Amazing Grandma Nicknames


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Grandmothers are the dearest person to us and perhaps everyone. They always hold a special place in our lives and if you look back they are the ones who took utmost care. There are no words that can describe how you can pay respect to their contribution and imparted wisdom on us. Her recipes are the one that you mom can never beat.

We can bet that grandma has a special place in everyone’s life and it is quite obvious that you can feel like bestowing her with special names or nicknames that will complete her personality.

A lot of times grandparents choose what we can call them but then that does not restrict you from giving her your preferred name. Let us get the best nicknames for their grandma and you are going to love it!

Traditional Nicknames for Grandma

To start off we can look for the basics and below are some of the few examples for English grandma nicknames. Moreover, if she’s a traditional person she would love the surprise.

Old batOld trout
Old FrogeyThe Ancient One
Go GoGlam ma
Aba DabaNan New Face
TootlesSpring Chicken
The WrinkliesBig Mom
May mayPippy

International Grandmother Nicknames

Kinship terms in all language sound familiar and loved for them. Paying respect to your grandmother by giving nicknames for grandma is a usual phenomenon for all the communities living in this world.

Let us explore some international out of the box names and count on the appreciation later!

DYRIBAL (Australia)Gumbu or Babi
IGBONne nne
MANDARINNai Nai and Lao Ye
HINDINani and Dadi
GERMANOma or Omi

Let me give you some reference to the significant names and why are they considered the cute grandma names.

For French, the sweet name is usually called by grandchildren and is considered to be quite formal. For grandchildren in Australia, the name Gambu and Babi is the aboriginal tribe name. When it comes to Nigeria the sweet nickname is spoken roughly by 18 million people.

Now let us look forward to more cute grandma names for children all over the world.

Examples of Cute Grandma Names

If your grandma is a sweetheart, then you can consider the following names for her. As a token of love, you can get hold of a better name for your grandmother. As a matter of fact, nicknames involve some sort of irony and your sweet grandma can turn red if you call her with weird names.

LollyGing Gong
Tinks or TinkerbellGrand Lady
PolulaJing jonh
reemyNany namee
Jing jangshinae

Additional names to call grandma

Sometimes you may find your grandma to be quite chirpy and cheeky and perhaps she has lived through a very happening young time. Therefore, to match her style and quirkiness you can have names to call grandma as in the following list.

Yah YahGrandma
Granny WeatherwaxWeatherwax
Cee ceeNani

Funny Grandmother Nicknames

Grandmothers have always been cool with their grandchildren. They tend to be the most caring at the same time can also be the best-friend with babies and toddlers. Here are some of the funny names that you can call your grandma and make her day without any doubt.

ThatcherThe Prune
Insta-gram (Tech Savvy Granny)Golden Granny
The OldsterGrammager
Grandma CrackerGrandma Plain

For any further ideas or inspirations do not forget to follow the page and surprise your grandma with a great name this year. For you, it might just be a name but for her, it is an entire set of emotions revolving around her mind.

Wrapping up…

These were some nicknames for the grandmother that you can use. These lists will help you to find the one suitable name that you want to gift your grandmother. Make sure you save a date to give your grandma a cool nickname in a lovely presentation.

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