Best Italian Restaurant Names


Italian food is loved by all. It’s impossible to come across even one person who does not take likes to pizzas. Thus, owning a small Italian joint can be very lucrative.

However, Italian cuisine is, in a way, different from most other cuisines. For instance, authentic pizzas are baked in the wood burnt ovens, which are quite hefty. Not many restaurants have the scope to install such a facility. In that light, most places use wood burn essence. Now, after that insightful trivia, owning an Italian joint becomes even more attractive, right? 

Well, it is indeed. But like all other businesses, your small Italian place requires a name that can attract people. As a rule of thumb, people take a lot of likes to the name of the restaurant before deciding to dine in that place.

Best Italian Restaurant Names

So no matter what people say, naming your food business is important. While naming becomes quite easy for finger foods and American fast food, its equally challenging for Italian food. Why? Naturally, since many are not aware of this language. But fear not! Here is a list of the names you can consider for your Italian joint. Ready to check them out?

Italian Pizza Restaurant Names

Since pizza is loved by all, opening a Pizzaria is indeed lucrative. There are multiple naming options.

Il guardiano della pizza – The guardian of pizzaMargherita- Margherita pizzaE che pizza! – What a Pizza!Acqua e farina – Water and flour
Nella vecchia pizzeria – In the old pizzeriaUn cuore di pizza – A heart of pizzaIl pizzaiolo matto – The crazy pizza makerLa piccola Italia – The little Italy
La ruota – The wheelBella Napoli – Beautiful NaplesSicilia – SicilyLa capricciosa – Capricciosa pizza
Pizza con amore – Pizza with loveLa pietra – The stoneLa pizza di Dante – Dante’s Pizza Fatta a mano – Made by hand
Il Colosseo – The ColosseumLe vera pizza – The real pizzaI poeti della pizza – The poets’ pizzaL’ora della Pizza – It’s time to Pizza
Nella vecchia pizzeria – In the old pizzeriaIl posto giusto – The right placeLa bufala – Buffalo mozzarellaMondo pizza – The world of pizza

Don’t the names sound just fascinating? Oh yes! However, having an Italian name for your Pizzaria comes with a few issues. One major drawback is that the locals will not understand the name. Thus opting for names in English is ideal. 

Famous Italian Restaurants Names

Famous Italian Restaurants Names:

While naming your Pizza place in English has its own perks, it fails to touch upon the Italian essence! So any restaurant owners choose to keep the name authentic. After all, there is always a touch of romanticism in the unknown right. So if you are looking for inspiration, these are a few famous eateries that can come to your aid. 

L’Etoile d’OrDa VittorioLa Madia Masseria Barbera
Alle TestiereGusta PizzaIl PellicanoMadonnina del Pescatore
La Ciau del Tornavento Enoteca PinchiorriAcquolinaLa Rosetta
Don Alfonso 1890CaravaggioBella ItaliaBrio Tuscan Grille
Angelo’s Civita FarneseCampisi’s Egyptian RestaurantEast Side Mario’sFellini’s Pizza
Defonte’sItalian TomatoFrank Pepe Pizzeria NapoletanaBeppi’s Restaurant

With these good, funny Italian restaurant names in your kitty, you will not have to worry about naming your Italian joint. However, if you want something unique, then you can try a few tweaks to come up with names that suit your likes. For instance, use your head chef’s name! A lot of Italian places do that, and it really sells. 

If you are hunting for Italian fast-food restaurant names, then pick out a popular Italian dish, and let that be the name of your establishment! There are multiple scopes! You just have to select what suits you. All the best! 


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