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Cool And Unique Tomboy Names For Your Girl

Do you want to give your girl a name that doesn’t sound all flowery and sweet? Maybe you are a parent who wants to raise a tough girl! Being born as a girl doesn’t mean one has to be sweet as sugar and have all kinds of feminine traits. Your girl could be the next tomboy in the town! 

What is a Tomboy?

Cool And Unique Tomboy Names For Your Girl
tomboy names

A tomboy is simply a girl who does not have the typical feminine characteristics or personality traits and the one who behaves more like a boy. Tomboy girls are often seen as having short hair, wearing masculine clothing and engaging in rough sports and activities that require a lot of physical strength and are mainly dominated by the male gender. 

Not all parents want to give a typical girly name to their girl child. Everyone has a different taste. If you already have plans to enroll your girl in tough activities and give her all the freedom to decide what she wants to do irrespective of the social norms that have been set by the society, then you might want to give her a name that suggests the name. If that is it, then you are certainly in the right place. (Read Also Names That Mean Death)

We have made a collection of some of the best tomboy names you can give to your daughter! Check them out below.

Cool And Unique Tomboy Names For Your Girl

Tomboy Names for Girls

Below is the list of the best tomboy names you can give to your daughter. The left column of the table indicates the names, while the right column indicates the nick-names for the same.

AlexandraAlex, SashaJosephineJoey, Jo, JojoPenelopePenn
AntoinetteToniLouisaLou, Louie, LouisAdelaideAddie
AugustaGus, Gussie, AugustMatildaMat, MattieRomillyRomy
BernadetteBernie, BernMelissaMelJaneyJay
CoralieCoryPatriciaPat, PattyHelenaLenny
DanielleDani, DanRosemaryRose, MaryJohannaJo
FrancescaFrankie, FrankTheodoraTeddy, TheoLucilleLuca

Cool Tomboy Names

Are you searching for a name that sounds cool when you pronounce it? When it comes to tomboy names, we certainly look for names that have cool pronunciation which best describes the tomboy personality. Check out some cool tomboy names for your girl below!


Unique Tomboy Names 

Everyone wants to give their child a unique name. Unique names are hard to find because of the fact that they are indeed unique. And, especially when we are looking for unique tomboy names! Take a look at some of these names below. (Read Also Nacromencer Names Here)


Spunky Tomboy Names

A spunky personality is someone who is always high spirited and shows great courage and determination. If you think you have a girl like that, you can give her some spunky tomboy name as we have suggested in the following list.

NamesNick NamesNamesNick NamesNamesNick Names
DaniellaDani, DanDemitriaDemiWhitneyWhitt
FrancesFrankie, FrankScarlettScarAmandaAndie
JoannaJoey, Jo, JojoSamanthaSamVeronicaRonny
LeonoraLenny, LeoCalliopeCalAugustaGus/Auggie
MartinaMel, LennyAuroraRoryDominiqueNick
NicoleNicky, Nick, ColeCadenceDennyAshleyAsh/Lee


Every parent wants their child to grow strong and tough. If you have a girl child, you may want to raise her the same way as you would have raised a boy. If you imagine your girl having a tomboy personality, then you must definitely check our page for some cool toyboy names.

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