Best Names For Your Pet Pigs

If you have a pet pig, it’s obvious for you to look for funny pig names? You want some fancy cute names for pigs if you love them.!!! So here are a few names which can help you.

“Ten little pigs rolled in the mud-
Squishy, squashy, felt so good.
The farmer took one piggy out.
“Oink, oink, oink” the pig did shout!”

We all remember that piggy poem don’t we? Well, that might be one of the cute ideas in mind when people decide to buy a pet pig! Pigs make very cute pets are they just look adorable. Pigs can be clever, good, silly, unique, cute, best and hilarious.

But like having any pet, naming your little piggy becomes confusing. We understand that concern, and thus we have brought to you tons of funny pig names which can help you with your choice of selecting the ideal name for your little darling!

One unique way of getting ideas about pig nicknames is by looking back at the famous pigs in literature, movies, TV, and history.

Pigs have been very versatile throughout the classics. Some were villains some turned out to be heroes. A few were super sweet, while a few were bossy. Some were fashion-conscious while a few of them were just “pigs” by nature, messy and gross! But all in all, we just loved these pig characters!!

let’s delve into a few cute and unique names.

Boy Pig Names:

Now, while naming your pet pig, there are various paths that you can take. For instance, you can name your pet pig by its personality, by its gender, and by its features.

But naming by gender is the most common path taken. So let’s check out a few male pig names and female pig names, shall we?

Abra-ham Lincoln Albert Sweinstein Arnold Porkzenegger Babe
Bart Bailey Barney Banjo
Benny Big Boy Beans Billy
Bruno Boaris Blake BLT
Brad Bubba Bruno Busta Rinds
Chewbacon Charlie Checkers Buzz
Chip Chorizo Chopper Chops
Corky Clive Colonel Bacon Chubbs
Corncob Crispy Count Porkula Curly
Diesel Digger Dasher Crispy

These are a few names that you can try out for your baby piggy boy!! However, you can also come up with a few names of your known. It has been my experience to name my pig when I first saw him. Like many other pig owners, I too had gone through a lot of pig names.

I had searched sites, bought pet books, asked my friends for suggestions. But the magic happened when I saw my pet pig for the first time. It’s twinkling eyes just made me name him Sparkle!!

I know it’s not a very macho name for a pig, but it did gel well with him!!

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Girl Pig Names

Amelia Amy Swinehouse Annie Angel
Baby Baily Apple Ava Gaboar
Barbie Barbie-Q Bea Basil
Blondie Bertha Betsy Bella
Betty Lou Blueberry Blondie Bubbles
Chocolate Caroline Candy Butterfinger
Creampuff Crystal Delilah Diamond
Fluffy Foxy Gidget Ginger
Greta Hazel Hippo Heather Hocklear
Kate Jewel June Jennifer Lopig
Little Orphan Hammie Lizzie Boarden Lucy Miss Piggy

Now, if you get a female pig, then its best to avoid the names mentioned above. You can go for some softer names. Something nice, and ladylike! Indeed it is difficult to come up with such names for your pig. So these are a few suggestions that you can look into!

Now, the options are just endless. Your girl pig can be a real enchanter, The way they move around, play in your backyard can give you a lot of ideas about their name. For instance, you can name a girl pig after her favorite toy.

There is a friend of mine who named her girl pig Bubbles because she loved playing with bubbles in the backyard! It is a good idea to take some time out before naming your pig. Just don’t name them right away when you bring them home. Wait for a few days, check out his/her habits and how they respond to your love.

That can also be an inspiration for naming your little pink darling. The primary idea is to build a connection with your pig before the naming process. That way they respond well.

Baby Pig Names    

Dorothy Princess Tinker Bell Petunia
Sophie Hydrangea Coral Sooey
Hamlet Porkchop Hogwarts Bacon
Oinker Slop Trashcan Skillet
Hickory Hogwash Chorizo Pork ‘N Beans
Pig Pen Mesquite Spam Jerky
Pigtails Chicharrones Curly Harry Porker
Bratwurst Short Rib Pigtails Short Rib
Frankfurter Bratwurst Harry Porker Webber
Squeaks Butterscotch Cocoa Domino

Like all pets, your little piggy too will grow up someday and become a full-grown lump of love, but that should not stop you from hunting for pet pig names for your little darling.

If you are planning on getting yourself a pet pig, you should know that as piglets, they look adorable. It’s difficult to take your eyes off them!

So for those who are hunting for names for their pink oink, here is a list to meet your needs:

Bacon Ham Hermione Hamhock Hamlet
Sausage Kosher Porky Kevin Bacon
Slim Smokey Jimmy Dean Oink
Oscar Orval Orville Opie
Peanut Pigachu Pickle Popeye
Thor Teddy Porker Sumo
Toodles Ziggy William Shakespig Walter
Pigasus Piggly Wiggly Piggie Smalls Jack

How about some funny piggy names huh? Maybe you darling is hilarious and you need some names to go with his spirit!!!   The names in the above list can be ideal in that case.

Below is the list of the famous pig characters. You are sure to know at least one of them from the list, and who knows, maybe you will find inspiration for your mini pig names here!!

  • Miss Piggy!: She surely needs no introduction!
  • Wilbur: This was the super cute and lovable piglet from the book and movie Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White.
  • Babe: This superstar piglet had a whole movie dedicated to her!
  • Empress of Bandlings: This was a very famous prize pig, from the book of P.G. Wodehouse
  • Gub Gub: This was a very intelligent pig which became quite famous in the book Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  • Piglet: Again needs no introduction. He was Winne The Pooh’s best friend!!
  • Poppleton: This is from the famous children’s book written by Cynthia Rylant
  • Snowball: This is from George Orwell’s very terrifying book, Animal Farm.
  • Squealer: Another from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
  • Napoleon: Animal Farm.
  • Hamm: This one was from Toy Story.

There, found any inspiration yet? No? Well, no worries, here are some more for you:

  • Hen Wen: This was a fortune-telling pig from the book and movie The Black Cauldron.
  • Olivia: She was from the animated TV series going by the same name.
  • Porky Pig: We know him well. He was Bugs Bunny’s deadliest enemy!
  • Petunia Pig: This was from the Merrie Melodies cartoon show.
  • Poppler: Also popular as the Spider pig from the animated series, The Simpsons.
  • Sir Oinksalot: Another famous pig from the Simpsons Movie
  • Arnold Ziffel: He was from the sitcom which telecasted in the 1960s, Green Acres.
  • Peter Porkchop: A famous character from the DC comic.
  • Monokuru Boo: A Japanese pig character who is in many ways is similar to our very favorite, Hello Kitty
  • Hogzilla: This is a real-life, gigantic pig which weighs more than 800 pounds, that is 300 kgs. His height was between 7.5 to 8 feet!

So there you go, guys!!! The best possible names for your pigs!! Pick any and hope the list helps you!

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