Funny Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

Are you a stoner? If so then there is nothing to be ashamed of about it. With the recent developments concerning the legalization of Marijuana, it has become even easier to get your hands on the most acclaimed psychedelic herb.

In this situation, it is always better to know a few attractive nicknames for potheads & stoner.

The blog is going to discuss an endless list of stoner names which are quite funny to call someone you know who smokes pot.  

So hey there Space Cadet let’s get started with few pothead names worth knowing.

Stoner Names for Guys

If you have a friend who smokes pot and you are looking to call him with some other fancy alternative nickname then here are few of them. Each one of the stoner guys out their badly wants to have a stoner nickname alotted by their friends. These names will surely fancy their attraction.

Bob Marley
Damien Baker
Ziggy Bud
Blaze Jerry
Ace Jack
Fela Chiefer
Herbalist Herbivore
Space Cowboy High Flyer
Rasta Man Enlightened
Space Cadet Caramelized Ginger
Ganja Man Ganja Planter
Weedpreneur Spliff King
Smoker Blower
Roller Zooie

Bong buddy


Stoners Xeno Stoners Solution
And Luscious Potheads Genesis
And Match And Display
Stoners Wave Stoners Heal
For GOAT Andarc
Stoners Taste For Fawn
Potheads Sterling And Loop
Nicknames Micro Nicknames Toddler
Potheads Kisan For Drench
Potheads Funk Stoners Rich
For Aviator For Swift
And Kronic Stoners Scat
For Evoke Nicknames Vital
And Loop And Federation
For Cloud For Tinker
And Consult And Boost
For Abhaya And Lineage
Stoners Step And Ave
Stoners Common Potheads Desire
Nicknames Pal For Anga
For Achieve Nicknames Superior
Potheads Interaction Stoners Oust
And Choice And Box
For Tree For Comely
And Assure For Enchant
Stoners Precision And Breakfast
Nicknames Clutch Potheads Rapid
Nicknames Bold And Cohort
Nicknames Advisor Nicknames Playground
Nicknames Live Nicknames Herbal
For Kitten Stoners Astro
Nicknames Tulip And Frosted
For Sprinkles Stoners Sheer
And Camera Stoners Rack
Potheads Pit For Munchies
And Loop For Label
Nicknames Photobomb Stoners Get
And Bridge Potheads Right

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Stoner Names for Girls

Funny Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

If stoner guys can have a nickname why shall be the girls left out from having one?

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Today most of the girls or even Middle Ages women are considering smoking weed as their leisure activity for recreational purposes. So if you have a stoner girlfriend or know someone who smokes pot from the female gender consider calling them with these rambling stoner names. Be surprised to see the reaction they give to their new stoner nicknames.

Marley Cedella
Makeda Janis
Mae Nancy
Gaia Sativa
Tommy’s Girl Lady Gaga
Lady Ganja Spliff Queen
Queen Smoker Weed Lady
Hot Pot Weed Zooie
Weedlie Bong Girl
Forfluent Nicknames Kingdom
Stonersarc And Guidepost
Potheads Heaven For Tactics
Stonersquipo For Decal
Potheads Crush Stoners Pot
For OT Forlytical
For Check Potheads Shot
Nicknames Roadman Stoners Mentor
For Achelois Potheads Bench
Stonersoont For Ratings
Nicknames Auto Nicknamquipo
Stonersopolis Potheads Round
And Milky For Leverage
Stonersorama Andzilla
Stoners Chorus For Inside
Forhut Stoners Arrow
And Aspect For Platinum
For Lovely For Kingdom
Stoners Angel For Cantina
Stoners All Star Potheadsoont
Potheads Cream And Tag
For Invest For Accelerate
And Chat Forque
Stoners Combat Potheads Divine
And Canoodle For Progressive
For Collective And Sting
For Champion And Rocket
And Experts For Uproot
And Response Potheads Ishvara
Nicknames Aperture Nicknames Mist
Nicknames Auto Stoners Filled
And Stock Potheads Thrive
And Opulent Nicknames Hot
Nicknames Infinity Potheads Yeta
Nicknames Fox Nicknames Insight
Stoners Paladin And Anything
Stoners Milestone For Dog
Potheads Millions Potheads Devote
For Adept Nicknames Crux
Nicknames Touch For Action
Nicknames Navy Nicknames Clio
For Legend And Point
Potheads Quick Nicknames Visage
Nicknames Blank Potheads View
For Care Nicknames Omatic
And Sleeve Potheads Contractors

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Nicknames for Potheads

Funny Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

Pothead itself is a nickname for those who loves smoking pot all the time. They are so concerned about the leisure activities that they will even do whatever it takes to legalize weed worldwide. Such potheads love the herb and would go to any extent for the betterment or the upliftment of the substance weed. In that case, if you have a friend of yours who is a pothead and are willing to give him a friendly little nickname then here are few:

Mary Jane Ganja King
Weedhead Pot Junkie
Doper Boy Weedie Fiddie
Slim Jim Rasta Safari
Rasta Lord Weed Lord
King Cannabis Red Eye Hero
Hippie Dippy Bush Doctor
Doctor Herb Reefer Chiefer
Captain Pot Pot Alladin
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Potheads Adapt Potheads Enjoy
And Affliction For Errorless
And Yummy Potheads Nexus
For Foot Potheads Intel
Potheads Flow Potheads Sonic
Stoners Mech And Mechanics
Nicknames Scratch Nicknames Porium
Stoners Fast Nicknames Rep
Potheads Extend And Communication
For Earthbound Stoners Plant
Nicknames Stallion Nicknames Toon
Potheads Aftermath And Drip
Nicknames Scrap And Express
Nicknames Lasting And Misfits
And Brilliant For Power
Stoners Medium Potheads Tender
Nicknames Crafted Nicknames Trance
Nicknames Chair Potheads Guider
Potheads Refuge Potheads Royal
And Stardust Drip Profile
Nicknames Registry For Rose
And Bullet Stoners Living
For Rose Potheads Motivation
Nicknames Cosmic Nicknames Cure
Stoners Storm For Power
Stoners Lovey Potheads Lumber
For Clever And Sprite
Nicknames Accelerate Potheads Butterscotch
Stoners Sky And Central
Potheads Corner And Marks
Potheads Jacks Nicknames Chop
For Chew For Seasoned
Potheads Strength Potheads Mashed
And Enchant And Magnolia
For Incorporated Stoners Auto
For Poppy Stoners Transit
And Discuss Potheads Clever
Nicknames Clue For Cozy
For Dairy Potheads Ruby
Stoners Magazine For Flarf
Nicknames Xerxes Nicknames Samurai
Nicknames Origin Potheads Branded
Nicknames Bear Nicknames Cherish
Stoners Quest For Bunch
And Flex Nicknames Jam
Stoners Breezy For Globetrotter
And Elfin And Squad
Stoners Lavish And Share
And Forage Potheads Inspire
Stoners Connect And Taste
Potheads Chronicle And Premium
Stoners Playground And Instinct

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Funny Stoner Names

Funny Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

It is always good to share a smile with the one you are getting high with it also gets easier for the one whose accompanying you to open up and feel that you both are connecting well together. In that case, there might be few funny stoner names which will stand to be light-hearted when calling your friend with it.

Here are few funny nicknames for stoners:

Bong Breath Asparagus
Fatty Fan Burger Boy
Barack Morgy Freeby
Snoop Bro Weed Eye
Cheech Chong
Shaddy Bee Kiffer
Indo Kaya King
Kush Lord Fabo Bro
Sloth hyena Smoke King


Stoners Fascinating Nicknames Daily
For Steam Potheads Ague
And Blueprint For Groove
For Pure For Cents
Nicknames Stallion For Tank
For Solved For Lush
Stoners Beach And Dharma
Nicknames Muse Potheads Grande
Stoners Solved Potheads Essentials
Nicknames Fall Potheads Center
For Hideaway And Cardinal
For Absolute And Tank
For Gunslingers Potheads Drag
Stoners Accent For Cents
And Scoot For Maze
And Edge For Public
And Guide For Wild
For Expand Potheads Command
For Collab Stoners Gear
Stoners Stream Stoners Hurdle
Potheads Savage Potheads Transat
Nicknames Hyper Nicknames Studied
Stoners Suave Nicknames Monroe
Potheads Clan Nicknames All-Star
Nicknames Fire Potheads Divine
Nicknames Perspective Nicknames Farms
For Mate And City
For Skylink And Renew
Nicknames Accelerate Potheads Chase
Potheads Master And Watcher
For Republic And Bullet
Potheads Genesis For Ease
Stoners Serenity Potheads Younger
Potheads Willow Potheads Upscale
And Gen Potheads Charter
Potheads Shine For Soil
Potheads Luxury Stoners Icon
For Spices Nicknames Aphrodite
Potheads Aztec And Mates
Nicknames Native Potheads Calibre
For Pleasure And Organic
Stoners Crop Potheads Divine
And Paragon Stoners Vanguard
Potheads Angle Potheads Wind
For Geek Nicknames Bloom
Potheads Total Nicknames Places
Potheads Acres Potheads Lily
Stoners Advantage For Xero
Potheads Peak Stoners Gentle
Nicknames Armory Potheads High
Stoners Up Nicknames Tidbit
For Infinity Nicknames Compass


Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner
Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

Final Words

I hope the name suggestion will solve your purpose of coming up with a correct nickname for your stoner friend. If you have more to suggest you can start making your list.

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