The Ultimate List Of House Names Ideas

People name a lot of things. Cars, motorcycles, guitars, swords, boats, and so much more. One thing that a lot of people are also fond of naming is houses. Some of the fanciest and oldest houses in the world have their own name.

Some names were based on literature, nature, location, and function. While other house names were merely named after words with rich origins.

Now not all people may appreciate the idea of naming a house. But for those of us that do, the act of naming a house can sometimes be frustrating. With so many options to choose from, you can easily end up with a list of names that you wouldn’t be able to pick one name from.

If you want to find out what name would suit your house best, check modlust we highly suggest you take a look at how the name came about in the first place. Knowing about the various origins of house names will let you have an easier time picking out a name that would suit your house best.

To help you learn more about house names, we went ahead and found out the most popular house names as of today. All thanks to Jeff from real estate for helping us collect house names. Below is a quick breakdown of popular house names along with their respective origins. Take a quick look below to see what house name you should go with.

House Names Based on Nature

Lots of popular house names are actually based on nature’s elements. Such house names are usually brought about by specific types of plants that are found around the house. Here are some house names based on nature.

  1. Meadow View

If your house happens to be located somewhere with spectacular meadow views, you might want to consider naming your house Meadow View. It’s a classic name that’s ideal for houses in the countryside. It also suggests natural beauty and overall tranquility in your home.

  1. Oaklands

Oaklands has a fancy ring to it if you ask us. It gives the impression that your house is built with Oak or is located someplace that’s filled with oak trees.

  1. Orchard House

Orchard is arguably one of the most popular house names in the West. As the name suggests, this would be ideal for a house located in a luscious orchard. Interestingly, Orchard house also happens to be the house name of the Alcotts, a famous literary household.

  1. Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage is an excellent name for a house surrounded by wonderful rose bush filled gardens. The pinks, whites, and reds of roses give off an impression that you have an idyllic way of living. Another thing it suggests is serenity and distance from the hustles of modern day living.

  1. The Hollies

Plenty of people have been dreaming of owning a house tucked away in the countryside. If you’re one of those people, The Hollies may be a great fit for your home. It implies an image of seclusion in nature. You may also be fond of this name if your house happens to be situated somewhere with lots of Holly trees.

  1. The Willows

Yet another name based on a type of tree is The Willows. The presence of a willow tree near your house would make this name suited for your humble abode.

House Names Based on Nature

House Names Based on Function

Aside from nature’s wonders, another popular basis of house names is the function. For example, a house situated near farmlands would be commonly called a Farmhouse. If you happen to have a house that used to serve a previous function, you may get some inspiration from these following house names.

  1. School House

Before there were hundreds of students that go to school, children used to go to school houses. But since there are now new types of schools, old school houses were converted into normal households.

  1. The Barn

Turning barns into rustic houses have quickly become a trend over the past few years. Being so, names like The Barn, Barnhouse, or OakBarn have become popular house names.

  1. The Mill House

Another house name that follows the idea of function is the Mill House. This name was brought about by tradesmen who decided to follow suit in naming their homes.

  1. The Old Post Office

This is one of the coolest names if you ask us. Just think about it, whenever someone asks you where you go home, you get to say “The Old Post Office.” Though highly uncommon, you will be able to find former post offices that have been converted into residential houses.

House Names Based on Location

Now, these names are pretty standard. They’re literally based on where your house is situated or on what kind of terrain it stands on. For example, if your house is on top of a mountain, then you may want to name it Mountainside. Here are more examples for inspiration.

  1. Corner House – Best for houses in a corner
  2. Highfield – Ideal for houses situated on a high point with an overlooking view.
  3. Hillside – Excellent for houses found at the side of a hill.
  4. Lakeside – Can also be called Lakehouse, is ideal for homes with lake views.
  5. Woodside – May also be called Cabin or Wood Lodge. This name is best suited for houses surrounded by nature.

Other Popular House Names

Beeches Honeysuckle Thornfield The Willows
Coach House Laurels Toad Hall School House
Fairview Lilac Cottage Vicarage Sunnyside
Firs Primrose Cottage Wayside Springfield
Gables Nook White House Corner House
Granary Stables Meadow View Highfield
Haven Springfield Orchard House Old School
Highclere Sunnyside Rose Cottage Primrose Cottage
Hillcrest The Cottage The Hollies The Mill House
Holly The Old Rectory Oak Barn The Old Rectory


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