Heart Walk Team Names

Walks are in vogue these days. These walks are a way of rejoicing and celebrating the survivors of an ailment or a cause. Statistics across the globe show that heart ailments are the reason behind the loss of various life’s across the globe.

A heart walk is an event or mode to celebrate the heart ailment survivors. Also, a heart walk is a smart and innovative way to actually promote awareness amongst people about heart ailments and also driving the point that walking is good for the heart. Here are some Heart walk Team Names that are known to be inspiring and motivating.

Heart Walk Team Names Ideas

Track Team Team on Track Baby Steps
Between a Walk Back on Track Baby on Track
Hearty Walk Walk the Talk Walk for Heart
For the Heart All About Walks Between Walks
Blister Sisters Blondes on the Run Walk a thon
Under 15 Walk Buns on the Runs Walking Team
Under 20 Walk The walking stick team Happy feet
Under 3o walk Dashing Divas Dashing Divas
Under 40 Walk Walk galore Forty and Fit
fifties on Walk Walk with Heels Long walk
60 Walking Stick Hang those heels Walk away
happy Feet and walks Walks for All Walk a way
Smile and walk walk with happy face Walk in the clouds
Walk away the bluees Heart and soles the sole burners
Walking Herd Mind over miles Miles to walk
Walking Team hello to Sneakers Embrace walking
Furious Team Heart and walks Healthy Heart
fast Team Rapid walks Team Road runners
Running for All Rulers on Roads Kings on Roads
Walk A Team Sole Mates Spark Plugs


When you are naming a Walkathon team name ideas ensure that you name them as per their inspiration or the cause behind them. This way, it will ensure that the team name immediately connects with the participants and wins them over. Here are some Walk group names that you can opt for.

Team Names for Heart Walk

Ex Couch Potatoes Hearty Club Healthy Arteries Team
fantastic 50’s Cancer Survivors Team Spanks
Walking Survivors Tenacious Teams Team Spirits
Heart Attack Team Hearty men  Women who care for their Heart
Hearts and Walks Ailing Hearts Team Survivors
Beat the Heart attack Say No to Heart Attacks Heart for All
Bye Bye fat Say no to Obesity the Fit club
Wonder Team Wonder Women Finishing Line
Run with the Wind Walk to Health Ace the Pace
Flat Tummy for Mummies Master Blaster Walk in the Sun
Moms who care Walk for Moms All year walking Team
Grand Team Grand Parents Team Kiss my Team
We are the Rulers We will Rock you Breast Cancer Team
We will win this Old is Gold Walk daily
The Motivated Team Gen X walk walk a mile
the team with a heart Healthy Kids walk a lot
the softy heart club The walk for all smile and walk
The fat burner team the blow away team hello team
The awesome fit club The massive club Optimistic Team


Ensure that the Walking challenge team names, always have a motivation hidden in them. The motivation might be funny or serious but it must have an inspiration behind same. The names must ideally have a positive tone associated with it.

Walkathon : Walk group names

Walking Challenge Team Names Ideas

Moms who Run Run with Heels Stinky Sneakers
Say No to Whiskey bellies Sore Legs Sneak Away
Drinkers with a running problem Creative Team names last Pacers
Just Going to Stroll Embrace good health Say Yes to Walks
Stroll away  Not fast but furious determined to be healthy
we’ve got sole thunder thighs Health stickers
Walk a way  walk the line Say Yes to walking

Team names for heart walk must resonate the purpose and inspiration behind the same. Keep a name that is easy to understand. These team names are important as they create a character and personality for the team and its participants.

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