Apartment Complex Name Generator With 50+ Cool Apartment Names

Apartment Complex Names play a very big role in the real estate business. Isn’t it obvious? Think about it, it’s going to be someone’s permanent address, the name has to appeal to the apartment building name has to appeal to them on a personal level. 

The consumer is everything in the industry or rather this industry and just like in the film industry or most other industries, the name becomes the first attracting point for the consumer. Real Estate, in particular, is an expensive industry. Consumers are paying a lot, a lot means a large chunk of their entire life’s savings to build their home. 

So it’s natural to them to be picky and choosy about each and everything related to the house they are choosing which includes the name and actually the apartment complex names play a much larger role because that’s the element that calls out consumers on various advertisements, help them dream certain amenities around it and bring them the desire to go have a look at the space. All of these due to the cool & creative apartment names. 

As a business, you can use a process as an apartment complex name generator that will give you a lot of names for apartments that too in 4 simple steps. Steps that are used for idea generation, we have used the same process for generating apartment complex names ideas.
It has worked well and you will see the results in the next section but before that, let us first introduce you to the four steps that you can use anywhere, anytime in your life whenever you are stuck. 


Brainstorming here means exactly what it means otherwise. Thinking, looking for ideas and noting it down. Mixing and matching your notes to try a combination and get better ideas. A perfect brainstorming session should give you quite a few names, a list of apartment building names.


Again shortlisting too can be self-understood. The long list of apartment complex names ideas needs to get shortened for the right selection of names for apartments. This step can be carried out in person or in a team. 

Test And Collect Feedback

After shortlisting the cool and creative apartment names,  it’s time to test your selections with random people and collect feedback. A small group of people without knowing that they are a part of this experiment should be taken for their reaction. This further helps in sorting the list and shortening the length of the list of names for apartments.

  • Check For Availability 

Once the list is down to 3-4 best, the next step is to check for its availability. Google and find out if any of your competitors have already used the name for one of their projects. Because apart from having all other qualities the basic quality that your list of cool & creative apartment names should have is being unique. 

Additional tip- you can do, no! Actually, you must do competitor research before brainstorming to get inspiration in the right direction for your apartment complex names ideas. 

Coming back to what we got out of this process. With or list of cool and creative apartment names, we could create this apartment complex name generator for you. 

Apartment Complex Name Generator 

We had divided our brainstorming sessions into 4 segments. Each for a different set of inspiration. We took inspiration from words that people generally either use to describe their dream home or find comfort in when they hear them. 

Our list of names for apartments thus would be segmented in 4 parts.

  • Inspiration – Residence, Surrounding, Space, Relax


  • Luxury Home
  • Home Sweet Homes
  • Neighboring Nests
  • The Luxury Nest
  • The View
  • The Village View
  • The Village
  • Lakeside View
  • The Space Village
  • Peace Waters
  • Lakeside Apartments
  • Peaceful Neighbors
  • Settled Space
  • Space Gardens
  • Garden View


  • Inspiration – Rhythmic And Alliterative


  • Village Villas
  • Artist’s Alley
  • Palm Paradise
  • Alley Apartments
  • Sunshine Block
  • Setting Sun
  • Orchid Apartment 
  • Cottage Curve
  • Scenic Space
  • The Brooklyn Block
  • The Stellar Station
  • Archived Apartment 
  • Gateway To Heaven
  • Shades Of Blue
  • Heavenly Homes
  • Inspiration – Competitor Analysis 


  • Nostalgia
  • Red Robin Palace
  • Pinetree Palace
  • The Mind Apartment 
  • Hope Homes
  • Nirvana Palace
  • Friendly Village
  • Side lake Village
  • Village Homes
  • Green Gardens
  • Gardenview Apartments
  • Blissful Village
  • Sunshine Apartments
  • Greenview
  • Greens 
  • Inspiration – Trustworthy


  • Dreamville Houses
  • Homely Villas
  • Worldly Apartment 
  • Grandeur Homes
  • Pinnacle Apartment 
  • Onus Villas
  • Greenhouse Apartments
  • Perfect Villa 
  • Safe Homes
  • Peace And Passion
  • Elite Apartments 
  • Exotic Homes
  • Green Villa
  • Life Villa
  • Dream House

With over 50 Apartment Building Names in our Apartment complex name generator, you can either choose to name one of these if you like and if not can take inspiration from one of the brainstormed Apartment Complex Names Ideas. 

There’s no particular rule to naming an Apartment but the naming can have a big effect on the business as it gives a lot of expectations about the surroundings. Thus, the name of the apartment becomes a major branding decision.

Some have realized it,  some still haven’t but if you notice the latest trends then it can very well be noted that the naming has become important to the most and soon 100% of the real estate businessmen will start using the apartment complex name generator for a unique yet liked apartment complex name, giving importance to branding and consumer psychology due to the rise of unmatched competition in the industry.