Apothecary Names

The health industry related to herbs and herbal products is a big deal in the US. In fact, the industry is booming and is catering to a large mass. In that light, if you are looking forward to opening an Apothecary shop, then you might run into profit. 

But to do that, you first have to find an ideal name for your business. As mentioned earlier, this industry is practically growing by the minute in the US, thus to stand out in the midst of this ever-growing competition, you will require a bit of tweak. 

Apothecary Names

Now that you want to know about naming your herbal business, let’s take a look at the different types of apothecary names that you can look into.

Apothecary shop names

Herb Import Co The Herbal Apothecary The Greenhouse Alter Ego Labs
Jing Herbs PowerHouse  Herb Stomp American Botanical Pharmacy
House of Elixer  Herbella Rosalie Apothecary Azteca Herbal Supply
Go Green  Herbalina  Herbal Power  Bear Nutrition
Herbal Health Center The Herb Shoppe The Herb Company Bestherb Inc.
Diet Standards Earth Essential Herbal Clary Sage Herbarium Better Choices Better Living
Dragon Herbarium Earth Swing Herbal Contemporary Nutrition Better Wish Herbal
Drinkact Eden Source Herbals Deer Oriental Herb Stor Blue Heron Herbary
Duo Wen Exquisite Nutrition Forest Joy Herbalupply Blue Phoenix
Dupont Nutrition Flores Spices & Herbs Garden Thyme Herbal Supply Blue River Wellness

Old apothecary names

Good Wave Herbal Eden Source Herbals Garden Thyme Herbal Supply General Nutrition Center
Green Man Flores Spices & Herbs Earth Essential Herbal Good Wave Herbal
Hearken Natural Herbs Herb Bar Happy Earth Herbal Green Ace Herb
Herbo Crew Herbal Green Zest Herbal Supply Herbal Health Center Hearken Natural Herbs
Go Natural  Hemp Company  Herbs Spice Everything Nice Herb Bar
Green Dot Herbal Healthee U Green Pixel Herbal Supply Herb Import Co
Green Man Green Pick Herbal Supply Green Ray Herbal Supply Herb Stomp
Grey Herbs Leaf Baby Herbal Kold Water Herbal Health Center
Happy Earth Herbal Lifetime Associates Land of Milk and Honey Herbal Remedy Place
Happy Herbs Livin Herbal Supply Lavender Dreams Herbal Supply High Zing Herbal Supply


Medieval apothecary names

 Apothecary business is nothing new. It has been there for long and has established quite a solid history. In that light, it is natural to seek some inspiration from the medieval sources. We have got you covered there too:

Bottle of Wonders Elixer of Life  The gift from Mother Nature  Herbalist
Nutriform Nature Motion Nutrition Care Connection Herbella
Nutrishop Nature Curls Nature Leaf Herbex
Magic Potion  The Goodness of Green  Green Magic  Herbo Crew Herbal
Magpie Tea Garden Max Ming Herbal Land of Milk and Honey Herbs of Mexico
Livin Herbal Supply Natu Sense Elixer of Life  Herbs Spice Everything Nice
Nature Flip Nature Fest May Made Nature Motion
Tea For You  Merylin Herbal Bay Leaf  Holly Herbs
al Prep Spices Moment Crest Natufest Jan Nutrition
Merylin Herbal Natu Sense NatuMix Herbal Supply Jing Herbs


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Herbal companies names

Tree Cure  Sweet Serene The Joy Of Tea  Return to Nature
Gift of Trees  The Garden Market  Natural Bliss  Ron Teeguarden Enterprise
Forest Procedure  Herbal Pleasure  Love or Nature  Rosalie Apothecary
Green and natural  Lush  Green Love  Sassy Herbs
The Vitamin Box  Colors of Nature  Trapped in a bottle  Simply Natures Pure
Upsense Herbal The Vitaminbox The Greenhouse Song Herbal
Urbanhex Herbal Tierra Madre Herbs The Herb Shoppe Stonefly Spice Co
Vita Root Herbal Tomorrow’s Health The Herbal Apothecary Sunshine Health Professionals
White Daisy Herbal Tri-health The Natural Path Sweet Serene
You Spice Herbal Twilight Herbs The Vital Compass The Garden Market


Steps To Come Up With Apothecary Names:

Consider Your Target Audience:

It is essential to identify your customers. Your business name will depend on that. After you have determined your customer, you need to come up with a name that will be attracting them in some way. 

Figure Out The Catagory:

Names come under four different types of categories. Once the group is selected, the rest becomes pretty much straightforward. There are four categories in total



These are like made-up words that denote what is your product is about. 


These words just specify what the product does. For instance, Weight loss is a protein powder that helps one to lose weight. 


These are words that talk about a specific experience.


These are words that may not be related to the product directly but can evoke something. For instance, what has Apple got to do with computers anyway? 

 With these few names handy, it will not be an issue for you to come up with better names for your business. However, even if you do get confused, take some inspiration from your competitors. Check out how they chose to name their business and what benefits did they reap from it. Competitor analysis is essential for any business, even this one. 



This can not only give you inspiration but can also be useful to find out what is working for your competitors and what is not. It must be borne in mind that funny apothecary names do not work out. After all, its the health industry and people like to take their health seriously. However, if you are planning to keep it humorous, it might play to your merit. So go green and deal in nature!

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