Names That Mean Butterfly

Top 35+ Names That Mean Butterfly And Its Origin

Names That Mean Butterfly have a special link to the vastness of colors and joyful nature. It automatically makes your children feel good about themselves, the spark that comes along with names like these will never let anybody lead your baby astray.

Do not consider butterflies just to be pretty creatures, they also stand for transformation, independence, fortitude, hope, and personal development.

Their brief but intriguing lives are a reflection of the spiritual growth and ephemeral nature of happiness in life. The butterfly has long been closely linked to femininity and romantic love. 

Parents frequently desire to name their child after someone lovely and aesthetically charming when doing so. Butterfly quite surprisingly makes a very good meaning when it comes to naming these little creations of God.

In this article, we will look at a variety of meanings along with their origin so let’s not wait anymore.

Girl Names That Mean Butterfly

Names that Mean Butterfly and its Origin

While thrilling, choosing the ideal name for your daughter may also be difficult or even overwhelming at times.

Here are some of the greatest butterfly baby names for girls that can give their personalities a touch of enchantment thanks to their beauty and charm.

  • Annabella: English Origin, means pretty butterfly
  • Aponi: Native American origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Ava: German origin, means “bird”
  • Bindi: Australian origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Birabiro: Ethiopian origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Cho/Kocho: Japanese origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Chouka: Japanese origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Chrysalis:  Greek origin, means “cacoon”.
  • Claudina: Latin origin, means “enclosure”, a breed of butterflies.
  • Cressida: Greek origin, means “golden”.

Boy Names That Mean Butterfly

You could be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of butterfly boy names that make them stand out from their peers if you assumed that butterfly names were only for girls.

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Here is a list of the most well-liked boy’s baby names with appropriate meanings that inspire awe and creativity.

  • Adonis:   Greek origin, means youthful fly.
  • Azure:   Latin origin, means colorful.
  • Anglais refers to a multi-colored butterfly. 
  • Aideen:  Irish origin, means ‘little fire.’
  • Alexis: Catholic origins, means defender of humankind associated with butterfly’s nature
  • Blues: English origin, means “ivy, blue color” 
  • Chouka: means “Butterfly,” of Japanese flower origin.
  • Clodius: Refers to a butterfly that can fly really high
  • Ekvall: Islamic origin means “butterfly.”
  • Finn: Irish Fionn origin, refers to a variety of white rainforest butterflies.

Name That Means Chasing Butterflies 

We often see kids playing around with butterflies, chasing them, and taking pictures of them just because they look pretty, let us put these feelings together in the meanings given below.

  • Nova:    Native American Hopi origin, means “chases butterflies.”
  • Flutura:   Albanian origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Kelebek:   Turkish origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Kimama:    Native American origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Kimmel:    Native American origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Kwanzaa:   Native American Hopi origin, means “butterfly showing beautiful wings.”
  • Parvana:    Persian origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Polikwaptiwa:    Native American Hopi origin, means “butterfly sitting on a flower.”
  • Teter:    Armenian origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Cartier:    Armenian origin, means “rose-butterfly.” 

Name That Means Subtle Butterfly

We all know how butterflies and similar meanings can be referred to bright and colorful things but we might be missing out on the fact that they need not look pretty to actually be enticing.

Even when they are at their larvae stage, they are still full of life. Look at the following names that carry a similar meaning of being subtle in nature.

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  • Lyneth:  English origin, means subtle beauty.
  • Laurel:  Latin origin, means “ subtle laurel.”
  • Lina :  Arabic origin, means ‘butterfly”
  • Mariposa: Spanish origin, means “butterfly baby.”
  • Memphis: Refers to a type of butterfly, of Greek origin.
  • Nova: Latin origin, means means ‘subtly new’
  • Phaedra:  Ancient Greek origin, means “bright, glowing”
  • Paloma:  Catalan origin, means “butterfly.”
  • Pocahontas:  Native American origin, means “the playful one.”
  • Schmetterling:  German origin, means “butterfly.”

Popular Unisex Names That Mean Butterfly

Let’s end the gender discrimination here and come up with some names that everyone can use and suit themselves. Many parents want to give their kids unisex names. Eight unisex baby names with the meaning “butterfly” are listed below.

  • Azure:   Latin origin, means “bluish color”.
  • Hitomi:  Japanese origin, means “beautiful”.
  • Icarus:   Greek origin, means “follower”.
  • Laurel:  Latin origin, means “the bay”
  • Mantech:  Ethiopian origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Pepe:  Samoan origin, means “butterfly”.
  • Psyche:  Greek origin, means “life, or the butterfly”
  • Argus:  refers to a bluish or brown Eurasian butterfly and means ‘bright’ in Greek.
  • Daire:  Irish origin, means ‘fruitful’
  • Juno: Latin origin, refers to the youthfulness of a butterfly.

Last Names That Mean Butterfly

Names that Mean Butterfly and its Origin

Before heading on to the name list, you might be wondering who needs their last or middle names to match the meaning criteria as well. You absolutely can if you want the same for your children, look at the following options.

  • Farânak:  means “butterfly” in Persian.
  • Gilroy:  Refers to a red and black butterfly.
  • Hecate: means a butterfly or a soul, Greek mythological origin.
  • Hitomi-:  Japanese origin means “beautiful.”
  • Monarch:   refers to the monarch butterfly.
  • Mantech-:   Ethiopian origin means “butterfly.”
  • Memphis refers to a type of butterfly that has wings resembling dead leaves.
  • Morgane: Welsh origin, means ‘dweller’
  • Mycalesis: refers to a bush brown Asian butterfly that means “meaning eye.”
  • Order: English origin, refers to a colorful beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Name Of Butterfly Baby?

The butterfly baby is called a nymph, it looks similar but doesn’t have wings.

2. What should I name a girl butterfly?

Aponi, Atlanta, etc. Look at this article for more such options.

3. What are the best names for butterflies?

  • Annabella:   It is the feminine name of a butterfly but in English Origin
  • Aponi:   The word Aponi refers to a butterfly.
  • Athalia:    Refers to the Nymphalidae family of ‘butterflies,’ it is a perfect and strong feminine name.
  • Refer to the article for more such names.

4. What Japanese girl name means butterfly?

Cho means butterfly in Japanese.

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