40+ Catchy Lingerie Brand Shop Name Ideas

In all the developing countries ladies are experiencing the latest and new trends towards carrying themselves in the society. The outlook towards innerwear is changing drastically. Females have started accepting it as a casual affair.

The worldwide lingerie market has been divided on the basis of the different types of products available. Some of the products are bras, panties, shape wear, loungewear, etc. Choosing the right Undergarment shop name is one of the most important decision.

Selecting and deciding on a good bra brand name always attracts a maximum number of customers. Choosing a creative, unique and catchy name is one of the vital function of every company’s marketing and brand image. Always remember to choose a name that addresses the target demographics and the name you choose should make your brand stand out from the crowd.

ladies inner wear shop names

Choosing a creative and catchy lingerie brand name can attract more attention to the customers. So to help you out in finding the right name, we have listed some names. Here you can find catchy, unique, cool and modern lingerie store names. Let us get started!

Lingerie Store Names Ideas

We have listed the following collection of lingerie names with the intent to help you choose a unique company or business name.

Venus touch Sweet silk
Elegant secret Elegant vibe
Fabulous thread Gentle touch
Cosy touch Snuggly wear
Curvy wears Curvy silk
Resist Air wears
Curvy wear Lee wears
Passion thread Olivia
Inner strings Rosy wear
Silk strings Classy wear
Sweet strings Unique wear
Soft touch Passion wears
Classy wrap Softy wrap
Pretty moments Soft n silky
Elegant wear Daily touch
Fab touch Gentle wears
Pride wears Softy touch
Sizzle wears Silky deva
Elegant touch Pretty wears
Blissful wear Fabulous strings
Comfy Soft dots
Lushly Wellness silks
Pretty strings Elegant thread
Blue deva Angel wears
Cosy wears Snuggly store
Deadly wears Super collections
Softy deva Deadly collections
Inner spin Fabulous touch
Elegant strings Daily strings
Joy wear Delightful strings
Pleasing strings Sassy wears
Roxxy Lovebolic
Vava collection Hotzzz
Glam wear Devas lingerie
Delightful wears Sassy secret
Silky wrap Glamo rise
Lovely wears Grace well
Sassy touch Satin secret
Flirty touch Curvy fashion
Pretty wrap Hanky panky

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Undergarments Shop Name Ideas:

The names mentioned below are the best names of all the time; we have tried to cover as many best, cool, and unique lingerie store names as possible with the intent to make your name hunting job easy. Do not wait to pick the best name.

Rosy delight Lingerie heaven
Lusty collection Peek a boo collections
Wonder wear Glamo wear
Heaveny lace Teasing collections
Lingerie to die for Half way to heaven
Sassy secrets Ohh gal
Unkown desires The curl up collections
The golden wears Secret desire
Curvy artist Yuva collections
Magic wears Soul spectrum
Urban vogue Tease 2 please
Passion petals Lady mode
Petals collection Enchante
Pink wish Petals wear
Lingerie studio The golden collection
Cherry collection Dew berry
Neon shy More misty collections
Nighty nine Pink grapes
Freshta wear Your wish store
More n more Cherry wears
Dazzle berry Trendy lingerie
Berry wears Happy string
Comfy bliss Trendy tail
Crazy plum Elite collections
Your grace Bravo wing
Flaw some 100 things
Alpha wing Magnet
Youth’s collection Rosy inner wears
Ever hug The purple arrow
Dino Blossom
Nitty Bombastic collection
Adore me collections Form fit lingerie

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Ladies Innerwear Shop names

Selecting right bra company name is a critical part. We have put in our effort in listing out names to help you select a catchy ladies inner wear shop names.

Silky secret Serene touch
Victoria’s secret Blue beats
Good zest Good layer
Happy string Delightful secret
Satin touch Tiny flora
Play sense Body twirl
Lady string Bali’s lingerie
Sassy wrap Cosy wrap
Rosy secret Pleasing touch
Vava store Hotty collection
Happy secret Goddess
Lovely strings Unique fashion
Deva lace Ultimate wears
Good wrap Hotty lingerie
Serene collections Good touch
Glam string Sassy deva
Wonder collection The booty boutique
Hidden beauty Black seduction
Heavenly wear Dreams in lace
Sheer desire Lady lace
Seduction wears Lacy desire
Lusty lingerie Wonder string
Magic collections Secret fantasy
Peek a boo lingerie Lusty wear
Mermaid lace Ultimate collection
Bootylishous The hot collections
Red light lingerie Silk n satin
Ooooh ooooh! Sweet tease
Comfy lace Naughty lingerie
Magic strings Thoughts n feelings
Devas secret Shapezzz
Lovely spin Hotty store
Leading lady Joy touch
Comfy inners Snuggly strings
Bellas Glam touch
Glam deva Cosabella
Serene wear Vava wears
Sassy strings Softy secret
Curvilla Sizzle strings
Divas Comfy wears
Snuggly touch Shy away
Curvy strings Pretty secret
Fabulous wear Cosy strings

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Always remember the below-mentioned points while choosing the name for your business.

  • For a company or business to flourish, even a simple name will work.
  • Shorter is always better.
  • List out the names, prioritize and then choose the suitable name from the list.
  • You can even use your name, sir name etc.
  • Always consider the target audience.
  • You can also ask for opinions and suggestions from others.

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The above-mentioned names are exciting and trendy; you can pick any captivating names. These names are catchy, appealing, cool and unique. Always remember that a unique and cool name grabs more attention.

These names have not reached their way to the masses.

What are you waiting for? Be the first lucky one to use the name which ideally suits your product and business.

Hope this undergarments shop name post is worthy.

All the best with your upcoming business!

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