Funny CrossFit Team Names for Competitions

The summer is all over the places. And this might be the correct time for you and your partner to lose the beer bellies together. So if you have already decided to achieve that Greek god and Greek goddess body this summer, some CrossFit team names will uplift the motivation of competition.

Before that, do you know what CrossFit is? Don’t worry! I will tell you instead. CrossFit is continuously varying functional movement that is done is high intensity. So your CrossFit name must imply your workout plan and also must sound to be new and something unexpected.

So now when you are here, you are not going without the right name for your CrossFit team.


We know you want to the best in everything. When you have chosen the best workout plan for yourself to attain the best body you desire for since long, I will suggest some best names too. You can like the names instantly but remember you can have only one.

P.S: Don’t choose any name before you have explored the entire article.

Waist Management Bros and Rows Buck Got Track
Legs Miserable Victorious Eagles The Omniscient Chimpanzees
Too Fit To Quit The Mindful Monkeys CrossShit Real
It’s Slimpossible The Sharp Stings Blow Your Grind
Butts and Nuts The Serious Anteaters Shwetty Balls
The Aware Flys The Depressed Hampsters Fats and Folks
The Devil Lobsters The glorious Walruses The Cross Shits
Cowardly Penguins The Crowded Koalas Talk Fat Talk



Your CrossFit team name need not sound smart and suited up, it can be damn funny too. All you need is to make your name look unique and quirky. Most importantly the name you will choose must relate to your choice or closer to what you have expected for.

Slow Burn The Stud Muffins The Scream Team
Neander-Gals The Fat Sweet Potatoes Amino Disrespect
Run like the Wheezing I am having Burpees Butt Clench
Flying Space Monkeys How I met your Mudder Salute the Glue
Just Do it…Some Other Day We are Weighting Uncultured Beer Bisons
Better Weight Than Never The Fat Earthers The Weight List
Son of Dirty Lifter Booty and the Beast Far Beast Movement
Been there done fat Flimsy Worms The Ab seekers
Lunging Ninja The Mudstaches Perfect Posture
Pain Killers Buns and Guns Sole Mates


You can be hypothetical or can even use puns while naming your CrossFit team. Pun can sound a little over but it will be funny and unique too. After all you have desired for an unique name, isn’t it?

Burpees Outbreak The WOD Squad Like Fun only Different
WOD did we get into? Clean Jerks Twister Blisters
Just two more Rowing Pains In WOD we trust
Bros and Barbells Pace Cadets Hustle and Muscle
Bacon and Biceps Labor of Buffs After 6 pegs
Turn the Grind Eye Love is Grind Winner of Chicken Dinner
Slow Buffaloes Pork And Pine We lift the HIIT
Grind Blowing Optimal turtles Buffs and Nonsenses
Meaty Divas Temporary Pain Donut Droppers
The Slim Pack Flex Appeal Dirty Dealifters

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No-one can stop you from using the mastermind that you have. Choosing a clever CrossFit team name can be both; funny and unique. Though few of the names are a little longer than what a normal name be like, but these are quirky and substantial.

Stop Drop And Squat Blood, Sweat and Beers
Dumbbells and Donuts Mudder of All Hangovers
The Dirty Mudder Funkers My Pistols Are Clean
Drop It Like A Squat Keep Calm and Squat On
A Teague of Their Own Crossfit Peak Performance Gear
Exceptional Endurance Equipment  Rogue and WOD Crossfit
ExtremeGear Outfitters CrossFit Equipment Originals
A Walk on the WOD Side RenegadeWOD Custom Co.


CrossFit Fuel CrossFit Power CrossFit Pro
CrossFit Craziness CrossFit Crumble CrossFit Culture
CrossFit Routine CrossFit Crows CrossFit Squad
CrossFit Course CrossFit Squad CrossFit Class
CrossFit Crunch CrossFit Choice CrossFit Ten
CrossFit Polls CrossFit Beast CrossFit Extreme
CrossFit Rollers CrossFit Fitters CrossFit Warriors

Every competition partaking needs an awesome name. naming your team in the bst way is might be one of all the aspects of a great competition. Your team name is what your opponents will hear first. Choosing funny, quirky and unique CrossFit team names can add a little bit humor to the competitive ambiance.

Try to find the name that inspire you and your team.

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