

EGO The Living PlanetTrax IVHalaHilrogantu
XandarBallteworldD’Barl IVNecrounus
VogsphereCapricaWorlornThyria 29L
GallifreyMARSCoruscantDrippe 925H
CybertronDagobahTerra PrimeRognonides
LoyonazAlienaPlanet of ZeusBodrarvis
AnterosDemeteriousEuphrosyneTroria JS
AstarteChryseisGaGorth 0IRK

Fictional Planet Names

If you think that only MCU has used fictional planet names to make movies, then you are starkly wrong. There are a plethora of other SCi-fi movies which have used fictional Planet names to augment the cinematic experiences.

Let us have a look at fictional planet names from other movies:

Planet Names
Fictional Planet Names
NarcissusCronuChthoniusTrorth 723D
PhlegethonCronusAngusGichi VQU
FrigidMagicAriadneGriuq 4C
ChilspherePondyCassandraTrore 0KL1

Cool Fantasy Planet Names

Searching for fantasy planet names can have more than one reason. If you are of the creative type, then you might be searching for fictional planet names for the novel that you might be writing.

Don’t worry, we have your back in this search for the best planet name ideas. Here are some cool planet names suggestions

KestroutaniaObrotheaPl HerbMunniuq
DonzoneThudunaNaming FixColunov
CugawaNumiaPlexChilles 299
DreigantuGaotuneNaming ExperienceDeon Y1PR
VurunusCrexataniaPl RapidIdeas Kissy
Lluna JBBBapus C0Ideas WillowNaming Power
Gnolla 37PSosie 3K2SNaming SuperIdeas Delicate
Pl SprinklesPl BlitzIdeas EarningsNaming Blur
Pl AmbientIdeasoozeNamingivaNaming Phoenix
Naming HotspotNaming HolisticPlquipoIdeas Havoc
NamingliaPl ToughNaming AquaIdeas Trend
Naming SuperbPl CustomIdeas EdulisNaming Seasoned
Pl PureIdeas ExecutiveNamingpadNaming Pixel
Pl EqualityNaming ShoreIdeasexIdeas Creation

Name Of The 10th Planet In Our Solar System

What if there is a 10th planet in our very own solar system? We all know about Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We also know that Pluto is no longer a planet according to scientists. But we cannot ignore the dwarf planet with an epileptically orbit, can we?

Now, what if there is actually a planet after Pluto, which the scientists haven’t noticed yet? What could be the name of such a fantasy planet that comes 10th in our solar system?

Name Of The 10th Planet In Our Solar System
Name Of The 10th Planet In Our Solar System
Pl SpotlightPl SecureNaming WorkoutNaming Moorland
IdeastasticPl GrowIdeaslazaIdeas Prairie
Naming AromaNaming MilliIdeas EmpowerNamingdeck
Naming ShapeIdeas StationNaming ProperNaming Grace
Naming MonroeNaming LureIdeas VintagePl Mortgage
Ideas TreeNaming PursueIdeas PastryIdeas Crossroads
Pl ClanPlazaNaming JunctionNamingzen
Naming DimesIdeaszoidCerberus IdeasPl Bevy
Pl FadIdeas DaleStart IdeasIdeascog
Naming LullPl VibranceClutch NamingNaming Boxed Out
IdeasneticPl BrothersPrime IdeasPl Power
Ideas HandleNaming AuctionDaisy NamingPl Nurture
Pl MountainPl LifeStorm IdeasIdeas Tested
Pl GraphPl MaxiSpur NamingPl Tank
IdeasverseNaming SimpleMode NamingRegency Naming
Ideas AmazeIdeasliaReflect IdeasCollective Naming
Ideas PassportIdeas VentureScrumptious PlNest Ideas
Resolve NamingPrime NamingFast IdeasSanctuary Naming
Leverage PlLunar IdeasBang PlWedge Pl
Immerse IdeasGoto IdeasHeart IdeasLand Naming

How Do You Come Up With A Planet Name?

If you are a big-time sci-fi fan, then there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind certain things. A planet is a huge body of mass, and hence, making the name trifle, would make the name to be a bit dull. 

You will also have to keep in mind the purpose of naming a planet. 

Here is how you can come up with the most interesting imaginary planet names: 

  • The name should be hi-tech
  • The name must have weightage
  • Make the name of the planet sound uncommon
  • Include silent words in the spelling, e.g. Znmerr, Guenther
  • A touch of evil sound makes the name of the imaginary planet more interesting

What Would You Name A Desert Planet?

What Would You Name A Desert Planet
What Would You Name A Desert Planet

Imagine a planet that has no water. Obviously, we know that life will not be possible on such a planet, but what if there are aliens who live on sand, the same way we survive by consuming water?

What would you name such a desert planet? Let us look at some of the best name suggestions for imaginary planet names that consist just of the desert.

Assassin IdeasTrap PlVortex NamingLifestyle Naming
Planted NamingRazor NamingSummer PlPlanters Pl
Lawn NamingPrimer PlColored PlWorldwide Ideas
Attract IdeasMeter NamingCandy PlBliss Naming
Treat PlAffect IdeasAdvantage PlTap Naming
Depot NamingVox IdeasResolution IdeasZip Ideas
Champion PlTender NamingSourced IdeasIntellect Ideas
Onyx IdeasWay PlStarter PlHive Ideas
Fog PlLucid IdeasPrima PlRoad Pl
Palace IdeasDirect IdeasEnergy PlDove Ideas
Split IdeasBlock IdeasLaced IdeasEdge Ideas
Foster PlStrike IdeasTribe IdeasFairy Pl
Elegant IdeasAdmire NamingHandy NamingSiege Pl
Intentions NamingJuliet NamingWay NamingScooby Pl
Treasury NamingAgeless PlBlueprint PlMotivate Ideas
Naked NamingTorah NamingMVP IdeasBubble Pl
Song IdeasMob PlGenius NamingFortify Naming
Speed PlHubble PlGo PlFuze Pl
Customs PlKnit NamingSoham PlMind Naming
Squire NamingArtes PlPure PlLean Naming

Fantasy Moon Names

Now that we are talking about planets, we must also cover the topic of fantasy moon names since planets have moons orbiting around them.

For instance, earth has the moon, Jupiter has Europa, Ganymede, Callisto. Saturn has Titan, Rhea, Europa, Tethys. Similarly, if you want to expand on the fantasy planet plot, then there better be some fantasy moons.

Fantasy Moon Names
Fantasy Moon Names
Trim NamingElan IdeasExchange NamingCare Pl
Deal IdeasIdeasazaGrounds NamingGround Ideas
Atom IdeasEnergize IdeasEndeavor IdeasCelebration Naming
Pocket NamingElite IdeasVenture NamingCyst Ideas
Hex IdeasFlagship NamingYummy NamingKing Ideas
Association NamingDefinite PlCaliber PlButterfly Ideas
Frig NamingMax IdeasNimble NamingOperator Naming
N IdeasShore NamingAxle PlCounter Pl
Taurus PlHall PlLive NamingDaytona Ideas
Together PlAuthority NamingFathom PlA1 Pl
Posh PlIndependent IdeasFadeaway IdeasLandscape Ideas
Ethical NamingJasmine IdeasMicro PlRunway Ideas
Quest IdeasRadiant NamingSet NamingMunition Pl
Create PlCentral PlGuard IdeasAgeless Ideas
Esteem IdeasPicker NamingHotline IdeasPortrait Naming
Blend IdeasAtlas NamingSkin IdeasFrosted Ideas
Guider NamingPines NamingFlamingo IdeasRules Naming
Capture PlDetail NamingBold NamingKitten Ideas
Heart PlUnity IdeasPhenom PlHottie Pl
Avenue PlRequest IdeasTogether NamingStatus Ideas

Evil Planet Names

We have heard of aliens. In some alien movies, we have seen them be benevolent, and in some others, they come from an evil planet. 

If you are designing a game with evil aliens or writing a book that includes this theme, then you will perhaps need a few evil planet names.

How To Come Up With An Evil Planet Name? 

  • The planet name should sound dangerous. 
  • The name should sound intriguing.
  • The name of the planet can have a hint of nastiness. However, don’t be vulgar with the naming ideas. 
Play NamingPastry IdeasAnywhere NamingGoal Naming
Lily IdeasDynamo PlAstonish IdeasHand Naming
Record NamingGunslingers NamingVapor PlIdeasomatic
Crafty IdeasBlink NamingFast Break IdeasCaliber Ideas
Gang IdeasCrystal NamingDiscuss PlKings Naming
Evoke NamingSy IdeasIdeasifySurge Pl
Parley IdeasMyst IdeasSlide NamingTrust Ideas
Modern IdeasUrban PlKyat PlVille Naming
Push PlInvest IdeasSurge IdeasDebt Ideas
Think IdeasLift IdeasSkyway NamingPeak Ideas
Market NamingAchilles NamingTingle IdeasFun Pl
Spark NamingOrganic NamingExplosive IdeasBubble Pl
Wink IdeasAquarius IdeasListing NamingHero Naming
Radiate NamingSpiffy NamingDove PlStir Naming
Joy IdeasTrowel NamingEssence IdeasAmity Ideas
Paper NamingSentiment PlMorning IdeasAir Pl
Telegraph IdeasSpark IdeasSprites IdeasSinful Naming
Ace IdeasRapid NamingRise PlArk Ideas
Vernal PlPursuit PlBumble IdeasIntrigue Naming
Tonal NamingEnergy IdeasSunrise NamingTrigger Ideas

Icy Planet Names

Planet Names
Icy Planet Names

Chilly and icy planets that have ice knives raining or cold deserts can attract the attention of the readers or the gamers immensely.
You can also add a swiveling twist by adding a valley containing a poisonous lake on the planet.

If you already have so many ideas and more, then all you are left to do is find the name of the icy planet.

Here are some imaginary planet name suggestions for the icy planets.

Space PlCrispy NamingSnuff IdeasOffset Pl
Habit NamingKeep IdeasAbstract PlTopia Pl
Sigma NamingFraternity NamingPop PlSmack Pl
Life PlStitch NamingGoto NamingCivil Ideas
Blocks PlCore NamingLense IdeasAchala Ideas
Seed NamingIronwood PlFine IdeasHolograph Ideas
Tease PlKit NamingGalore PlZero Naming
Awake IdeasLiving IdeasShift NamingCheap Shot Ideas
Vayu PlTap NamingFlex PlTrance Naming
Guild NamingEnergise PlProducts IdeasHack Ideas
Focus PlMatter PlRelied IdeasOverdrive Pl
Synergist NamingOutpost IdeasTec NamingCue Naming
Deck IdeasSummer NamingInsight IdeasOrigin Naming
Base NamingScript PlBasket NamingClement Naming
Nomad PlCannon IdeasSharp NamingHopper Ideas
Rested IdeasCymbal NamingPioneer NamingZeus Pl
Raid IdeasCatwalk NamingHello NamingHaven Pl
Misfits PlBites IdeasShack NamingAroma Naming
Flagship NamingBrewers IdeasCertain IdeasPick Naming
Gladiator PlScope PlSoulmate NamingZip Pl

Made Up Planet Names

Suppose you are searching for a planet name that does not have any type. Say, for example, it is neither an icy planet nor a desert planet. You will have to come up with some made-up name that will attract the reader of the game player to get into more details.

You can design the feature and characteristics of such an imaginary planet according to your will. But when it comes to naming ideas of planets, you better be careful because a wrong-sounding name can send the whole plot spinning off the track.

Naturo IdeasCuddly NamingPerfection NamingRadiance Ideas
Cornerstone IdeasCity PlShowtime PlCitron Naming
Consulting PlHand IdeasIdeasadoraPlace Naming
Active NamingParadise PlFoster IdeasJoyful Naming
Yum IdeasFluffy IdeasScience NamingElite Pl
Sharing NamingSweetheart PlSuperior IdeasToys Naming
Modish PlHazard PlPlanet NamingFinds Ideas
Plains NamingBound IdeasUrge IdeasAlly Ideas
Joey NamingPlants PlPioneer IdeasMaha Ideas
Spring NamingPantry NamingLine PlActive Pl
Opacity PlLight PlAzure PlCovert Naming
Mentor IdeasCutting PlBuff PlImpeccable Pl
Acre IdeasPrecious NamingHive NamingSpeed Naming
Hoops NamingCove PlBug PlKick Naming
Mode IdeasCreative PlVanguard PlFormula Pl
Daffodil IdeasLaunch PlForce IdeasWholesome Ideas
Relax IdeasCornerman PlTanner IdeasBarge Naming
Tender NamingPrint IdeasSuperior PlAnnounce Ideas
Sunshine IdeasOptimum IdeasMagnolia IdeasDrift Naming
Tickle IdeasAlpha NamingPalm PlDen Pl

Why People Search For Made-Up Planet Names? 

There can be a plethora of reasons why people search for planet names. Some of the most common reasons for searching imaginary planet names are: 

  • It’s your wish. 
  • You might be writing a sci-fi novel
  • You need a fantasy planet name for designing a game
  • You might want to name a planet in your movie
  • Imaginary planet names are also great for writing short stories on

No matter because you are searching for imaginary planet names, we hope we have been able to help you out.

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