Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Life

Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Life

Names that mean life have a unique significance, especially when naming a child. You, as a parent, give life to them and name them something that means life means nothing less than everything. Your children mean everything to you and there is no better way of putting this.

The words alive, to live, and new life are among the potent names that indicate life. In addition to being used as a name that symbolizes life, the word “soul” is frequently used to indicate being given life. It’s perfect for naming your child since it holds value, depth, and meaning to it like no other.

If you’re having a child, you probably spend hours considering the various names you may give your child. Therefore, read our list of the top baby names that mean life if you’re seeking a special name that serves as a reminder of how sweet life can be when your baby is nearby.

Names That Mean Life

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Girl Names That Mean Life

Possibly a young princess? Without a doubt, the finest baby girl names for a beautiful queen are those that mean “life.” You can come up with a name that signifies “life” for your girl. Pick a name from a selection of all-cultural names

  • Anastasia: Greek origin, means Resurrection, new life.
  • Asha: Arabic origin, means Life
  • Ava: German origin, means Life
  • Beatrix: English origin, means Life explorer/voyager
  • Betha: Hebrew origin, means Life
  • Eba: Hebrew origin, means Life
  • Eva, Evita, Evie: All of them means Life
  • Evalyn: English origin, means Life
  • Gorno: English origin, means Full of life
  • Hisa: of Japanese origin, refers to a Person with a long-lasting life

Boy Names That Mean Life

Several boys’ names that imply life could also mean bravery or happiness. These are all excellent options for your baby boy’s name. Once he is born, your little man will have a profound impact on your life; for that reason, he requires a special name that means life or is somehow connected to it.

  • Adamo: Hebrew origin, means First life
  • Adem: Hebrew origin, means Brave life
  • Ankur: Indian origin, means New life
  • Antarbhuti: Indian origin, means Life, soul
  • Asher: Hebrew origin, means Happy life
  • Bo: Norse origin, means To live
  • Calian: Native American origin, means Life warrior
  • Chaim: Hebrew origin, means Life
  • Jan: Islamic origin, means Life, soul
  • Daxon: French origin, means “water” or “life-giving drink.”

Baby Names That Mean Life

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Life

This is our sign to end the gender discrimination here by providing you with a list that has no gender at all. You can use these names to name all your kids, so let’s go and look at them.

  • Beathan: Scottish origin, means Life
  • Bibiana: Greek origin, means Alive
  • Bindhas: Indian origin, refers to Enjoying life and other good things.
  • Bophelo: South African origin, means Life
  • Can: Turkish origin, means Life
  • Chai: Hebrew origin, means Life
  • Chiva: Cambodian origin, means Life
  • Chivy: Cambodian origin, means Lively
  • Daxon: French origin, refers to a Life-giving drink
  • Eloma: Finnish origin, means Life

Names That Mean Breath Of Life

According to the Bible, the breath of life is cherished. The soul is sometimes equated with the breath of life in various civilizations. To honor your child for the rest of their life, pick one of these names.

  • Abel: Hebrew origin, means Breath of life
  • Abella: Hebrew origin, means Breath of life
  • Ahelia, Ahelie: Hebrew origin, means Breath of life
  • Andras: Norwegian origin, means Breath of life
  • Anemone: Greek origin, means Breath of life
  • Apela: Hawaiian origin, means Breath of life
  • Anabelle: English origin, refers to Breathing in life
  • Avalyn: English origin, means Beautiful breath of life
  • Etan: Indian origin, means Breathing out
  • Ettan: Indian origin, means Breath of life

Beautiful Names That Mean Life

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Unisex Names Meaning Life

For how long have you been looking for unisex names that mean life or something related to it? Your search ends here. There are unisex variations of names that have meanings like “full of life,” “long life,” and even “life” like the ones mentioned below.

  • Jilian: Latin origin, means youthful or full of life.
  • Su-Jin: Japanese origin, means “long life” or “fruitful harvest.”
  • Tshering: Tibetan origin, means “long life.”
  • Vida: Spanish origin, means “life”
  • Yeong-Su: Japanese origin, means “perpetual, eternal”
  • Hava: Hebrew origin, means Breathing
  • Kahanu: Hawaiian origin, means The breath of life
  • Keeaola: Hawaiian origin, means life
  • Nefes: Turkish origin, means life
  • Pran: Sanskrit origin, means life

Last Names That Mean Life

Well, I’m sure you would not just want your child’s initials to be unique but also their last names so here are some cool last names for your children that mean life that inspires more than thousands of people, and helps maintain positivity and optimism in the environment.

  •  Daxon: French origin, refers to a powerful Life-giving drink
  • Eloma: of Finnish origin, refers to Life in its pristine form
  • Enid: Old Welsh origin, means Soul, life
  • Eshe: Egyptian origin, means or refers to life
  • Evette: French origin, means or refers to Life
  • Ha: Vietnamese origin means Kiss of Life
  • Haya: Hebrew origin, means Alive
  • Jivanta: Indian origin, means Giver of Life
  • Phoenix: Greek origin, means New life
  • Vidal: English origin, means Life
  • Vita, Vida: Latin origin, means Life

 Names That Mean Life

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What names mean eternal life?

  • Amarantha.
  • Amargo.
  • Ambrogio.
  • Ambroise.
  • Ambrose.

2. What does the name mean a breath of life?

Consider the name Avalyn. It makes it natural that the phrase’s meaning, “lovely breath of life,” has Old English roots. Ava or Lyn also has stunning moniker potential that is too good to pass up.

3. What is the Greek name for life?

Zoe means life in Greek.

4. What Hebrew name means life?

Hebrew for “life,” Eba is also the Latin name for Eve. It’s a name for girls.

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