699+Best Fantasy Planet Names

There are millions and Billions of planetary bodies that are present in the universe. We are a small part of the small planet names earth. When we are in our solitude. Don’t we think of the possibilities of different planet names that can be there on the planet and the features they would have?

Movies like Star Wars and Films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe take us on trips of many unknown and unheard-of fantasy planets that are Random, fictional, and perhaps. For instance, Thor is from Asgard; Superman is from Krypton, Thanos is from Titan.

There can be the possibility of other planets that might have peculiarities that endow their humans with substantial superpowers, such as the green lantern, Thanos, Nova, or Thor.

Here we are about to tell you various fantasy planet names that would help you be more creative and indulge in your space science fantasy.

Planetary Names From Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are mentions of many Sci-fi planet’s names in the Marvel movies. Most of the Heroes of the MCU are space-faring personalities who save the earth and other planets in the universe from the verge of complete collapse.

Let us look at some of the most popular fictional planet names from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

EGO The Living Planet Trax IV Hala Hilrogantu
Xandar Ballteworld D’Barl IV Necrounus
Titan Saturn Kree-Lar Chulmichi
Klyntar Vormir Asgard Gogrorth
Jotunheim Sakaar Earth Raezuno
Vanaheim Korbin Kitson Diolara
Terma Gibborim Svartalfheim Gnithaturn
Ria Drez-Lar Torfa Pheinerth
Vogsphere Caprica Worlorn Thyria 29L
Gallifrey MARS Coruscant Drippe 925H
Cybertron Dagobah Terra Prime Rognonides
Arda Dune Solaris Rundaevis
Loyonaz Aliena Planet of Zeus Bodrarvis
Duniard Aslesha Zoothropian Beccadus
Sarchia Alroazar Chinraza Kuestea
Cybertron Zombamor Cintrella Habos
Znormit Mitron Azioz Chegunides
Ero Chaoz Erato Creriter
Anteros Demeterious Euphrosyne Troria JS
Astarte Chryseis Ga Gorth 0IRK
Plcog Best Intel Best Oro Namoryx
Names Buff Bestops Best Smash Names Gladiator
Fantasy Dragon Bestn Pl Razor Fantasy Epic
Names Raid Fantasyaza Fantasy Tactical Fantasy Fusion
Best Beam Names Strategy Namoryx Fantasy Raid
Names Frame Best Void Fantasy Intel Best Raven
Bestverse Best Vengeance Best Rush Fantasyopolis
Names Tactic Namaro Best Noob Best Free Fire
Best Solo Best Dudes Best Cube Plomatic
Best Razor Best Drift Bestbia Fantasylance
Fantasyry Fantasy Clan Fantasyiva Fantasy Poe
Best Assault Best Clash Names Hunt Fantasy Rogue
Names Evil Plium Fantasy Upgrade Pl Token
Fantasy Board Fantasy Clash Names Destroy Namex
Namadil Fantasy Mage Names Alliance Names Unholy
Names Switch Names Wind Names Nintendo Names Spar

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Fictional Planet Names

If you think that only MCU has used fictional planet names to make movies, then you are starkly wrong. There are a plethora of other SCi-fi movies which have used fictional Planet names to augment the cinematic experiences.

Let us have a look at fictional planet names from other movies:

good planet names
Fictional Planet Names
Minerva Clotho Graces Deveoter
Bellonious Danaus Jomphere Bunduiclite
Cadmus Dido Hippolyte Lachyria
Parched Amidstron Zeu Xannagua
Arid Acolades Zatros Ieliv
Derthys Egoham Angst Chicury
Thirstvogue Hyperion Marsyas Lunabos
Momus Ajax Catoblepus Strucheter
Narcissus Cronu Chthonius Trorth 723D
Phlegethon Cronus Angus Gichi VQU
Nike Styx Lapiths Pelmoter
Phaedra Telemachus Amphithemis Cholvienus
Pollux mors Chimera Nivorix
Medusa Ares Boundrion Ozarth
Mordore Amitron Pandora Istea
Death Hades Axeir Zevis
Denzer Skeletron Flame Gnezeliv
Frozen Knife Pithius Trichaclite
Frigid Magic Ariadne Griuq 4C
Chilsphere Pondy Cassandra Trore 0KL1
Names Dudes Fantasy Royale Fantasy Bet Best Rage
Best Night Fantasyfluent Fantasy Origin Bestaza
Pl Horizon Names Lit Fantasy Slayer Fantasy Anime
Pl Monk Best Halo Names Beam Names Thief
Pl Rage Names Grind Best Rogue Names Shift
Plzen Names Sniper Pl Jelly Fantasy Royal
Fantasy Frame Pl Videogame Names Frag Fantasy Spawn
Fantasy Frame Pl Hunt Fantasy Affliction Fantasy Paragon
Names Lethal Best Noob Names Alliance Pl Evolve
Pl Chess Names Superhero Names Team Names Matrix
Pl Warlock Names Nintendo Best Mage Fantasy Tower
Fantasy Mortal Names Battle Best Mortal Pl Space
Best Halo Names Digital Fantasy Chess Names Legends
Fantasy Rocket Best Fighter Best Smite Fantasy Upgrade
Fantasy Night Fantasy Shift Pl Razor Best Zombie

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Cool Fantasy Planet Names

Searching for fantasy planet names can have more than one reason. If you are of the creative type, then you might be searching for fictional planet names for the novel that you might be writing.

Don’t worry, we have your back in this search for the best planet name ideas. Here are some cool planet names suggestions

Achilles Vortexshire Gaia Itrigantu
Apollo Epimetheus Armetrix Thibbaenov
Zenver Pantheon Dronzel Vecrerth
Kestroutania Obrothea Pl Herb Munniuq
Nanzaowei Onvinides Ideasegy Ouzuno
Uphinda Izeshan Ideasarc Gatov
Donzone Thuduna Naming Fix Colunov
Naohiri Tavis Ploryx Cuitov
Cugawa Numia Plex Chilles 299
Dreigantu Gaotune Naming Experience Deon Y1PR
Vurunus Crexatania Pl Rapid Ideas Kissy
Lluna JBB Bapus C0 Ideas Willow Naming Power
Gnolla 37P Sosie 3K2S Naming Super Ideas Delicate
Pl Sprinkles Pl Blitz Ideas Earnings Naming Blur
Pl Ambient Ideasooze Namingiva Naming Phoenix
Naming Hotspot Naming Holistic Plquipo Ideas Havoc
Naminglia Pl Tough Naming Aqua Ideas Trend
Naming Superb Pl Custom Ideas Edulis Naming Seasoned
Pl Pure Ideas Executive Namingpad Naming Pixel
Pl Equality Naming Shore Ideasex Ideas Creation
Names Mod Names Frag Fantasy Mono Names Mega
Names Night Pl Druid Fantasy Superhero Pl Bandit
Fantasy Switch Best Force Fantasy Zombie Names Kingdom
Names Origin Names Challenge Names Sniper Names Blade
Best Outcast Best Hotline Best Raider Pl Frost
Pl Spar Names Phoenix Fantasy Eternal Names Fantasy
Fantasy Dynasty Names Dudes Pl Shift Fantasy Cube
Pl Honor Fantasy Genius Pl Chip Best Bullet
Names Clash Pl Buff Pl League Names Destructor
Fantasy Turbo Pl Mojo Pl Enemy Pl Kawaii
Best Dope Names Wings Fantasy Frag Names Demon
Names Nation Fantasy Beast Pl Tap Best Total
Fantasy Anime Best Space Fantasy Gladiator Names Destroy
Pl Dope Best Bet Fantasy Redux Pl Beam
Names Redux Names Druid Pl Akimbo Best Tactic

Name Of The 10th Planet In Our Solar System

What if there is a 10th planet in our very own solar system? We all know about Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We also know that Pluto is no longer a planet according to scientists. But we cannot ignore the dwarf planet with an epileptically orbit, can we?

Now, what if there is actually a planet after Pluto, which the scientists haven’t noticed yet? What could be the name of such a fantasy planet that comes 10th in our solar system?

good planet names
Name Of The 10th Planet In Our Solar System
Pl Spotlight Pl Secure Naming Workout Naming Moorland
Ideastastic Pl Grow Ideaslaza Ideas Prairie
Naming Aroma Naming Milli Ideas Empower Namingdeck
Naming Shape Ideas Station Naming Proper Naming Grace
Naming Monroe Naming Lure Ideas Vintage Pl Mortgage
Ideas Tree Naming Pursue Ideas Pastry Ideas Crossroads
Pl Clan Plaza Naming Junction Namingzen
Naming Dimes Ideaszoid Cerberus Ideas Pl Bevy
Pl Fad Ideas Dale Start Ideas Ideascog
Naming Lull Pl Vibrance Clutch Naming Naming Boxed Out
Ideasnetic Pl Brothers Prime Ideas Pl Power
Ideas Handle Naming Auction Daisy Naming Pl Nurture
Pl Mountain Pl Life Storm Ideas Ideas Tested
Pl Graph Pl Maxi Spur Naming Pl Tank
Ideasverse Naming Simple Mode Naming Regency Naming
Ideas Amaze Ideaslia Reflect Ideas Collective Naming
Ideas Passport Ideas Venture Scrumptious Pl Nest Ideas
Resolve Naming Prime Naming Fast Ideas Sanctuary Naming
Leverage Pl Lunar Ideas Bang Pl Wedge Pl
Immerse Ideas Goto Ideas Heart Ideas Land Naming
Best Spirit Best Zen Pl Fighter Pl Beam
Best Combo Names Duel Names Void Fantasy Spitfire
Best Evo Pl Bro Best Vault Names Max
Pl Hunter Pl Conquer Names Mojo Best Switch
Best Spirit Pl Addict Pl Druid Best Phoenix
Best Rank Best Frame Best Beam Fantasy Life
Fantasy Synergy Best Sonic Names Raven Fantasy Machine
Pl Beast Names Bomber Pl Spawn Pl Bullet
Names Super Pl Sebas Best Epic Best Synergy
Pl Anime Pl Elite Best Evil Pl Hunt
Names Guardian Best Boom Best Tactical Pl Pick
Fantasy Shock Best Genius Fantasy Tower Names Shock
Names Lucky Fantasy Slayer Names Night Fantasy Secret
Pl Cult Best Lucky Fantasy Guard Pl Calibre

How Do You Come Up With A Planet Name?

If you are a big-time sci-fi fan, then there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind certain things. A planet is a huge body of mass, and hence, making the name trifle, would make the name to be a bit dull. 

You will also have to keep in mind the purpose of naming a planet. 

Here is how you can come up with the most interesting imaginary planet names: 

  • The name should be hi-tech
  • The name must have weightage
  • Make the name of the planet sound uncommon
  • Include silent words in the spelling, e.g. Znmerr, Guenther
  • A touch of evil sound makes the name of the imaginary planet more interesting

What Would You Name A Desert Planet?

good planet names
What Would You Name A Desert Planet

Imagine a planet that has no water. Obviously, we know that life will not be possible on such a planet, but what if there are aliens who live on sand, the same way we survive by consuming water?

What would you name such a desert planet? Let us look at some of the best name suggestions for imaginary planet names that consist just of the desert.

Assassin Ideas Trap Pl Vortex Naming Lifestyle Naming
Planted Naming Razor Naming Summer Pl Planters Pl
Lawn Naming Primer Pl Colored Pl Worldwide Ideas
Attract Ideas Meter Naming Candy Pl Bliss Naming
Treat Pl Affect Ideas Advantage Pl Tap Naming
Depot Naming Vox Ideas Resolution Ideas Zip Ideas
Champion Pl Tender Naming Sourced Ideas Intellect Ideas
Onyx Ideas Way Pl Starter Pl Hive Ideas
Fog Pl Lucid Ideas Prima Pl Road Pl
Palace Ideas Direct Ideas Energy Pl Dove Ideas
Split Ideas Block Ideas Laced Ideas Edge Ideas
Foster Pl Strike Ideas Tribe Ideas Fairy Pl
Elegant Ideas Admire Naming Handy Naming Siege Pl
Intentions Naming Juliet Naming Way Naming Scooby Pl
Treasury Naming Ageless Pl Blueprint Pl Motivate Ideas
Naked Naming Torah Naming MVP Ideas Bubble Pl
Song Ideas Mob Pl Genius Naming Fortify Naming
Speed Pl Hubble Pl Go Pl Fuze Pl
Customs Pl Knit Naming Soham Pl Mind Naming
Squire Naming Artes Pl Pure Pl Lean Naming
Pl Shroud Fantasy Club Names Smash Best Elite
Names Orc Pl Shoot Fantasy Fury Names Mercy
Best Spawn Names Paragon Best Bullet Pl Smite
Names Throne Best Upgrade Pl Battle Best Venom
Pl Hammer Fantasy Shot Fantasy Boom Pl Super
Pl Monk Names Slayer Best Action Pl Warlock
Names Sprite Pl Mod Pl Royal Names Vault
Pl Synergy Best Halo Pl Free Fire Names Sky
Pl Fury Pl Digital Best Zone Pl Grind
Pl Counter Fantasy Dragon Pl Crack Fantasy Sebas
Fantasy Sim Names Pick Best Anime Best Guard
Fantasy Odyssey Pl Berserker Fantasy Synergy Fantasy Videogame
Best Raid Best Level Pl Shot Best Dope
Names Throne Pl Hydra Pl Counter Pl Tower
Fantasy Source Pl Speed Names War Fantasy Frag
Pl Marksman Best Space Pl Nation Names Razor
Fantasy Hammer Fantasy Lore Names Mojo Names Horizon

Fantasy Moon Names

Now that we are talking about planets, we must also cover the topic of fantasy moon names since planets have moons orbiting around them.

For instance, earth has the moon, Jupiter has Europa, Ganymede, Callisto. Saturn has Titan, Rhea, Europa, Tethys. Similarly, if you want to expand on the fantasy planet plot, then there better be some fantasy moons.

good planet names
Fantasy Moon Names
Trim Naming Elan Ideas Exchange Naming Care Pl
Deal Ideas Ideasaza Grounds Naming Ground Ideas
Atom Ideas Energize Ideas Endeavor Ideas Celebration Naming
Pocket Naming Elite Ideas Venture Naming Cyst Ideas
Hex Ideas Flagship Naming Yummy Naming King Ideas
Association Naming Definite Pl Caliber Pl Butterfly Ideas
Frig Naming Max Ideas Nimble Naming Operator Naming
N Ideas Shore Naming Axle Pl Counter Pl
Taurus Pl Hall Pl Live Naming Daytona Ideas
Together Pl Authority Naming Fathom Pl A1 Pl
Posh Pl Independent Ideas Fadeaway Ideas Landscape Ideas
Ethical Naming Jasmine Ideas Micro Pl Runway Ideas
Quest Ideas Radiant Naming Set Naming Munition Pl
Create Pl Central Pl Guard Ideas Ageless Ideas
Esteem Ideas Picker Naming Hotline Ideas Portrait Naming
Blend Ideas Atlas Naming Skin Ideas Frosted Ideas
Guider Naming Pines Naming Flamingo Ideas Rules Naming
Capture Pl Detail Naming Bold Naming Kitten Ideas
Heart Pl Unity Ideas Phenom Pl Hottie Pl
Avenue Pl Request Ideas Together Naming Status Ideas
Fantasy Creed Names World Pl Shoot Names Synergy
Fantasy Razor Fantasy Smash Fantasy War Names Cult
Names Upgrade Best Shot Pl Tactical Fantasy Dual
Fantasy Dragon Fantasy Gen Names Free Fire Names Crimson
Names Source Pl Dwarf Best Dawn Pl Sonic
Best Bot Best Chaos Names Chip Fantasy Wind
Fantasy Rank Names Switch Best Slayer Pl Challenge
Names Grind Best Hydra Names Bullet Names Poe
Pl Sprite Fantasy Knight Pl Dudes Best Rush
Fantasy Raid Best Talent Best Duel Fantasy Bomber
Best Hazard Best Source Fantasy Mortal Best Horizon
Pl Duel Best Hotline Best Smash Names Battle
Pl Talent Best Lethal Names Mech Pl War
Pl Wings Fantasy Destructor Pl Hammer Pl Outcast
Best Phoenix Fantasy Interactive Best Honor Pl Effect
Best Mine Fantasy Videogames Names Nintendo Names Sensor
Fantasy Lucky Pl Cube Best Zone Best Shoot
Names Mag Best Razor Fantasy Terror Names Global
Best Zombie Names Impulse Fantasy Shot Pl Matrix
Names Shaman Pl Hunter Names Calibre Pl Crimson
Names Poke Names Royal Pl Mech Best Boom

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Evil Planet Names

We have heard of aliens. In some alien movies, we have seen them be benevolent, and in some others, they come from an evil planet. 

If you are designing a game with evil aliens or writing a book that includes this theme, then you will perhaps need a few evil planet names.

How To Come Up With An Evil Planet Name? 

  • The planet name should sound dangerous. 
  • The name should sound intriguing.
  • The name of the planet can have a hint of nastiness. However, don’t be vulgar with the naming ideas. 
Play Naming Pastry Ideas Anywhere Naming Goal Naming
Lily Ideas Dynamo Pl Astonish Ideas Hand Naming
Record Naming Gunslingers Naming Vapor Pl Ideasomatic
Crafty Ideas Blink Naming Fast Break Ideas Caliber Ideas
Gang Ideas Crystal Naming Discuss Pl Kings Naming
Evoke Naming Sy Ideas Ideasify Surge Pl
Parley Ideas Myst Ideas Slide Naming Trust Ideas
Modern Ideas Urban Pl Kyat Pl Ville Naming
Push Pl Invest Ideas Surge Ideas Debt Ideas
Think Ideas Lift Ideas Skyway Naming Peak Ideas
Market Naming Achilles Naming Tingle Ideas Fun Pl
Spark Naming Organic Naming Explosive Ideas Bubble Pl
Wink Ideas Aquarius Ideas Listing Naming Hero Naming
Radiate Naming Spiffy Naming Dove Pl Stir Naming
Joy Ideas Trowel Naming Essence Ideas Amity Ideas
Paper Naming Sentiment Pl Morning Ideas Air Pl
Telegraph Ideas Spark Ideas Sprites Ideas Sinful Naming
Ace Ideas Rapid Naming Rise Pl Ark Ideas
Vernal Pl Pursuit Pl Bumble Ideas Intrigue Naming
Tonal Naming Energy Ideas Sunrise Naming Trigger Ideas
Fantasy Intel Pl Lethal Names Land Pl Elite
Best Walker Fantasy Super Names Accelerate Fantasy War
Fantasy Gun Fantasy Honor Fantasy Buff Best Interactive
Fantasy Tactical Best Cube Names Clan Pl Sky
Best Vault Names Strike Fantasy Sniper Pl Bandit
Best Wind Fantasy Maze Names Dudes Pl Royale
Pl Outlaw Best Shot Names Source Pl Empire
Pl Combo Best Mega Best Warlock Names Pirate
Fantasy Free Fire Fantasy Sebas Names Cloud Best Bros
Best Kingdom Names Halo Pl Mono Best Assassin
Pl Mega Fantasy Upgrade Pl Frag Pl Rush

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Icy Planet Names

good planet names
Icy Planet Names

Chilly and icy planets that have ice knives raining or cold deserts can attract the attention of the readers or the gamers immensely.
You can also add a swiveling twist by adding a valley containing a poisonous lake on the planet.

If you already have so many ideas and more, then all you are left to do is find the name of the icy planet.

Here are some imaginary planet name suggestions for the icy planets.

Space Pl Crispy Naming Snuff Ideas Offset Pl
Habit Naming Keep Ideas Abstract Pl Topia Pl
Sigma Naming Fraternity Naming Pop Pl Smack Pl
Life Pl Stitch Naming Goto Naming Civil Ideas
Blocks Pl Core Naming Lense Ideas Achala Ideas
Seed Naming Ironwood Pl Fine Ideas Holograph Ideas
Tease Pl Kit Naming Galore Pl Zero Naming
Awake Ideas Living Ideas Shift Naming Cheap Shot Ideas
Vayu Pl Tap Naming Flex Pl Trance Naming
Guild Naming Energise Pl Products Ideas Hack Ideas
Focus Pl Matter Pl Relied Ideas Overdrive Pl
Synergist Naming Outpost Ideas Tec Naming Cue Naming
Deck Ideas Summer Naming Insight Ideas Origin Naming
Base Naming Script Pl Basket Naming Clement Naming
Nomad Pl Cannon Ideas Sharp Naming Hopper Ideas
Rested Ideas Cymbal Naming Pioneer Naming Zeus Pl
Raid Ideas Catwalk Naming Hello Naming Haven Pl
Misfits Pl Bites Ideas Shack Naming Aroma Naming
Flagship Naming Brewers Ideas Certain Ideas Pick Naming
Gladiator Pl Scope Pl Soulmate Naming Zip Pl

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Made Up Planet Names

Suppose you are searching for a planet name that does not have any type. Say, for example, it is neither an icy planet nor a desert planet. You will have to come up with some made-up name that will attract the reader of the game player to get into more details.

You can design the feature and characteristics of such an imaginary planet according to your will. But when it comes to naming ideas of planets, you better be careful because a wrong-sounding name can send the whole plot spinning off the track.

Naturo Ideas Cuddly Naming Perfection Naming Radiance Ideas
Cornerstone Ideas City Pl Showtime Pl Citron Naming
Consulting Pl Hand Ideas Ideasadora Place Naming
Active Naming Paradise Pl Foster Ideas Joyful Naming
Yum Ideas Fluffy Ideas Science Naming Elite Pl
Sharing Naming Sweetheart Pl Superior Ideas Toys Naming
Modish Pl Hazard Pl Planet Naming Finds Ideas
Plains Naming Bound Ideas Urge Ideas Ally Ideas
Joey Naming Plants Pl Pioneer Ideas Maha Ideas
Spring Naming Pantry Naming Line Pl Active Pl
Opacity Pl Light Pl Azure Pl Covert Naming
Mentor Ideas Cutting Pl Buff Pl Impeccable Pl
Acre Ideas Precious Naming Hive Naming Speed Naming
Hoops Naming Cove Pl Bug Pl Kick Naming
Mode Ideas Creative Pl Vanguard Pl Formula Pl
Daffodil Ideas Launch Pl Force Ideas Wholesome Ideas
Relax Ideas Cornerman Pl Tanner Ideas Barge Naming
Tender Naming Print Ideas Superior Pl Announce Ideas
Sunshine Ideas Optimum Ideas Magnolia Ideas Drift Naming
Tickle Ideas Alpha Naming Palm Pl Den Pl

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Names Frag Fantasy Warlock Fantasy Link Names Super
Fantasy Knight Pl Thief Fantasy Paragon Fantasy Critical
Names World Best Script Fantasy Souls Pl Poke
Names Fire Names Frost Names Survival Best Action
Names Evo Pl Vengeance Best Paladin Best Combat
Best Bot Fantasy Cult Pl Spirit Names Walker
Best Turbo Pl Gen Best Vengeance Best Horizon
Best Fantasy Planet Names
Best Fantasy Planet Names

Why People Search For Made-Up Planet Names? 

There can be a plethora of reasons why people search for planet names. Some of the most common reasons for searching imaginary planet names are: 

  • It’s your wish. 
  • You might be writing a sci-fi novel
  • You need a fantasy planet name for designing a game
  • You might want to name a planet in your movie
  • Imaginary planet names are also great for writing short stories on

No matter because you are searching for imaginary planet names, we hope we have been able to help you out.

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