Walking Team Names

200+ Walking Team Names for your Walking Club

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get active and stay active. With each step you take, you travel further down the path to a healthier lifestyle. Research has shown that walking can have a significant impact on your health by lowering your chances of heart disease. Learn more about the benefits of walking and how incorporating it more can lead to healthier living.

Are you ready to start walking and don’t know where to begin? We’ll lead the way. Walking is one of the easiest, most enjoyable, and most profitable forms of exercise. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and desire.

Have you ever thought about walking a marathon? 70% of walkers in our survey stated a desire to train for and participate in a marathon or distance walking event. 18% of those polled previously walked in a marathon, and most of those said they would like to do it again someday. We have a variety of training schedules and additional information to get you ready for a great marathon experience.

Walking Team Names

Whether you are an expert athlete or looking for your first endurance event, Team Inheritance of Hope has the resources to make your training and race-day experiences effective and meaningful. Your efforts with Team, Club names, Friend Circle, etc. will provide inspiration and support a young family facing a parent’s terminal illness or unhealthy surroundings or environment.

Walking team names serve as a flag for a group of walkers who can rally around. For this reason, it’s important to select a meaningful name for your group. We can help you with that. Check out our collection and see if one of the options connects with you and your group.

We walked really far and wide to get you some really funny collection of name ideas for your walking team. Scroll down and enjoy it!

FITBIT Team Names

 The Walkaholics Baby Got TrackBaby Steps Happy Laps 
 Walking Wonders Between a Walk  Fallen StepsShaky Soles 
The Holy Walkamolies Blister Sisters Long Walk to Freedom Team Miles Apart 
Honey I Shrunk The GutBlondes Have More RunWalking Talkies The Hasty Herd
500 MilesBuns on the RunLeggo-Legs Swift Feet
The Walking Wenches Heels on Hills Blisters B-GoneFurious Foots
The Veracious Pacers Dashing Divas Wiggly LegOff 2 Mars
 Our Giga Hurts Forty and Fit Heels Up The Snail Race 
Team BadgerFit Feet Team Round-We-GoTeam Wheels 4 Legs
 Steps-The Reunion  Road RageDashing DownTwisted Feet

Walking Team Names/Walkathon Team Name Ideas

The Walkie Talkies Runaway Mamas – For the mothers that could easily run off during their daily walks, but don’t.Sneaky Feet Team Chasing Shadow
Sole Survivors  Wonder Women WalkSore But SturdyMatching Men 
School Of Walk  Breezy Legs Tough Thighs  Walk of Shame 
The Race Pack  Jiggly BusinessTeam Outta Breathe Stomp The Yard 
Walking Warriors  Leg Flexers Team Run The World Break The Ground 
 Blister Sisters  Team Slow Pants  The Lazy GangSnooze & Shoes
 Hard Sole The Pant-ers Team Slow Legs Slamming Feet’s 
Happy feet Blubbery Legs Turtle StrollersLong-Distance Ladies
Chasing Booty  Alarm The Legs Team Snail-Like Disorderly Lines 
 Luke Skywalkers  Pimped-Up LegsTeam Rolling Stones Steaming Legs 
Walking Team Names/Walkathon Team Name Ideas
Walking Team Names/Walkathon Team Name Ideas

You can also create your cousin’s or relative group so take a look to these name


Trial Blazers Team Soft PantingFling Those Legs Legs On Duty
 Pound The Pavement Team Old and Slow Cars For What?The Mighty Stampede 
 Destination Fit  Team Movers & Shakers Moves Like Jagger Bangin’ Legs
Just Walk Away Or Walk Away Legs Plugged In Team Spin Those Legs  Laziness Be Gone
 Walker’s Unite Stinky Soles Team Journeying By Foot Legs-Off-The-Couch 
Sole MatesPespirating Papas Leg DraggersTeam Sun Burnt Legs 
Walkers For Life Leaky Bodies Grumpy Fit FeetDon’t Walk Away
On Your FeetTeam Tired For What? Robotic Legs Go  Legs Wide Awake 
Walk This Way No To RunningTeam Burn Those Leg Fat Yes To The Legs
 Walk Trim-Keep SlimBack & Forth We GoLegs Aligned For Greatness Pack Those Legs

 Finally, Health has become a priority for people and they have joined in groups to do activities to stay fit just like walking teams. Below given are some unique names for such teams.

Funny Walking Team Names/ Walking Puns Team Names

2 Fast 2 Furious  Team Crack Our Soles  Let’s Go Again  The Fat and the Furious
Chubby No More’s Pack Of Perky Legs – Legs so skinny you might worry they could break. A Dozen-A-Divas Dozen Dashing Dames
 Coast Busters  Choo-Choo Train Fancy Strides School of Walk
Bye Bye Bubble Butts  Pounding Feet’s  The Strollers Han Non-Solo
 Dead Men Running Lollipop Ladies The Stalkers  The Poor Unfortunate Soles
Cupcakes Anonymous Men Of The StreetsSweaty Feet The Cereal Killers
Excess Baggage Feet’s on Fire Walkin’ BunniesCharge of the Lemmings
 Born To Loose Floppy Legs . Blissful BlistersA Case of Winey Women
 Agony Of De Feet Agonized Feet Mixed Bag of Nuts.Road Kill Grill
 Belly Dumpers  Scrambling Legs – Walking in different directions, all at the same time. Mountain RangersThe Holistic Chicks


Witness The Fitness Pedestrian PunxGator Bait Soleful Strutters
Run For Your Lives  Red Hot Chilli Steppers Moon Over My HammiesMaking Strides
Mostly Slow Old Guys Walk It Out Walk the WalkElvis Has Left The Van
Magnificent Mile Walka Walka  Where’s the FinishSole Train
 Sleepwalkers  The Roaming Perambulators  Banking on a CureQuads of Fury
Defeaters  These Suits Were Made For WALKIN’ Scrambled Legs Wood to Coast
Road Warriors  Witness The Fitness Sugar ShakersSole Sisters
Walk Don’t Run  Motionally Challenged  Pimp My StrideKnights of the Buffet Table
Slow Motion  Between A Walk And A Hard Pace  Hot Mother Truckers Dude . . . Where’s My Van?
Walking ThunderChristopher Walkin’Strangers in the NightLaw & Disorder


Admit To Be Fit Lactic Acid DroppersTater Trots Another Bad Idea
 Fit4U Coast BustersThe Pace MakersPack O’ Whoop Ass
 Moving MamasTake a HikeIn Agony But Looking GoodChafing the Dream
 One Calorie At A Time Team Victorious SecretRun Like the Winded Hell Hath No Fury
Run For Life  Never Say Never Keep on TruckinFar From the Van Again
Burning Lipids Tenderfoots Blister SistersToo Stupid to Stop
 Miles To Go Before We Sleep Swift JusticeRunning for ShelterManic Mommies
The Fab U Less  Sole MatesThe Newlyweds Chemochameleons
Spring Fling Jump Agony of De Feetagony of defeatToo Inspired to Be TiredGlucose Patrol
 T-Fatt’s All Gouda!Terror in MeatspaceGo Nads

Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. Unlike some other forms of exercise, walking is free and doesn’t require any special equipment or training.

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If you are looking for some catchy names for your fitness challenge team, you will definitely need some fitness team names that can catch the attention of other participants, and make you stand out among others. Everybody loves attention but as a fitness team, it is important that the whole team commonly agree on a common name. But, deciding what name to choose is a tough decision indeed. 


A team name is basically the identity of that group, and it is also about their fitness abilities. So the name needs to be refreshing, healthy and motivating at the same time. Here is a list of some inspirational fitness team names below for you to choose from.

2 Fast 2 FuriousCoast Busters
Bad Beach Body BoysDixies Midnight Runners
Body TonersFat To Fittest
Bulldozer TeamDrop It Down
Choose to LoseFit Avatars


Sometimes, you need a group of people who can actually help you get motivated towards fitness. Walking every day sounds quite easy at first, but later there comes a day when you just do not want to get out of bed. When you have someone or a group of people to walk with you, it is much easier to motivate yourself to go out. Even if you do not wish to exercise, you know that you have to meet the rest of your group members.


If you have made a walking team in order to motivate yourself, you need to think of the right walking group names. These could be funny names or inspirational names that help describe your group. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of different walking group name ideas you can use.

Original Road ScholarsSchool Of Walk
Call Me A CabMountain Rangers
Sole SurvivorsHolistic Chicks
A Dozen Disco DivasWalk The Walk
Rapid Thigh MovementWTF- Where’s The Finish


If you are a member of a walking group who participates in every walkathon that happens in the city, then it’s high time you should name your walkathon team with some cool and catchy team name.

We have a got a whole list of such walkathon team names, you can choose any name that you like but make sure that all your group mates agree for a common name as it is a group name after all.

Pace MakersToo Inspired To Be Tired
Manic MommiesHoly Walkamolies
Original Road ScholarsSole Train
Happy FeetWood To Coast
Out Chasing BootyChicks With Kicks


It can be really tough to find the motivation you need to get up and go for a walk outside. Organizing a walking challenge is a great way to improve your physical activeness. Get into a walking club at your office or in your neighborhood and start walking today.

But before that, you need to name your team with a cool name. If you are stumped on the perfect team name, check out the list of some cool walking challenge team names so that you pick the best out of them for your team.

Walk, Stock And BarrelMade For Walking
Roaming RenegadesCardio Cruisers
Aerobically InclinedFlab-U-Less
Pavement PoundersCalorie Crushers
Ready, Set WalkWalking Warriors


The funnier the team name is, the catchier it is. Funny names are easy to keep in mind as they stand out from other common and not so cool names. In order to keep your name in the minds of people easily, you need to look for some really funny walking team names. Here are some suggestions for making your choices easier.

WalkaholicsLost In Pace
Kill-O-MetersBeen There, Run That
Walk The LineThe Carb Loaders
The Walkie TalkiesThe Running Dead
Miles To Go Before We SleepSteppen Wolves


If you are someone who is a fitness freak, active and a regular runner, we have got some really relatable team names for your team. In order to check on your fitness, you have to keep an eye on your calories burnt and steps walked. 


If you are from a group of people who take up the step challenge, then we have some great step challenge team names for your group. Scroll down the list to check them all.

A Step In The Right DirectionBlister Sisters
Run Like The Winded500 Miles
Take A HikeTears For Beers
The Walkie TalkiesHalf Fast
Road TrashSteps- The Union


In the above article, we have described different categories of walking team members which different groups of walkers and runners can use as their group names. This list includes names for every category of people, from the lazy ones to the actives. There are some Fitbit team names as well as funny team names. So, if you are planning to come up with a group in order to motivate yourself as well as others, you can consider these names