Flippy Cup Team Names: Drink to Flip and Win!

Flippy Cup Team Names: Drink to Flip and Win!

The flip cup also known as Flippy Cup is basically a rapid drinking game with a group of people. We often say that you are known by your names, so be good at things you do or else your name gets spoilt. Guess what the same thing comes when it’s about flippy cup team names. The funnier and entertaining the name, the more enthusiastically will the audiences support you, and hence the better you play.

Flippy Cup starts by the first person from each team completing their drinks, positioning their empty cup back to the ED table, and then using their fingers to turn the cup completely upside down. Whosoever flips the cup successfully from a team, the next person in line starts his/her turn by chugging the drink and then flipping.

The team that flips their individual cups the fastest is the winner. Well, doesn’t this game sound very interesting? So what about giving different flippy cup team names, wouldn’t that sound much more interesting along with playing? Well, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to giving your team an amazingly funny and interesting flip cup team name.

Flip and Drink, the Designated Drinkers!

We have compiled some quirky and creative team names below:

1. Do the flipping
When it comes to winning, “do the flipping” is the best slogan to encourage your teammate to win. This dialogue will perhaps keep your team motivated and the opposition engaged.

2. Flipping is lame:

Well, what could be more lame and funny than flipping when you are drunk. What an awesome hit it would provide. Nothing could best suit your game other than this name.

3. Chugging to flip:

Imagining about flipping when one’s drunk seems thrilling. What a nice combo though when you yourself are not still and your cup needs to be flipped, what an adventure! Chugging and flipping.

4. Full donkey flippers:

Well, it really sounds very clumsy about drinking and playing but what if it’s extremely cherishing. If you win you can tease the losing team by this name, would fill the area with laughter and fun.

5. Flipper is the new king:

Once you win, you crown your team with this name. Winning so quickly in the game would allow you to get a higher number of drinks from the losing team.

Random flippy cup team names

So these were few names with fun and creativity attached. Apart from these, there are also some randomly chosen names that would sound really amazing:

  • Slip n flip
  • The flipholics
  • Flipping dumpsters
  • Beer matters
  • Flippy chics
  • Flip and let wet
  • Beer and flip

Flippy Cup Team Names based on Pop Culture

Well, to make your game more interesting these names and ideas will be like a cherry to the cake. Here are some formed out of wordplay on popular shows or sayings:

  • Flip Cup For What?!
  • Cruisin’ for a Boozin
  • Flipper? I don’t even know her!
  • Cuptastic Crusaders
  • I’d Flip That!
  • Brews on First
  • Solo® Cup All Stars
  • Flippin’ Not Trippin’
  • Lady and the Champs
  • Sipper Flippers
  • Sorry for Partying
  • Dunder Flipplin’

For the game to be on your side and your flip cup team’s name to be echoed by everyone around in your event, you need to have a drink, team up, be prepared, as soon as drink goes in your mouth, flip it with two fingers for success. Nothing could be more relieving and competitive, at the same time, than this game. So, to make this game the go-to past time hobby of yours, think of very funny and stupid flip cup team names, which keeps you as well as your opposition team entertained.

So try searching for idiotic and funny flippy cup team names to make your game more enthusiastic and interesting. And lastly and most importantly please do remember to drink carefully. This alcohol drinking game is not meant to let you be sick due to too much consumption of alcohol.