Latest 45+ Unique Names That Mean Beautiful Girl

Names that mean pretty or beautiful indicate that you are deeply inspired by your child’s beauty which is an incredibly good sign for your kid’s self-confidence and poise. The birth of a child is one of life’s most lovely experiences.

To always be reminded of that memorable time, give your child a name based on how they look or experience it.

“Beauty” is defined or depicted differently in different cultures and nations. Almost every culture has a word or expression that denotes something as being attractive or beautiful to look at.

Babies are a representation of purity and beauty. The ideal thing for you might be to give your adorable kid a name that complements their charm and implies beauty.

You might want to choose a name that both sounds and means beautiful. Pick a charming and appealing name for your tiny miracle. The best baby names with the meaning “beautiful” are listed below for your lovely child.

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

Girls’ names with the emotional connotation of beauty can make your princess stand out. Pretty female names frequently connote grace, beauty, and beauty. “-Belle” is a typical suffix for girl first names that indicate “beautiful”.

Allow me to take you through more such names for your little girl in order to enhance their personal.

  • Alana – Gaelic origin, means “beauty”. 
  • Alika – Hawaiian origin, means “most beautiful”.
  • Amidala – Italian origin, means “beautiful as a flower”.
  • Anwen – Welsh origin, means “fair and beautiful”.
  • Ani – Hawaiian origin, means “beautiful”.
  • Aoife – Irish, Gaelic origin, means “beautiful, radiant”.
  • Belle – French origin, means “beauty”
  • Bonita – Spanish origin, means “pretty, cute”.
  • Calia – Italian origin, means “beautiful person”.
  • Bonnie – Scottish origin, means “beautiful”

Popular Girls’ Names Meaning Beautiful

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

What would a little girl adore more than a name suggesting beauty? Many parents of baby girls like names with a connotation of beautiful or pretty.

Here is a list for you, but it’s not exhaustive. Mika, Nomi, Callista, and Rumi are some unusual names that also imply beauty.

  • Alana – Gaelic origin, means beauty; serenity
  • Alanis – Celtic origin, means pretty; cheerful
  • Alina – Slavic origin, means bright; beautiful
  • Ani – Hawaiian origin, means beautiful
  • Annabell – grace, and beauty
  • Anwen – Welsh origin, means fair; beautiful
  • Arabella – Latin origin, means beautiful
  • Indira – Sanskrit origin, means beauty
  • Ingrid – Norse origin, means fair; beauty
  • Iowa – Native American name for the beautiful land

Unique Boys’ Names Meaning Beautiful

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

Common meanings for the names of gorgeous boys include handsome, fair, and exquisite. Try the popular prefix “Beau-,” which in French means “handsome,” for guys. Let’s take a look at these.

  • Aden – Hebrew origin, means attractive; handsome
  • Adonis – Greek origin, means the most handsome
  • Allen – A Celtic name for handsome
  • Amare – Ethiopian name for handsome
  • Beau – the French name for handsome
  • Beale – English name for a handsome man
  • Beauchamp – the French name for beautiful field
  • Eder – Basque name for handsome
  • Faron – French and English name for a handsome servant
  • Hassan – Arabic name for handsome

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Beautiful

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

Time to end gender separation and look for names that go well with both boys and girls for your little ones.

  • Beau – French origin, means “handsome”
  • Kazumi – Japanese origin, means “handsome, beautiful”.
  • Keeva – Irish origin, means “gentle, beautiful, precious”.
  • Mckenna – Scottish origin, means “son of the handsome one”.
  • Memphis – which means “enduring and beautiful”
  • Mika – Hungarian origin, means “beautiful fragrance”
  • Mio – Japanese origin, means “cherry blossom, beautiful”.
  • Rumi – Indian, Japanese origin, means “beauty”
  • Zain – Arabic origin, means “beauty and grace”.
  • Zuri – Swahili origin, means “good, beautiful”.  

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Names That Mean Beautiful Soul

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

Parents who want their child to have a passionate soul and a reserved nature favor names that indicate soul. Many names have associations with many facets of spirituality, making them excellent choices for a daughter.

See some intriguing names with the meaning “soul” below.

  • Banafrit – Egyptian origin, means “a beautiful soul.”
  • Antara – Sanskrit/Indian origin, means ‘soul or within’
  • Anima – Latin origin, means ‘soul’
  • Judith – Hebrew origin, means ‘passionate spirit’
  • Alma – Latin origin, means ‘nurturing, soul’
  • Arima – Basque origin, means ‘good soul’
  • Janan – Arabic origin, means “calm soul”
  • Achak – Native American origin, means ‘pure spirit’
  • Yurei – Japanese origin, means ‘beautiful spirit or soul’
  • Jival – Indian origin, means ‘a passionate soul’

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Greek Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Unique Names That Mean Beautiful

Below are some common Greek girl names that mean beautiful, these are inspired by Greek mythology, heroes, gods, and the rituals of the ancient Greeks.

  • Calla – Greek Origin, means “beautiful”
  • Calixta – Greek Origin, means “most beautiful”.
  • Callidora – Greek mythology, means “gift of beauty”.
  • Cosima – Greek Origin, means “order and beauty”
  • Ella – Greek Origin, means “beautiful, Goddess of beauty”. 
  • Jacinta – Greek origin, means “beautiful”.
  • Lydia – Greek origin, means “precious one, beautiful”
  • Melissa – Melissa means “honeybee” and is of Greek origin.
  • Melody – Greek Origin, This means “song”, and a nice sound.
  • Mya – Greek origin, refers to Mya (Harrison).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Girl Name Means Beauty?

Following are some girl baby names that mean beautiful:

  • Bonnie.
  • Venus.
  • Calista.
  • Calliope.
  • Linda.
  • Mabel.
  • Aden.
  • Kenneth.

2. What Name Means Perfect Girl?

Here are some names that mean “perfect girl”:

  • Aimiah – perfect
  • Anilaja – means she is perfect and beautiful
  • Anjana – A perfect and decorated individual
  • Arieanna – Powerful and perfect, complete

3. What Girl Name Means Strong And Beautiful?

Our favorite girl’s name, which means “strong” and “beautiful,” is: either Avyanna or Avianna An historical Sanskrit name that means “strong, powerful woman” and is used in America. Among the lovely nicknames are Avie and Anna.

4. What Name Means Love And Beauty?

  • Venus – refers to the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
  • Dione – means “Love and beauty,” in reference to the Greek name of Aphrodite.
  • Bastet – refers to the Egyptian goddess of cats, love, protection, and beauty.
  • Branwen – refers to the Welsh goddess of beauty and love.
  • Cliodhna – refers to the Irish Celtic goddess of love and beauty.
  • Hathor – refers to the Egyptian sky goddess of love, music, and beauty.

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