Gas stations, filling stations, petrol stations, and more. There is a multitude of Gas Station Names used to describe the same thing. A service center that sells gasoline, sometimes known as ‘gas’ or ‘petrol’ and diesel to the public.

Major of such gas stations offer the added expedience of offering all kinds of food and beverage items.

A crucial business in the United States, there are recently around 168,000 locations to refuel in the country. However, this number has been declining in the last ten years, degree due to stricter environmental controls and more fuel well-organized vehicles. Let’s check the names.

Old Gas Station Names
Old Gas Station Names

Old Gas Station Names

The industry is valued at $116 billion a year in output. Gas prices can vary but are generally tied to the price of crude oil on the international markets. But the net profit of selling gasoline is not huge.

Gas-N-GoGolden FuelGasTech79ers International GasolineLamp Post Gas Station
Fuel for ThoughtGet EnergizedGastoreAndi’s Snack & GasTribal Travelers
The Fuel Stop HQSuper StationLandmark Gas and GoMap Dot ConvenienceLocal Station Gas
High Octane GasolineBob’s StopBig Rig BonanzaBoston Drake Gas StationWarm Engines Gas Station
Hank’s Gas N’ GoHarrison’s Safeway StopThe Gas SupplyCity GasThe Car and Truck Rest Area
Clean Restrooms Gas StationShaw Daniels Gas StationGrape Gas StationFamily Friendly FillersMain Street Gas Mart
QuikMart Gas StationSnack & Gas DepotGreen’s GasGas HubFuel and Coffee Co.
Ready Mart GasSunny Star Gas StationsHarry Mickey Gas Station24/7 Gas and Food MartLucky’s Lottery and Diesel
Road Wonders GasSwift Snacks & GasHorizons Gas StationModern CommuterTruck Driver Heaven
Restless Gas and RestaurantThe Gas StoreThe Freedom Food MartGas-N-GoLongHaul Shopping Mall
TraxStar Gas StationZeal Prism Gas StationThe Diesel DestinationEco DriverCross Country Fill up
Unicorn Gas StationDriller’s DelightJohn Barnes & Sons GasolineGas-ProOne Planet Gas Station
Funny Gas Station Names
Funny Gas Station Names
Jiffy StopPumped Up GasAuto-ly Delighted StationSunny Gasoline StationCity Street Petrol
Gulf one gasGulf StarPump You UpSuper GasCorner Store Petrol
Sun Coast StationLong Beach StationThe Car BarThe E-Z GasDowntown Petrol Station
Ace Mega StopAir Fuel SupremoPut Put TrucksThe Gas GuysFuely’s Petrol
Always first fuel stop1st choice fuel stopMoto Madness StationThe Gas GuzzleHappy Trails Petroleum
Good Golly GasPumped Up SnacksThe Silly StationThe Magic Car Pit RidePeter’s Petrol Pump (PPP)
Gr8 Trip GasPumpmarketThe Oil OfficeThe Roadtrip RallyHerman’s Quik Petrol
Green GasolinesRapidSpeed Gas StationPump and DumpTripway StationJulio’s Petrol Station
Jalopy Motor MartRight Wheel StationEngine FedWheely Quick MartMartin Bros. Petrol
Light Speed StationSmile Mart ConvenienceEmoji Gas StationZippy Gas StationQuick Stop Station
Get Pumped!Station PowerWe Drill so You Can FillSecond Street PetrolQuikStop Petrol
PowerfuelStation!Go Go GuzzleStarlight PetroleumRoadside Petrol

Funny Gas Station Names

It is a known reality that selling retail gasoline will not make you rich with a single station. As we look at the reports, it is not common for retail gas stations to make on .15 per gallon of gas sold.

Beach petroleumGreen PetroleumAgip Gas StationCorner Store GasDiesel via
Tiger FuelManly man gasAloha PetroleumHail oilGas Lant
Insta GasThe fast StopAmerican GasCity Street PetrolSunbeams Petrol Station
Zippo GasAntler PetroleumBP Petrol StationThe Fuel Stop HQThe Petrol Pump
Atlas Refueling StationMotto GasCaltex Service StationRed Pump GasThe Petrol Roadview
Gas Land PetroleumPuma Energy service stationChevron Gas StationMore FuelThe Petrol Shop
Gas Stations USA RealtyPump N MunchClean Energy – Fremont Pilot Gas StationAn old school pit stopThe Petroleum Station
Husky Gas StationServcoConocoTrunk PropanePeter’s Petrol Pump (PPP)
Kwik FillShell Gas StationElf Gas StationFuel PropositionFuel Herald
Marathon Gas StationSpeedway Gas StationEni Gas StationBus Yard ConvenienceAloha Petroleum
Mobil Gas StationSunoco Gas StationEsso Petrol StationFuel AuroraBluegrass
Murphy USA Gas StationTotal Gas StationExxon Gas StationFuelensesThe Snack Post
good Gas Station
good Gas Station
Behermoth Gas StationBig Boy Gas Station And Car Wash, IncGas BranchDiesel DeftLoading Station
Fuel StopPetrol 4 UAtlas Refueling StationFueling SmithsRapid Speed Gas Station
Hungry for GasSuncoast PetroleumGas HubXpress Mart ConvenienceSo-much-gasoline
Bright Star StatonThe Gas HoleGasoline DerbyPiper PetrolGas Guise
Crown PetroleumFuel DudeBob’s Gas StationBehemoth Gas StationGreen Petroleum
FUEL24Precision PetrolLust FuelPump LeaserSecond Street Gas
Propane PetiteUp Your GasPump PosseFuel for ThoughtFuel Justice
Wiggle PumpFuel EminentLight Speed StationBoston Drake Gas StationPropane Whole
More Fun Up the TankGasoline SesameGas storeJulio’s Petrol StationFuel Stuff
Fuel PoodleAndi’s Snack & GasGraphics GasolineMap Dot ConveniencePower fuel
Auto-ly Delighted StationRation PumpLakes OctaneCross Country Fill upRocket Fuel
Pump and DumpKazoo PetrolPropane AcreThe Petrol Road view79ers International Gasoline

Gas Station Names And Logos

One of the ways that gas station owners have been able to fight the low margin on gas is to sell a range of food and beverages to guests. If you are able to offer good food at an affordable price point this can be an amazing way to differentiate your brand.

Super 99The Fill Up StationFuely’s PetrolOctane OntoAloha Fuel Mart
Dash Check oilOne-stop FuelsBrunch PumpThe Petrol PumpFuel Darkness
One-Stop GarageTuneUp PlazaFuel TechnicalBoiler Propane24/7 Pumping
Stop before you hit the HighwaySimply AutomotiveIlluminate FuellingDiesel TotemEater Octane
Fresh StartFillin’ UpStation!The Gas StoreSuper pump
Jiffy STOPPump PlushDiesel viaPetrol PaperDiesel Carats
Diesel BlossomDiesel RivetGas LantBig Boy Gas Station and Car Wash, Inc.Gasoline Ninety
Antler PetroleumWeary Traveler MartQuikStop MarketFuelly GoGas-N-Go Mart
Octane PureeAlt Route GasTiger FuelGas supplySpeed Stop
It’s Time for UnleadedAccent PumpXtra PowerToo Much Fun on the RunHerman’s Quik Mart
Propane PoetryLet Us Fill You UpPump SavageMoto GasGasoline Missionary
PumprestigeMy GasFuel InfectionsPump marketPetrol Principal
Gas Station Names In India
Gas Station Names In India
Filling TankFuel for ThoughtDiesel ExplosionNibble GasFuel Cradle
Full moon Oil Co.At the gas stationQuad PropanePump MessagePropane Wave
Gas on the runFuel line fast fuelGasoline PrettySuper GasConnects Refuel
Flow petrol gas for all occasionsThunder gasQuickstep PetrolGasoline GroveDiesel Moose
Road trip petrol, bring the heat to your tripSmog emporium- a fine selection of automotive goodsAt Ease ConvenienceDragon Power Gas RefillPump Goblet
Crown PetroleumDiesel DinerDads DieselRefuel WalnutPump Pyramid
Horizons Gas StationDiesel AbundantCutter PetrolFuel and Coffee CoRefuel Priceless
GasstoffShaw Daniels Gas StationRight Wheel StationSecond Street PetrolXFuel
OnlypumpFuel PlumBig Rig BonanzaSunny Petrol StationQuick Mart Gas Station
Herman’s Quik PetrolLantern DieselThe Gas HolePump OrchidEntertainment Diesel
Pump FloraGasoline BeamOctane FlamePump BishopMore gas, Less drama
The Magic CarpitPump AddictionGasoline SavvyRoadside PetrolFast and Gas

Gas Station Names In India

As a gas station owner, you can be confident in knowing that as long as there are cars there will be customers. So take a glimpse at these brilliant gas station names organized category below.

Fresh startFuel for thoughtMamas DieselDiesel PetuniaHank’s Gas N’ Go
Full moon oil Co.At the Gas StationAce FuelPetrol PromotionPropane Frames
Gas On the runFuel Line fast fuelGas CommunityPropane PriorityProgram Pump
Flow petrol gas for all occasionsThunder gasDiagram PumpFireman PetrolSwift Snacks & Gas
Road trip Petrol- bring the heat to your tripSmog emporium- a fine selection of automotive goodsFuel TestamentLOL Filling StationPeg Pump
Petrol ScrollThe Petroleum StationLandmark Gas and GoPump You UpImperial Oil
Fuel KettleFuel RisesMain Street Gas MartWhoosh! FuelAir Fuel Supremo
High OctaneHeaven DieselZeal Prism Gas StationThe Freedom Food MartGas-N-Go
Skillet PropaneMaestro PetrolDiesel InnovationPropane TroveGet Pumped!
Creep PumpAndi’s Snack & GasBong GasThe Fill-Up StationFillin’ Up
The Car and Truck Rest AreaGas On The RunFifty FiftyInsta GasDecathlon Gas
NOCO ExpressJulio’s Gas StationTactic GasolineMolecule StationValet Gas Station
Fun Gas Station Names
Fun Gas Station Names
AAA gasAce gas stationsFuel FeedbackStratus DieselPumportfolio
After hours petroleumAftershock gasGreen GasolinesHorsepower BoulevardFuel Doctrine
Aloha petroleumMerry Go Round GasFuel PrismDiesel CubaUnique Gas Station Names
Swish GasFun RunOver My GasDiesel OvalGas Station Db
Too Much GasOver my GasSlumber FuelThe Gas SupplyGas Station LLC
Pump ChumsGas Station SteeringFuel GorillasFuel FoolishVault Gas Station
Pump ProcedureGas Station GlobeThe Air Fuel MixerThe Gas CompanyDrivers Gas Station
Fast LaneTexas Gas StationFilling TankFuel HammockGas Station Fleet
Fuel IotaLiberty Gas StationFuel DenFuel ShamanGas Station Craft
Fuel Aden24/7 Gas StationThe Magic Car Pit RideFill ‘er Up!Scout Gas Station
Diesel JumpAngle Gas StationFuel FloraRoad Trip PetrolGas Station Suite
DieselolaTrucking Gas StationDiesel NothingStarlight PetroleumCycle Gas Station

Fun Gas Station Names

When you be an owner, it is your responsibility to lure customers inside the store. Famous reasons to go inside include selling fresh cups of coffee, beverages, lottery tickets, a quick meal, or even using the bathroom.

LOL filling StationMore fun Up The TankBright Star StationG RexOlive Gas Station
More FuelToo Much Fun on the RunThe Gas HoleApex24/7Dashing Gas Station
Red Pump GasEasy Filling StationRim ShopMy Fuel PlazaBudget Gas Station
Fast Fill UpLet us fill you upMoto GasGas AstonishLance Gas Station
Pump City Convenience storeFifty-fiftyThe Rack Em UpGas ProfileGas Station Universe
Funny SturdyDiesel PlusSunridge LubeStation ViperGas Station Cafe
Grape Fuel StationDiesel LotteryLittle PumpskipGasquipoTrans Gas Station
Gas & CoffeeArizona FuelGreens Bank PlusGasishGas Station Pub
Funny OctaneImperial OilSafeway GasolineStation PushGas Station Posse
Sound StationPeoples GasNOSA GasGas MultiplyMeet Us and Get Gas
Gas HasteOne Stop GarageSterling PumpsJoes GasFunny Relief
Fuel CruiseThe Well PumpingGastoraveGasologyStation Alloy
Gas Station Names In Canada
Gas Station Names In Canada
More Gas, Less DramaFill it up with fun, I mean fuelFast Fill UpBright Star StationPro-Fuel Express
Fast and gasLoading StationRebel Hill GasThe Gas HoleMerv’s Discount
Fuelly GoGas for you and MeRio FillmoreRim ShopBMO Landrove
Release the hoseDragon power gas refillHigh Octane GasolineMoto GasThe Pump Store
it‘s time for unleadedXtra powerElite PetroleumThe Rack Em UpPump N’ Whistle
Arizona FuelRebel Hill GasNQ Natural FuelsSunridge LubePenske Import
Imperial OilRio FillmoreA Plus PumpLittle PumpskipPump Room Express
Peoples GasHigh Octane GasolineGastoraveGreens Bank PlusSavage Fuels
One Stop GarageElite PetroleumMy Franks Gas OilSafeway GasolineGulf Star
The Well PumpingNQ Natural FuelsPumpnickelNOSA GasExxon Fuel Station
Fast Fill UpA Plus PumpFuel Stop PhoenixSterling PumpsBaldwin Gas
Arrowhead MarketLang’s GasNemours PumpSimply AutomotiveFuel Line – Fast Fuel

Gas Station Names In Canada

Check out some more names below.

Apex gas station24/7 pumpingThe Pump ShackA1 Pump StationApex Gas Plus
Pump your gasGas and goPump N’ WhistleGas Station 54Vegas Gas Station
Quick fill fuelSet me up to goChevron Gas StationPDQ Gas StationShaw’s Pump
Full tank, pleaseBox o’ gasFuel StandardEureka ShellQigong Gas World
Boyle energyHorsepower BoulevardGastoraveJaxx Pressure CleanGas Station E
Lucky’s Fuel StationGosstown BobsJ & G GasolineAloha Star GasBud’s Express
Xpress CarpetGasstokeA-Co Peak GasCordoba MobilLube Stop
Exile Gas StationVanguard Gas StoreMonsieur MarlerKwik TripS2O Marigold
Southwest PetroleumFolger’s FuelPump Up & Pump DownVibe PumpArcoast Gas Station
Tropicana GasSafeway GasolinePeak GasTLS Fuel StationGastore Discount Gas
PetrokexCostco GasolineBrigade GasSpeedee MartGorets Petroleum
Exxon Fuel StationTangerine PumpFuel Station IncBMO LandrovePegasus Natural Gas
Gas Station Names Generator
Gas Station Names Generator
Hype EnergySo much gasolineAire ExpressArco Am PtsJ & G Gasoline
Decathlon GasMolecule StationBluegrassGolden FuelAll Canadian Gas
Fuel DenPump BlasterSpeedee MartAlliance SupplyXpress Carpet
The AcceleratorThe air-fuel mixerAir Fuel SupremoS&J EnergyFry’s Food and Drug
Speed bumpRocket FuelDillon Keith StoresSinclair Gas StationEureka Pump
Biltmore Gas CentreJaxx Pressure CleanBarrel Gas SuppliesShaw’s PumpPDQ Gas Station
Peak MartAldea GasolineDollar Gas StationAntler PetroleumThunder Gas
Kwik PumpSam’s Xpress LubeGreenway Chevron GasThe Sinclair GasSunoco Gas
Filling TankSmokey BonesAloha SunGet Go Fuel StationMariposa Gas
Aqua Pump SalesThe Pump ShackClair GasMonsieur MarlerSet Me Up to Go
Pump Shop DepotLas Vegas Gas MartTropicana GasLucky’s Fuel StationBilium Energy
Dock 3 LubricantsRoyal PetroleumArizona Natural GasArco AmpRoto-Rooter Pump

Gas Station Names Generator

More and more people will bring you into your store where there’s the opportunity to make an additional purchase can be the difference between business success and failure in this industry. Here are some more names for a gas station designed to invite customers into your retail location.

Fuel CradleAnalytics GasolineHertz Fuel StationAlliance SupplyThe Fast Stop
Illuminate FuelingDiesel EagleScramblers VegasXpress Car CareFountains Turbo Mart
Diesel testaGasoline SincereGas On The RunDollar Gas StationGTA Gas Station
Fuel gardensDiesel abundantHungry for GasOasis GasolineKlugman Gas
Petrol FangFlake FuelEmpower PumpGulf Gas O’ReillyBog Oil Carts
Excess Gas StationGas Station ShoppeGosstown BobsLaplace GasolineBeverage Kingdom
Maui GasXtreme Xtreme FuelEureka ShellVantage Gas StoresSuper Star Shell
Aldea GasolineAirpark PumpThe Pumping ManEast Valley PumpOasis Convenience
South Hills ChevronA 1 SpiritsThe ChemMy Franks Gas OilBuckman Pump
Volkswagen OkemosVegas GasDock 3 LubricantsEmpenado GasShell Gas Store
Eureka ChevronPeak PumpRusco’s GasThe Village MobilJp Fuel Gas Company
Pump N’ JuiceA-1 Energy GasClair GasExCeil FuelsGas Stamps
Other Names For Gas Stations
Other Names For Gas Stations
Jungle OctaneFuel ShamanThe Pumping ManEureka PumpBeverage Kingdom
Pump GiantsStratus DieselThe Original GasDirty BombPump N Distribution
Refuel MagnoliaOctane grandMcKenzie PumpMikes Gas StationRim Shop
Fuel IrisMemory GasolineSam’s Xpress LubeBosco Natural GasAmp Outlet
Gas GladePetrol ScrollMesa Heating GasFountains Turbo MartTrue Power Pump
Ganley ExxonNova PumpsEko GasGreen Frog ElectricLNG Gas Star
Buddy’s GasKangaroo ExpressPump Shop DepotMiller Coors GasFuel Flow
Emmett’s GasPump N WhistleK-G RushGastore PlusSunoco Gas
Sterling PumpsStamper BrosGas NowGreens Bank PlusPump N’ Chill
Empower PumpThe Pressure OffPro-Fuel ExpressTotopo Gas StationElite Petroleum
The Best PumpValero 1455Fry’s Food and DrugLa Mesa Espresso BarGo Natural Gas
Lang’s GasArizona Gas SuppliesThe Gas DepotAfton PumpEarlsville Gas Store

Other Names For Gas Stations

Here, we have given more names that will boost your name list. Gas station names do not need to be serious. Take a look at some light-hearted brands like Kum & Go and Pump Munch.

Here is some laugh-out-loud names for your gas station that could bring in some customers that your business would not typically appeal to with a more generic title.

Tanka gasValet gas stationEast City GasEagle ShellHogart’s Gas
Solvent petroleum holdingsLots of gasLNG WorldHot Shot BlastingWren’s Gas
My gasSuper fuelOil StreetThe Pump Station CoThe Pump Shop
Super pumpFuel 4.0Sunshine Park PumpFairview MartGoguzzle Express
Fuel PrismReful GatorCharity Gas MartThe Gas WellBlue Turbo
Peoples GasInnovative GasPumpnickelAll Pro PumpStations Peak
Arrowhead StationCogburn GasBrennan’s GasRio PumpsPower Depot
Chevron Marathon GasA-1 Gas StationMariposa GasKamm’s Gas And MoreRebel Hill Gas
Merv’s DiscountThe Green FlashGas Works LubricantsHertz Fuel StationParks Oil and Gas
Genie Gas StationFuel Depot PumpNQ Natural FuelsFloweredoGasoline 2 Go
Lux PumpkinsTerrible HerbstSavage Fuels4 Wheelz GasKeri’s Gulch Gas
Gas UglyGogu’s MarketplaceGoblin’s GasSunridge LubePump N Shop
Gas Stations Brand
Gas Stations Brand
Pump samplesPropane PrismPeak PumpingTumbleweed GasClean-Up Grocery
Story PropaneChap PumpGas StonemastersAloha SunThe Pump Store
Brunch pumpPetrol PauseBaldwin GasShell CanadaPV Gas Station
Musician DieselDiesel FictionThe Small PumpPump N SprayRebel Oil & Chevron
Fuel LotaGasoline SesamePennyPine Shell GasSunridge ExpressI-10 Fuel Mart
East Liberty GasKuhn’s Fuel ShopBiltmore Gas CentreCobblestone FuelArrowhead Fuel Pump
Nemours PumpAire ExpressPuck ‘N’ GoGastonia GasAla Goss
TruGreen EnergyGusta Gas StationValero-SamLiquor KingsGiant Eagle
Pet Pet’s Gas SparesKwik PumpMimosa’s PumpShell Gas & FuelClean Cut Pump
Blimpia GasA Plus PumpQuikTripGrowlers And MoreBeverage World
Rue 22 ChevronPump N GutterSinclair GasolineEzekiel’s Gas PlusSinclair Gas Express
Sun City Co GasEtobicoke Mobil 1Fuel DepotPep BoysTotally Natural Pump

Gas Stations Brand

Runway PetrolPetrol PavilionHabib Auto ExpressArco Am PtsAmerigas
Fuel InfectionsPeg PumpJays PeakGOT’S CO 2Tower Oil
Gasoline DegreePropane DameS&J EnergyFuel Station 168Watts Gas
Split GasifyFuel SmartlyAZ Gas SpotStrip Shop ExpressGasoline City
Gasoline SpeechFuel TestamentXpress to FuelThe Sinclair GasLittle Pumps
Dillon Keith StoresCleveland ExpressGTA Gas StationA-1 RefillFastergas
Barefoot OilBilium EnergyKokopec ChevronThe Martini ShoppeBud’s Auto Shops
Rancho ChevronShell Gas & WaterGugulleysValero East HillsFuel Station 3
Rising Star RunMondeca StationBp MmMy Mini PumpThe Happy Gas
Peak’s BPGasoline MottoA & W Discount StoreRx KingTnt Chevron
Bingo Pump CanadaStakeout ElectricNPTK Oil SupplySmoke’s PumpsSunrise Gas Station
Shell’s Fuel StationLittle PumpskipSheetz GasFlamingo Mobile PumpKuhn’s Sunoco
A Gas Station
A Gas Station
Stella OctanePixie OctaneShell Gas PlusKenny’s Marathon GasPenske Import
Pump GobletGas PerspectiveStrip City ChemixOcotillo SunE&G Oil
Contract GasDiesel DinerAll Canadian GasPetrostable EnergyNepalese Natural Gas
Propane RaveFuel CradleEmpire Mini MarketSangam Oil And SmogAqua-Tots Mobile
Analytics GasolineGas BrochureNashville GasRio Rancho GasGulf Fuel – Phoenix
Smokey BonesDiesel ManGogwadzRoyalPumpmartThe Pump Superstore
Wag WaterGas Supply DepotSinclair Gas StationPump Up and StaleSunoco Mini Mart
Roto-Rooter PumpPeak MartPumpmillsMikes FavoritesExxon Mobil Stores
The Original ShellM-E-G CrudeHogburn’s GasNOSA GasBP Oil Chevron
Lemontree MarathonRoyal PetroleumBarrel Gas SuppliesRio FillmoreWexford Subaru
Shells Gas & SpiritsAqua Pump SalesWeston PumpGas Station Business NamesBog Oil Carts
U Auto FuelScramblers VegasLaughmaxOlympic PumpGet Go Fuel Station

What’s Under A Gas Station?

Underneath the pumps at your local gas station lie underground storage tanks. These are generally large enough to hold thousands of gallons of gasoline. Depending on what grades the station offers, there can be multiple tanks to separately hold premium, regular, and diesel.

Why Is It Called A Gas Station? Or What Are Gas Stations Called?

In the past times, they were known to motorists as ‘filling stations’. The first drive-in filling station, Gulf Refining Company, opened to the motoring public in Pittsburgh on December 1, 1913, at Baum Boulevard and St Clair’s Street.

What Is A Gas Station Called In The UK?

A filling station, also known as a petrol station or gas station, is a facility that sells fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles.

Despite commonly being called Petrol by the general public in the United Kingdom the fuel is sold as Unleaded. 


We hope that you like the given names for the gas station business. Please let us know if you have selected any names from here. All the best!

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