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Every town on earth is known by its name. The name of the place is what lends an identity to the town and makes it distinct from the rest of the world. Whether you are reading a book or visiting a place, every place whether fictional or real has a name.

The importance of having an appropriate name is extremely critical. The name gives a character and helps to create an image for the town you are referring to.

Medieval Town Names: The names with the Old World Charm

If you are looking for a town name that has an English touch to it and sounds like it belongs to Britain or Ireland then take a look at the medieval names below:

The HolmThe InverThe Inner
The CoedThe PerthThe Pen
The HurstThe ChetThe Port
The WealdThe WorldThe Blen
The CragThe CraigThe Bre
The CreagThe DrumThe Gill
The HopeThe GlenThe Ghyll
The Owethe StanThe Mere
the LinThe LynnThe Pool
The WhelThe PolThe tarn
The BergThe BenThe Stan
The Avon TownThe Aber bayThe Sten
The Bourne WayThe Burne TownThe Combe Place
The Forth placeThe Ford WayThe Coombe Way
The Hithe PalaceThe Hythe WayThe Dal Way
The Forth pointThe Ford TownThe Dol Town
The Pont PlaceThe Nan WayThe Nans World
The nant Waythe Moss townThe inch way
The Town by the Riverthe MagnificentThe Maleficent
The Magnolia Springsthe Homer waythe Tombstone Way
GeorgetownSt Helena wayThe Siloam Springs
Guilford townThe Milton WayThe Historical Place
The Anglo townthe Anglicized placethe Medieval town
The Beethoven TownThe WessexThe Groat
Great YarmouthNewcastleThe York
SouthamptonThe GloucesterBeverley
Cambridge townCoventryThe Town

These names are classic examples of the
English town name generator, where the name of the town has a British hangover and an old town flavor.

Small Town Name Generator: A Great Way To Name Fictional Towns

It is important to name fictional towns in games or books. The appropriate name helps the viewer or reader visualize the place and make a perception of the place in their head. There are certain games as a D& D town generator that actually allows you to name the town with the name of your choice.

Here are some classic examples of the same that you can browse through:

New HamHogs feetBerry TownThe charming townThe daughter’s townThe Chats win
Mills & Boons TownThe Cherry TownArk layThe Clintove TownThe CicelyThe Chester’s Mill
The Fairy landThe LewesThe MillstoneThe Collin sportthe cape sideThe Crinkley
The Time StoneThe time machineThe WindborneThe EmmerdaleThe eerieThe Dog River
The City of fireThe Yellow placeThe red TownThe Ever woodThe FairviewThe Gotham city
The AgresThe AgresticThe Cardinal SinThe Hawkins TownThe happiness bayThe happy town
The Angel GroveThe Algonquin bayThe AngelusThe Jaw townThe Holby placeThe Dolby town
The BluebillsThe BeaconThe Bay CityThe Kaldor CityThe Jericho PlaceThe Holly oaks
The Blue BillThe Sing-song placeThe Cobot CoveThe Missing TownThe lapataganjThe Little Dimpton
The Central CityThe Camden CountyThe Alcove TownThe MayberryThe Mega-CityLlanview town

Animal Crossing Town Name Generator: A Great Way to Find a Name for your Game

If the town that you are planning to name a town in the game animal crossing town then here are some amazing examples. These are some super awesome Random town name generator options that you can resort to from time to time.

The Tumbling PlaceThe Crossing placeThe Atelier
The BlitheThe BerceuseThe Athanasy
The CaesuraThe ElysianThe Ensconce
The GloamingThe FrescadeThe Eunoia
The LuminaryThe rarioraThe reverie
Rice walk townThe VignetteThe Traipse
The Felicity areaThe Bubble gum wayThe Secluded town
The Delfina wayThe DelfinoThe cylinder way
The Symphony townThe Town of GloryThe Gory story
The MemoryThe Town to RememberThe way to go
The taglia townThe Nest townThe Hive way
The Casa BlancaThe Branch wayThe home town
The pearl wayGertrude townThe cadence shapre

The Cool Town Named: Amazing Town Names that are New and Unique

If you are looking for new and unique names then you can browse through the below cool town names. These names sound new age and different than the usual ones. Here are some examples of the same:

The Rice cake townThe Shimmer PlaceThe Daisuki Place
The Bloom WayThe EchoThe Lily pad
The MeadowThe daisyThe Cider
Thorn TownThere PineThe Worm
The Avenger’s TownThe Cobble pathThe Snowed Way
The stars lite placeThe bloom cityThe Massive place
The Gummy wayThe Oyster townThe Seastar
The ghost townThe Cream ZoneThe Granite
The Way to goThe Dusty TownThe Cowboy range
The New ageThe Clown TownThe millionaire’s town
The Wishing TownThe Town of FoolsThe muddy Town


These are a few amazing town names that you can keep in mind when you want to name a fictional or actual town. These names are different and have a unique feel to it.  These names are cool and funky and sound different than the usual ones.


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