Hair Company Brand Name Ideas & Suggestions

Hair Extensions are not a rare fashion accessory anymore. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle that most people lead coupled with their erratic food habits most people are known to suffer from hair loss. Stress and food habits seem to have a direct impact on the health of one’s mane and skin. While some suffer from alopecia, some suffer from balding and a few suffer from thin hair. In all such scenarios, the one thing that comes to the instant rescue is hair extension.

Hair Company Name Ideas

If you are thinking of launching a company that deals with hair extensions then you are on a lucrative path. Here are some interesting hair company name ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Hair Company Brand Name Ideas & Suggestions
Hair Company Brand Name Ideas & Suggestions
Hair for All Hair extensions for all Party Hair extensions Weave your hair
The Hair Story Hair for All Colourful Hair Extensions Colour thy Mane
Amazing Hair The hair we love Hair Story for all Braids We weave
The Hair Story Hair all around The Hair we Grow Creative Creations
Be Beautiful Rapunzel Hair Hair Growth Epic hair weaves
Grow your hair The love for Hair Mane Story Glam curlz
Get your Mane Mane for all Colour story Gorgeous Braids and weaves
Hair for all The Hair we adore Adore Hair Hair works
Adorable Hair We love Hair The hair company Almost natural hair
Weave it for all Weave it for all The weave express Simply a lady virgin hair


Hair Extension Company Names

Now, if you are launching a hair-related company, you also need to understand that the target market is not only those who have lost hair or have thin hair but also those, who seek hair extensions as a part of fashion accessory. (Also, Read Cute Bakery Names)

Hair Company Brand Name Ideas & Suggestions

Hair extensions are a great way to revamp the way one looks instantly. Say, if one has short hair, they can make use of hair extensions to sport a long sleek hairdo. Also, if they have black hair, they can use hair extensions to sport a colorful hair look. Here are some interesting and fun hair extension names for your company to take inspiration from.

Luscious Locks Endless Beauty Snips Salon Bold And Beautiful
Happy Hair Locked And Loaded Happy Heads Styled Strands
Trusted Tresses Luxurious Locks Headed High Supple Strands
Moisture Mavens Tempting Tresses Head Up High Complete Hair Care
Mastered Manes Tress Temptation Strong Strands Complete Care
Mane Masters Playing Tress Up Hair Affair Haute Hair
Main Manes Dressed Tresses Prepared Hair Blonde Beauty
Mane Street Hair Well-Dressed Tresses Wholesome Hair Brunette Nation
Healthy Hair Loving Locks Hair Happiness Blonde
Beauty Bounty Locks Of Love Maintained Manes Brunette

Wig Company Names

Here are some intriguing wig company names that you can take a cue from. These names are unique and have the ability t connect with the target market that you aspire for.

Beauty Empire Hair Empire Hair wizards And In Between
Blessed Hands Luxury Hair Weaves All Sewn Up Hair Shades Of Success
Look like a Celeb Celeb Hair Wigs Couture Weave Shades Of Strength
Creative Style Braids Custom Creations Elite Hair Studio Hair Designs
Elite Waves Company Glam Stream company Essence of Braiding Perfect locks
Goddess Elite hair extensions Hair Affair Weaves Good tress for all Sew it on
House of extensions Infinite Twist weaves Hair weaving concepts New Hair System
Just weaves Lavishing locks Natural hair for all Threadz weave
Life’s salon Lush studios salon Over the top hair Weave for a Diva.
Luxury curls Magnificent weaves The weave bar The weave express


Hair Business Name Ideas

Hair Company Brand Name Ideas & Suggestions

Here are a few hair business ideas that you need to keep in mind when starting the business. Firstly, invest in a good technology that ensures that the wigs and the extensions that you make are of top-notch quality and look almost real. Secondly, ensure that you invest in a good marketing strategy to reach out to the target market segment.

Here are some hair business name ideas that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your company instantly connect with prospective customers.

Blessed Beauty Lounge Boss Status Beauty Custom Lux Weaves On Point Hair
Custom hair Glamour Extensions and weaves Gorgeous Growth The Classic Cut
Hair Mogul studio Kiki African Hair Braiding Minx Hair Lounge Snip Snip
Honey Bee express Weave Studio Living Viva weaving Miss Stylo Weaves In Style Hair
Stylo Sense Lock Tempty Tress The weave queen Glamour Hair
Touched by eve Tress Mania Touched by Eve The Hair Experts
The Hair Guru The Hairdresser Co-Op The Local Hair Salon City Slick Hair
Hair People The Hairdresser Collective Neighbourhood Hair Shoppe Celebrity Hair Styles
Innovative Hair Rosewood Hair Salon Downtown Hair Custom Hair Trends

Hair extensions are a great way to instantly revamp the way one looks. Wigs are a great way to camouflage thinning hair and also to change the hair style within a few minutes. All the best for your hair company and hope the above names come handy.


Hair extensions and wigs are always going to stay in vogue. Here are some interesting hair company name ideas that you can heed from. Also, some hair business name ideas and wig company names are listed below that will help you at the time of setting your own business.

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