50+ Amazing Gemstone Names


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Fancy gemstones are to die for. Ladies love jewelry, and gemstones make jewelry all the more precious. However, many a time, we do not know what a particular gemstone is called. Now, that lack of knowledge seriously reduces our choices when we go out to buy precious stones. The most common gemstone that we are aware of is a diamond. But there is just so much more! 

Guys! Your Valentine’s Day present can be something other than a diamond ring or a pair of pearl earrings. You can buy unique, not-so-common gemstones to woo your lady, and we have made sure that you are aware of the name of a few such gemstones by the end of this article.

So without further wait, let’s go searching for a few uncommon gemstones that you can buy the next time you are at a jewelry stone. Needless to say that you are sure to grab a lot of attention and bucket quite a few admiral glances when you name a few gemstones that most people are unaware of. (Read Also Names That Mean Death)

Yellow gemstone names:

Yellow precious stones can be found in both bright and warm colors. Gemstones in this color are very inviting and draw in a lot of attention with their sheer beauty. If you are planning on buying yellow jewels, you have hit the jackpot! Here is a list of yellow jewels that you can surely try. 

yellow diamonds CitrineLemon Quartz
HeliodorGolden BerylYellow Sapphire
JadeDanburiteYellow Topaz
Fire OpalScapoliteSphene
ZirconGolden South Sea PearlsAmber
Gemstone names

Ever thought that there can be so many gemstones in yellow? Well, don’t be surprised yet! We have more in the stock for you! There are jewels in other colors that you must know about. 

Purple gemstone names

Though purple has been used in jewelry making for a long time, there are not many purple gemstones. Contrary to other colors like blue, red, green and white which are available in hundreds of shades, the number of purple gemstones is quite limited. The color purple is often associated with royalty, wealth, prosperity and prestige. So, if you are looking to wear something sophisticated, you can select purple jewelry to go with your attire.

Purple DiamondsAmethystPurple Chalcedony
Purple JadeLolitePurple Spinel
Purple SapphirePurple Fluorite
Purple Kunzite
Purple JasperSugilitePurple Tourmaline

Orange gemstone names

The color orange is loved by many, thus they are always in a hunt for gemstones in the same hue. So, if you are a fan of the color orange, here are few gemstones, that you can look into.

Orange Fire OpalSpessartite GarnetSunstone
Orange Andesine LabradoriteMoonstoneOrange Zircon
Orange Mali GarnetClinohumiteOrange Coral
Imperial TopazAmberOrange Agate

Brown gemstone names

Brown is a very rich color and lots of people like wearing gemstones in such deep shades. Not only do these gemstones look regal, but they also change the deck up of people wearing them. However, brown gemstones are not that popular. In fact, they are quite rare, and you might have to preorder them if you are interested in wearing brown gemstone jewelry. (Read Also Necromancer Names)

Hessonite GarnetKornerupineMali Garnet
ObsidianRutile QuartzJasper
Golden BerylColor Change GarnetPietersite
Chocolate OpalAndalusiteBoulder Opal

Black gemstone names

Black is always are very popular color and undoubtedly, black gemstones look beautiful. They make sophisticated, sleek and wonderful jewelry, ideal for those who like wearing unique pieces. However, for a very long time, black gemstones were associated with goth fashion and often opted as the ideal mourning jewelry option for the funerals. However, those days are far gone, and now black gemstones make beautiful and bold jewelry. 

Black JadeBlack Diamond
Black Tourmaline
Black OnyxBlack GarnetBlack Spinel
ObsidianBlack SapphireBlack Zircon
Black GarnetBlack JetBlack Pearl

Green gemstone names

Though green gemstones are fascinating to look at, they are pretty rare and one has to search a lot to come across green gemstones. It becomes difficult to find green gemstones since dealers usually list the stones as per their grade and type and not as per color. 

HiddeniteChrome DiopsideJade

Pink gemstone names

Many a time, red is too much and white is too dull. In such cases, pink is the perfect blend. The same applies to gemstones. If you are in a mood for some blush and gloss, pink gemstones are what you must opt for. 

Rose QuartzPink PearlPink Zircon
SmithsonitePezzottaitePink Tourmaline
Pink Rhodolite GarnetPink OpalRhodonite
KunziteMalaya GarnetRhodochrosite


Now that you know all about the different colors of gemstones, select a fine piece which is going to complement your looks and complexion. However, if its a piece for your lady love, make sure you surprise her with something exclusive. 

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