Top 20+ Names that Mean Red or Redhead

Top 20+ Names that Mean Red or Redhead

Names that mean red or redhead can easily talk a lot about your child’s features and it’s best if you want to be loud about it. There are several other names you can choose for your newborn. But to begin with, use your preferred hue as inspiration to help you make a decision. 

Let’s think of the color red in the context of this article. If red is your favorite color, bingo! You are on the right page. Even if red is not your favorite, you could still want to pay tribute to a legendary redhead or respect a red-related family custom. Whatever your reason is for like red, you’re likely to find a baby name with a red theme that you’ll adore.

Red was more frequently employed as a moniker. However, in modern times, it can conjure up images of fire, diamonds, flowers, the planet Mars, or the zodiac sign Leo. So let’s explore the amazing world of names with the color red and see what catches your eye.

Names That Mean Red

The term “red” appears in many names, including Redder, Redmond, Redhead, etc. The connotation of red, as in color or disposition, is simply indicated by other labels. Perhaps you’ve always had a thing for names that go well with the color red so here is a list for you.

  • Autumn – means woods or the season we know as Fall
  • Garnet – means pomegranate or gemstone
  • Radcliff – means red cliff
  • Raleigh – means red clearing or roe deer clearing
  • Reed – means red-haired
  • Rossa – means red
  • Rubena – means ruby
  • Rubina – Portuguese and Italian origin, means ruby
  • Rudīte – Latvian origin, means red-haired
  • Rufus – Latin origin, means redhead

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Girl names that mean red

Think about choosing a name that is clearly feminine. Red-themed girls’ names originate from all around the world. You can even go one step further and select one based on the ancestry of your family. In addition to their origin and literal translation, the following is a list of girl names that imply red:

  • Crimson – deep, violet-red color
  • Rosie – red roses
  • Poppy – Reddish, orange-red flowers
  • Ruby – English origin, gemstone
  • Roisin – Irish origin, means little rose
  • Cherry – English origin, type of fruit
  • Autumn – the fall season, and associated colors
  • Corsen – Welsh origin, a reed plant
  • Hazel – English origin, type of tree
  • Sienna – Italian origin, reddish-brown color

Boy names that mean red

There are several alternatives available if you know you are having a boy and want to give him a name that is connected with red. This specific color has a lengthy history despite being rather prevalent. Here is a list of boy names that signify red, along with information about its meaning in the original language.

  • Adam – a Hebrew name that means “son of the crimson/red soil.”
  • Flynn – an Irish surname that means “son of the redhead”
  • Jasper – from the Persian for the red gemstone.
  • Rory – Irish origin, the “red king”
  • Radley – derived from the red meadow
  • Keegan – Irish origin, meaning red or fiery
  • Harkin – Gaelic origin, red
  • Rudyard – Old English, meaning red yard
  • Gough – Australian origin, red
  • Radcliff – English origin, red cliff

Red names for twins

If you have twins, you might want a pair that goes well with each other. Consider complimentary names that indicate the color red if you’ve been blessed with twins, like the ones below:

  • Adam and Alroy – Son of the red earth/ red-haired.
  • Keegan and Rooney – Red/ descendant of the champion
  • Jasper and Garnet – Ruby/ red pomegranate
  • Rose and Poppy – Flower/ seed
  • Alani and Annie – Orange-ish red
  • Cherry and Hazel – Fruit/ orange-ish brown
  • Sienna and Sorrell –  Iron-rich red color
  • Ruby and Coral – Red gemstone
  • Carmine and Crimson – Orange-ish brown color
  • Scarlett and Rufus – Reddish-brown color

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Unisex names that mean red

Are you eagerly anticipating the big day to learn your baby’s gender? Or are you consciously choosing a name for your child that is neither male nor female? Then look at this list of names that are neutral and don’t have a gender, along with where they come from and a precise interpretation.

  • Rowan – Gaelic, refers to the little red one
  • Phoenix – Greek origin, reborn from the ashes
  • Blaze – English, means red or fire
  • Carmine – Latin origin, means vivid red
  • Flannery – Irish origin, means red eyebrows
  • Garnet – French, pomegranate, or gemstone
  • Ginger – Red hair, or a derivative of Virginia
  • Rory – Irish, the descendant of the champion
  • Sorrel – French origin, reddish-brown color
  • Redmond – Redhead defender

Looking for red names that work as a pair?

Whether you have twins or two kids, we have got this very cute list of pairing names that mean red to serve your demands. Check them out:

  • Adam and Autumn –  Son of red earth/ season
  • Carmine and Crimson – Reddish-brown color
  • Cherry and Hazel – Fruit and orange-ish red color
  • Phoenix and Titan – Mythical red creature 
  • Keegan and Rooney – Red/ descendant of the champion
  • Radcliff and Raleigh – Red cliff
  • Reading and Redmond – Red headed
  • Rose and Poppy – Flower/ seed
  • Rufus and Scarlett – Red-headed/ red in color
  • Sienna and Sorrell – Reddish brown hair

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good name for something red?

  • Crimson – deep, purplish-red color. 
  • Rosie –  red roses. 
  • Poppy –  reddish, orange flowers. 
  • Ruby – red gemstone.

2. What Japanese names mean red?

  • Akako – means red
  • Akane – means dense red color from the Rubia plant
  • Akari – means a vermilion red color that shines or pops out

3. What name means blood red?

Adame. Hebrew girls’ names with the hematic “Adame” start with A. It refers to something that is “bloody red.”

4. What does the name means red flower?

The world-renowned name is Rose! It means a flower or a red flower in translation. The name is Latin in origin and means “red flower.”