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Every town on earth is known by its name. The name of the place is what lends an identity to the town and makes it distinct from the rest of the world. Whether you are reading a book or visiting a place, every place whether fictional or real has a name.

The importance of having an appropriate name is extremely critical. The name gives a character and helps to create an image for the town you are referring to.

Medieval Town Names: The names with the Old World Charm

If you are looking for a town name that has an English touch to it and sounds like it belongs to Britain or Ireland then take a look at the medieval names below:

The Holm The Inver The Inner
The Coed The Perth The Pen
The Hurst The Chet The Port
The Weald The World The Blen
The Crag The Craig The Bre
The Creag The Drum The Gill
The Hope The Glen The Ghyll
The Owe the Stan The Mere
the Lin The Lynn The Pool
The Whel The Pol The tarn
The Berg The Ben The Stan
The Avon Town The Aber bay The Sten
The Bourne Way The Burne Town The Combe Place
The Forth place The Ford Way The Coombe Way
The Hithe Palace The Hythe Way The Dal Way
The Forth point The Ford Town The Dol Town
The Pont Place The Nan Way The Nans World
The nant Way the Moss town The inch way
The Town by the River the Magnificent The Maleficent
The Magnolia Springs the Homer way the Tombstone Way
Georgetown St Helena way The Siloam Springs
Guilford town The Milton Way The Historical Place
The Anglo town the Anglicized place the Medieval town
The Beethoven Town The Wessex The Groat
Great Yarmouth Newcastle The York
Lincoln Norwich Shrewsbury
Oxford Salisbury Boston
Ipswich Hereford Canterbury
Southampton The Gloucester Beverley
Cambridge town Coventry The Town

These names are classic examples of the
English town name generator, where the name of the town has a British hangover and an old town flavor.

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Small Town Name Generator: A Great Way To Name Fictional Towns

It is important to name fictional towns in games or books. The appropriate name helps the viewer or reader visualize the place and make a perception of the place in their head. There are certain games as a D& D town generator that actually allows you to name the town with the name of your choice.

Here are some classic examples of the same that you can browse through:

New Ham Hogs feet Berry Town The charming town The daughter’s town The Chats win
Mills & Boons Town The Cherry Town Ark lay The Clintove Town The Cicely The Chester’s Mill
The Fairy land The Lewes The Millstone The Collin sport the cape side The Crinkley
The Time Stone The time machine The Windborne The Emmerdale The eerie The Dog River
The City of fire The Yellow place The red Town The Ever wood The Fairview The Gotham city
The Agres The Agrestic The Cardinal Sin The Hawkins Town The happiness bay The happy town
The Angel Grove The Algonquin bay The Angelus The Jaw town The Holby place The Dolby town
The Bluebills The Beacon The Bay City The Kaldor City The Jericho Place The Holly oaks
The Blue Bill The Sing-song place The Cobot Cove The Missing Town The lapataganj The Little Dimpton
The Central City The Camden County The Alcove Town The Mayberry The Mega-City Llanview town

Animal Crossing Town Name Generator: A Great Way to Find a Name for your Game

If the town that you are planning to name a town in the game animal crossing town then here are some amazing examples. These are some super awesome Random town name generator options that you can resort to from time to time.

The Tumbling Place The Crossing place The Atelier
The Blithe The Berceuse The Athanasy
The Caesura The Elysian The Ensconce
The Gloaming The Frescade The Eunoia
The Luminary The rariora The reverie
Rice walk town The Vignette The Traipse
The Felicity area The Bubble gum way The Secluded town
The Delfina way The Delfino The cylinder way
The Symphony town The Town of Glory The Gory story
The Memory The Town to Remember The way to go
The taglia town The Nest town The Hive way
The Casa Blanca The Branch way The home town
The pearl way Gertrude town The cadence shapre

The Cool Town Named: Amazing Town Names that are New and Unique

If you are looking for new and unique names then you can browse through the below cool town names. These names sound new age and different than the usual ones. Here are some examples of the same:

The Rice cake town The Shimmer Place The Daisuki Place
The Bloom Way The Echo The Lily pad
The Meadow The daisy The Cider
Thorn Town There Pine The Worm
The Avenger’s Town The Cobble path The Snowed Way
The stars lite place The bloom city The Massive place
The Gummy way The Oyster town The Seastar
The ghost town The Cream Zone The Granite
The Way to go The Dusty Town The Cowboy range
The New age The Clown Town The millionaire’s town
The Wishing Town The Town of Fools The muddy Town


These are a few amazing town names that you can keep in mind when you want to name a fictional or actual town. These names are different and have a unique feel to it.  These names are cool and funky and sound different than the usual ones.

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