50+ Amazing knitting Business Name Ideas

Creating something cozy and warm is simply amazing. However, the activity gets even better, when you have friends to help you with the knitting. That is the reason why people start knitting groups and clubs. If you are planning to start a knitting group, you will first have to come up with some super knitting names for business.

Of course, there are lots of creative knitting business names that you can look into. There are stores, business, and shops which have pretty cool names. But if you need something unique, here is a list that you can look into.

Knitting Store Names

50+ Amazing knitting Business Name Ideas
50+ Amazing knitting Business Name Ideas

Though it is just another stereotype, knitting is mostly a hobby pursued by women. Thus the names should be a little feminine. However, a good name must be easy to remember, so it’s advisable to keep the names simple at the same time.

Purl Girls Knitting Happiness Big Ball Of Wool Black Sheeps
Warm and Fuzzy     Knit Happens Sheep Me Got Your Balls
Woolverines Keep Calm & Carry Yarn   Better To-garter   Unravelled  
The Alternates   Crazy for Cashmere   Slippin’ Loop     Knit Me Baby One More Time  
Knit Don’t Quit   Crochet All Day     Thrown for a Loop   Repeating Ourselves  
Yearning for Yarn   Knit Picky   Picky Knit Yarn Barn
Yarnobile Yarm Game Yarn Magic Bummer Yarn
Intricate knitted designs Knitted with love Handmade art Beautifully crafted
Sknitting Knitted with perfection Finest art Knitting perfect pairs
Ecloth Knitted with love Cut and see experts Cute and sweet designs
Sknitting and co. Knitted with care Finest knitting artisans Custom sweaters
One Sweater Wonder Knitted with intricacy Zsewing and co. Knit job perfect
Demandknits Knitendo Knitte Knitting perfect scarves
Wooly Manmade Twining Designs Knitted dreams Knitting everything with perfection
HemBlems Custom Knits Distinctive Blueprint Sewing since ages Wooly Worm Designs

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Names for Knitting Groups

Naming a business is all about keeping it as creative as possible. It will be difficult to attract people towards your business if you do not keep a name that is unique and attention-drawing. While the names above are unique in their own way, you need to come up with names that are even more thought after.

A Stitch In Time   Blazing Needles   Bad Woman Yarn   All About Yarn  
Bad Woman Yarn   Blazing Needles   Cascade Yarns   Alpha Dots  
  Annie and Company Needlepoint     Crafting Wheel   By Hook or By Yarn   Bubble Bee  
Wheel On The Go Weaving and Grooving Yarn Magic Crafting Wheel  
Art Cove   Crochet Quest   Embroid Me   Crochet Baby  
Crochet Dreams   Four Winds Artful Living   Handy Hooker   Beyond Threads  
Cuddloo Wholly Bully Demanded Sweaters Forgotten Cotton
KnitKnitGoose Sweaters 2 Life 8 Bits of Sweaters Little Knitties
AffiKnitty for Sweaters RavelVibeSweaters Against Your Wool Day or Knite Sweaters
Saturday Knit Live The Sweater Engineer Custom Rags Sheermagic Sweaters
Oh Knits Knit My Custom Wear DreamComeTrue Sweaters Avatar Knitting
Diamond and Bobble KnitNWhittleSweaters CustoKnitWits Knits About Sweaters
youniquelyYarn The Small Stuff Sweater Factory Cuddly Sweaters WhenMySweaterBeLike
knittall YarniaDreamZ Send pulLOVErs Purl McKnit
Custom Cast Off’s Endeering Designs Primitive Knitting Super8Knits


Knitting Group Names

Since options are well appreciated and required, we have kept quite a few names for you to select from. So, if you are planning to start a knitting business, you can either choose these names or take help from a  name generator to come up with better names.

Hook Nest   Hook, Yarn, and Needles   Hooked on Yarn   Jax Joon  
Knit Knacks   Knitters Nook   Life’s Greatest Frills   Knit Unique  
Mad Cow Yarn     Precious Stitches   Purls   Paradise Fibers  
Rapid Hands   Stitchberry     Strands and Stitches   Stitch Divas  
Needle Tweedle Weavers Studio Needle Stories Wrap and Sharp
Weaving To Glory Come Meet The Knitters Knitter’s Family Weaver’s Lair
Kittens So Much Yarn   Knit Me Good Kint Things
pull my stringer Cotton Jottin Dandy Darners Cable Loop Designs
You DesignKnits YarnMongers Sweat On Demand Knitter Prints
FourLeaf Clover Knits Cable Loop knitters The Warm Wool Women my secret sweater
Inimitable Knits The wooled and Beautiful The Knit Cover Wooly Bullies
OldBoyStitch Time Warped Threadz Purl On Up Sweater Schema
FeelGood Knitting Knitnetic and co.  knitto kreations Braided
RedHeart Knitting FreshOn Sweaters Wear Woolen Art YouniqueKnitty
WillowWool FiberPins Knitting loneknot Nautica Knits

Things To Keep In Mind

If you are planning to start your crochet business, you need to understand the value of your product. This will help you to keep the division of profit and revenue on track. In that light, if you are starting a kitting business, its crucial to determine the selling price of the product before anything. This will depend on the price of the resources and the cost price. Based on these two components can you determine the selling price of your products.

Things To Keep In Mind
Things To Keep In Mind

Secondly, it’s important to come up with unique designs. You may already know that there are multiple knitting stores in the industry. So, if you still want to start the business you have to come up with products that are unique ad not readily available. Indeed, it’s possible to excel in this business if you can come up with unique designs. In countries like the USA, there is a great demand for a knitted sweater. So, before you start your business, do your research and come up with product designs that are peppy.


Finally, while naming your knitting business, keep the location in mind. Always come up with names that are relatable, so that people can understand what your business is all about. Now, that you know enough about knitting business and have a list of names to help you out, staring your own business will not be difficult at all. All the best!

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