Genasi Names

699+ Genasi Names(Water,Fire,Air)

Genasi are an intrinsic conflict. Every genasi personifies the possible disordered air and fire, the order of earth and water, even the savagery of rumble and lightning. Genasi displays one of these surfaces of their basic soul at all times. However, there are Genasi present everywhere.Genasi Names

As we look at the physical qualities of genasi that each of it always is evidence of an element. All of the genasi are display with one from its parent (Male and female). Universality about a genasi’s elemental display is a challenge by the changeable nature of the race.

Water Genasi Names

You could inhale and exhale underwater. You also obtain a 2 plus ethnic bonus to saving throws opposite continuous harm along with the swift current power. Genasi who is having much display think of themselves have more than one image.

Melt Ember Toast
Ignition Forge Enkindle
Combust Broil Glow
Drain Teardrop Rinse
Flow Well Brine
Drown Torrent Puddle
Basalt Hill Stony
Soapstone Hunk Adamant
Cobblestone Ground Clay
Turbine Float Turbine
Pneumatic Breath Blast
Gasp Lift Tempest
Sun Incinerate Hellfire
Blight Ignite Fuego
Magma Ardour Flux
Ocean Tributary Run
River Aqua Streamlet
Hose Bore Douse
Rubble Topaz Rubble
Lapis Moonstone Amethyst

Here, in the following article, you will find a glimpse of different types of genasi and their power of the elements. Each and every genasi consider one or more quality on their own.

Fossil Turf Callous
Tornado Aerial Brian
Lazuli Float Gale
Empyrean Eddy Tornado
Aerate Aerial Lift
Flutter Ascend Eddy
Opal Whisk Blast
Turbulence Paddle Beck
Surge Flurry Gale
Lazuli Hydrogen Lit

Fire Genasi Names

As we talk about fire soul genasi elements than you add up a 1 plus ethnic bonus to your Reflex protection, resist five fire, and additional fireplace power. At some levels, the resistance makes better to 10 elements.

Genasi Names
Genasi Names
Pyro Lit Smoke
Broil Melt Parch
Frizzle Arson Pyre
Jet Flux Beck
Azure Splash Agua
Hose Agua Sea
Quartzite Masonry Terra
Ore Ingot Ground
Gravel Topaz Hill
Heave Squall Blast
Tinder Phoenix Warmth
Incendiary Boil Seethe
Seethe Swelter Frizzle
Lakelet Cleanse Fountain
Tide Branch Geyser
Drift Ripple Influx
Lump Citrine Alabaster
Geode Soapstone Slab
Mountain Spinel Clay
Whirl Ozone Hiss


Agua Lios Claye
Lakelet Tempes Valanche
Lapis Aeranas Fervis
Clay Glacia Lec
Travertine Hover Tumult
Squall Lift Crisp
Stratosphere Chinook Shine
Hell Aura Scorch
Phoenix Funnel Geyser
Glint Afa Obcasus

Air Genasi Names

Every display manifestation is a part of the natural world. In storm (air) elements you will add up a 1 plus bonus to courage defense, resist 5 lightning, and the security of wind storm power. The lightning living within you calls out to its associate- the thunder.

Scald Boil Seethe
Flash Igneous Volcano
Lit Light Lantern
Drip Vapor Plunge
Sprinkle Flow Surge
Rivulet Lake Sea
Stony Ingot Flint
Obsidian Quarry Fossilstone
Precious Adamant Rocky
Tumult Waft Whiff
Funnel Murmur Storm
Pneumatic Draft Twister
Forge Shine Beacon
Sultry Roast Nether
Roast Dante Arson
Downpour Shower Spout
Wave Geyser Brine
Tidal Dew Geyser
Hill Hunk Terra
Masonry Umber Shelf
Slab Diamond Stony
Atmosphere Draft Breath
Turbulence Blow Tumult
Troposphere Turbulence Gale

Air genasi mostly go down from a Djin. however they are faster but differ genasi because they are weak than other genasi. Though they are competitive and consider all other genasi as cousins.

Boil Ahsh Femduxiolks
Igneous Ro Aloks
Lake Turbine Hydra
Ingot Lift Expanse
Sand Spark Storm
Cobblestone Lava Quartzite
Whirlwind Fuego Lump
Light Celks Niarq
Tempest Baks Calaks
Pond Daardaks Uanthrici
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They can be conceited and even smug, they are smart enough to think about other race’s powers. A noticeable part is how they begin in life.

Coal Coal Ash
Dantean Parch Gleam
Fuego Ardor Scald
Influx Streamlet Ripple
Neptune Drench Plash
Spatter Splash Rain
Precious Citrine Geo
Geo Jewel Dense
Rock Lapis Emerald
Sail Breath Sail
Gust Hiss Draft
Oxygen Sky Chinook
Cobblestone Lantern Fervor
Air Flux Igneous
Ozone Kindle Scorch
Funnel Surf Flux
Pyre Wash Course
Incinerate Drip Bath
Enkindle Umber Diamond
Spout Masonry Gravel


Fire Genasi Female

Fire genasi female comes from aristocratic surroundings but is the charcoal sheep-like family. We have figure out some names for such females. Let’s check if you like it.

699+ Genasi Names(Water,Fire,Air)
699+ Genasi Names(Water,Fire,Air)
Warmth Sultry Flux
Ardour Hot Explosion
Bake Fervor Sizzle
Ocean Fog Puddle
Typhoon Drift Branch
Seiche Influx Pond
Peridot Garnet Masonry
Sediment Wedge Malachite
Quartz Moonstone Mineral
Sigh Squall Flurry
Oxygen Ascend Ozone
Atmosphere Empyrean Oxygen
Flux Sapphire Travertine
Brine Funnel Whirl
Monolith Gust Blast
Pebble Storm Flute
Lazuli Wildfire Liquid
Azure Fuel Tide
Empyrean Blight Slab
Flute Dew Hill

Genasi succeeds in something from the sides of their nature. They look like humans but have uncommon skin color and there is something unusual about them. The substance blood flowing via their layer display variously in every genasi as magical power.

Ashwar Callous Jerra
Fry Stone Rivulet
Seiche Sky Nugget
Tear Flurry Mountain
Damp Aura Peridot
Turf Warmth Fan
Zan-kyri Sun Marry
Len-jes Parch Son-liin
Valandra Stream Exotic
Sardis Douse Gwind

Water Genasi Druid

Let’s think, sometimes when you are playing Druid for his first time and you are given a character is a water genasi sailor. However, it has smashed a ship and stuck in a coastal area called badowharf.

Cinder Austral Pyre
Sizzle Wither Explosion
Conflagration Blight Thermal
Ocean Torrent Drown
Pool Vapor Geyser
Drench Eagre Spout
Masonry Tile Gem
Alabaster Jewel Obsidian
Brick Quartzite Wedge
Funnel Breath Flute
Tempest Whiff Funnel
Sail Sky Flutter
Scoria Shine Ardor
Incinerate Crisp Fervor
Torch Ignite Gleam
Ocean Mist Hydra
Dewdrop Beck Azure
Ripple Douse Bathe
Monolith Limestone Limestone
Topaz Mountain Rubble

The main quality of water genasi is that they are cool and independent used to solving problems on their own and not frightened to take much time doing so. Majority of water genasi are climb down from a water substance such as a water genie.

Peridot Emere Jett
Sky Mountain Parch
Stone Nugget Sun
Callous Rivulet Warmth
Turf Douse Aura
Damp Stream Flurry
Tear Yuriel Mariz
Seiche Gale Djinn
Fry Oak Ember
Fever Spectre Kyle

Air Genasi Monk

A theoretical outstanding depiction. Especially, the one I have shared here that seems to be a snippet of art from the pioneer books. I have gained it when I was seeking for art on djinn to share along with the balled I typed for that moment of my princess of the

Scorch Broil Enkindle
Beacon Flare Incendiary
Scald Roast Fuel
Teardrop Storm Lake
Monsoon Dabble Vapor
Dabble Tidal Bore
Quartzite Gem Precious
Pebble Rubble Solid
Ingot Monolith Gravel
Sigh Heave Float
Stratosphere Oxygen Puff
Wheeze Sigh Blow
Breeze Neptune Whisk
Rivulet Drop Well
Flood Inferno Eagre
Gleam Bake Aerate
Ignite Glint Gale
Char Monsoon Fan
Gust Drain Fly
Whiff Warmth Gale
Wheeze Char Wildness
Howl Lit Storm

Earth Genasi Names

The elemental flat surfaces are mostly unwelcoming to an inhabitant of the material flat surface. Like earth, flames, limitless skies, and huge seas. These make stay in these places hazardous for a small period.

Sizzle Cinder Grill
Sun Explosion Spark
Glare Smolder Enkindle
Tempest Monsoon Droplet
Azure Spout Shower
Pool Rain Estuary
Turf Ore Mountain
Marble Sapphire Lump
Mineral Marble Gem
Wheeze Flow Eddy
Whistle Breeze Whiff
Turbine Whistle Hiss
Melt Flux Explosion
Arson Swelter Fervor
Thermal Lantern Ablaze
Sea Expanse Puddle
Tear Surge Typhoon
Seiche Brine Stream
Umber Limestone Sand
Ruby Crag Solid

Earth genasi were normally born from the union of dao and a humanoid, from two genasi with a dao somewhere in their dominance. They could also end up from revealing to natural power. This one able to tack power of the earth.

Vuyama Lit Lora OP9
Pipe Quartz Sturdy
Atmosphere Granite Lazuli
Hover Travertine Azurite
Shriek Jewel Rubble
Storm Marmoreal Geyser
Chulara Char Estea
Huruta Sizzle Griater
Chovetera Incendiary Nosie 796
Motetis Wildfire Bao LV46

Female Earth Genasi

Genasi take or get a name affiliation to the culture of their deadly parent, so a genasi born a genie and an elf would likely receive an elvish name. Some folks, pick a name afterward in life to show their basic heritage. Such as Cinder, Gust, Flow, and Pebble.

Genasi Names
Genasi Names
Quartz Ganoe IMTT Estee
Flint Tendinitis Griater
Tile Gyria 0A5 Uanope
Fossilstone Cyclone Whisk
Mountain Air Cyclone
Quarry Squall Soar
Flood Pneumatic Oxygen
Drown Flutter Pellet
Quagmire Bephomia Aviamia
Lakelet Grara 1XI Ponia

Earth Genasi Barbarian

Earth, genasi barbarian of the ancients with a good number in int is like to be Iv14. we can make it different. He has been instructed by a wizard to get in contact with himself and his blood sleeking in him.

Dante Lava Ardour
Sun Charcoal Flicker
Wither Gleam Cremate
Mere Rush Torrent
Ocean Current Flood
Bath Teardrop Storm
Turf Fossilstone Umber
Ore Granite Travertine
Sand Ore Zircon
Ozone Current Aviate
Current Zephyr Lift
Tumult Float Sigh
Garnet Shelf Citrine
Aerial Zephyr Soar
Murmur Sky Blow
Twister Rise Surge
Block Ore Jewel
Breath Vent Azure
Drift Glide Blast
Float Oxygen Puff

These genasi be inclined to be powerful and hard. However, usually obstinate and unaware. They inclined to be uncommon to other people like they are and in most of the cases remote themselves.

Eagre Nardran Brownformer Zeflazeg Starlove
Pool Varfrat Cedardefender Linash Autumnpass
Tributary Fildeh Valleylove Phizlath Hillpass
Arson Raglash Boulderbooster Hergiag Stormgatherer
Hot Tirlul Aspenblesser Idruma Forestsleep


So friends you can get the idea from this article that the naming custom of the people surrounded by whom they were raised. They afterward presume distinguishing names of their tradition. We have given a little bit of the basic logical ideas about each type of Genasi and the power they use. So that you can not get frizz at any point. We hope that you enjoy the new world of genasi and dive into the generation to think of their names.

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