Patriotism in Patriotic Names

Patriotism is a subjective concept and every single individual has his or her own way of defining patriotism. That way depends on how the person has imbibed the concept of patriotism and how the person wants to reflect it in their life. The patriotic notions also vary across nations and each of them develops their own rules and concepts for the word patriotism, and how the people of that nation are expected to perpetuate it in their lives.

In America, the word patriotism intends a cultural attachment to the United States of America. It is the way of pride in the American way of life common amongst all the citizens. By saying patriotic or when a person wants to show that he or she is patriotic, it means that they want to reflect the sense of cultural identity in them. For them, it means never letting go of the multiculturalism that informed the birth of their great country, the respectful people from the history of the country and showing up to stand dutifully in the face of tyranny in any form.

Patriotic Names

Patriotic names are rich with a cultural significance which meets the cultural attachment of the nation. You do not have to call her America in order to be patriotic. Instead, take a cue from the notable folks who contributed enough in shaping the country. The names symbolize various personalities, patriotic values, inspired by the important dates in American history as their birthdays, etc.

Some example of Patriotic names

  • Jackson: Andrew Jackson, 7th President
  • Franklin: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd. President
  • Arthur: Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President
  • Kennedy: John F. Kennedy, 35th President

The names are of various kinds and the best thing about patriotic names is, virtually all of them have a story behind them. It can be the history of America and its revolutions. The sense of patriotism is also shown through the nicknames. Patriotic nicknames in fact also reflect famous figures, American values and so on.  Few of the patriotic names are categorized below.

Presidential Baby Names

These are the names of famous presidents and are imbued with the virtuous qualities of their namesakes. The qualities include honesty, integrity, and diligence. In addition, there should be a trend in the last name.

  • Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln the 16th president. The name is most popular to show that the child is honest, daring and determinative.
  • Monroe: 5th president James Monroe. Though it is most common as a girls name, it remains aa an upstanding boy’s name.
  • Quincy: John Quincy Adams, the 6th president. This is one of the usable Q names. The name was also reborn due to the multifaceted music legend Quincey Jones.
  • Knox: James Knox Polk, the 11th president
  • Theodore: Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president. The nickname of Theodore was Teddy, but parents now adopted the name Theo to remember him and also the name is stylish

Patriotic Girl Names:

Patriotic girl names are formed from the respectful female charisma. Usually, only the first name is adopted. Some of them were the women leading the feminist movement of the US:

  • Abigail Adams
  • Hannah Arnett
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Lydia Maria
  • Martha Washington
  • Mercy Otis Warren

Also, there are names from women who truly formed history, like artists, politicians, activists, scientists, etc.

  • Maya Angelou
  • Ella Baker
  • Barbara Jordan
  • Mary Jackson
  • Katherine Johnson

Other patriotic names for girls are:

  • Elizabeth
  • Liberty
  • Abigail
  • Britannia
  • Catherine (Kate, Cathy, Kathryn, Katherine, Katie)
  • Daisy
  • Lilly
  • Alexandra
  • Victoria
  • Charlotte

Heroic Baby Names

Not only can we find commendable valor among our martyred soldiers, we also see some unique names. Here’s some of them:

  • Braxton
  • Cullen
  • Enoch
  • Aaron
  • Absalom
  • Ambrose
  • Ulysses
  • Arlington
  • Cadet
  • Navy:
  • Victory (Victor; Victoria)
  • Cannon
  • Gunner
  • Tanker

The thoughts on patriotism are different in different people. Some regard patriotism as supporting and being responsible for your family and the community with the willingness to work, to volunteer, pay your share of taxes and pay with your life if need be. Others consider it as supporting the values set forth in the constitution, helping to ensure that everybody, no matter which gender, race, ethnicity, or religion, they come from, has the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of their nation. Hence, giving your child a patriotic name may be an important tool for your expression of patriotism.