Ocean Names To Inspire You

Best Names That Mean Ocean To Inspire You

The Ocean can be an intimidating place to humans. However, many legends, stories, and myths give the Sea its personality. The Ocean can be seen as the heart of nature and all things natural; it’s where most of the life on our planet originated from, and it can also have a magical feel to it when you look at it from the proper perspective.

If you’re trying to make your living space more eco-friendly, here are the 101 best ocean names to inspire you and some ideas about how you can incorporate these names into your life!

Names That Mean Ocean

The names listed below are a collection of ocean contexts, including everything from nautical slang and ocean trenches to saltwater animals and plants to underwater ridges and ocean-related words in other languages; they were inspired by those trips and some of my family history.

The origins and meanings of some names are included, but most don’t contain any information. Every word might have had its roots listed, but I decided against it because it would detract from the article.

I hope the list of baby names below proves to be helpful. I wish you luck locating a name you and your future kid will like!

  • Ariel: The name of the main character from the film The Little Mermaid became a first name after it came out.
  • Athena: A Greek goddess who bested Poseidon (god of the Sea) in a competition on who would look over Athens.
  • Bay: Inspired by the song by Otis Redding “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.”
  • Brooke: A tiny stream
  • Cumberland: An island off the coast of Georgia that I visited as a child once.
  • Douglas: Scots-Gaelic for “dark water.”
  • Drake: A male duck; also the name of Francis Drake, a famous naval officer and Sea explorer
  • Elders: A Greek name that means “of the sea.”
  • Kiawah: A secluded Charleston, SC island where turtles and seabirds thrive.
  • Lana: Hawaiian for “calm as still waters.”
  • Marin: There is a lot of debate on the meaning of this name, but most often taken to mean “of the sea”.
  • Marina: A harbour for small boats
  • Pearl: A perfect name for a precious baby girl

Unisex Names That Mean Ocean

 Ocean Names To Inspire You

Meaning Water in Hebrew, it’s a popular name that is generally used for baby boys. It can also be spelt Ocean or Ochen and pronounced AH-sen or AY-sin. The Ocean is deep and mysterious, so people with a personality like that would be named Acen.

  • Brooke – a gender-neutral name of English origin meaning small stream.
  • Caspian – a gender-neutral name that references the Caspian Sea.
  • Dylan – this gender-neutral name is of Welsh origin and means Son of the Sea.
  • Jordan – a gender-neutral name choice; this Hebrew name means to flow down.
  • Kai – a gender-neutral name choice, Kai is of Hawaiian origin and means Ocean.
  • Kendall – a gender-neutral name choice; Kendall is of English origin and means Valley of the River of Kent.
  • Lynn – this gender-neutral Irish name means from the Lake.
  • Moana – a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin, means Ocean or Sea.
  • Nile – a gender-neutral name of English origin referring to the River Nile.
  • Ocean – a gender-neutral option; this nature name refers to a natural body of water.
  • Rain – a gender-neutral name choice, refers to a direct source of Water.
  • Ren – a gender-neutral name that refers to the water lily in Japanese.

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Greek Names That Mean Sea

Look no further if you’re looking for something more exotic and beautiful than Ocean or Sea. Here are 101 names that mean Ocean in Greek.

 Ocean Names To Inspire You

Enjoy! I tried to put them into categories so it might be easier to find what you are looking for.

Most of these come from two lists of Greek ocean names found online, but since I could not locate them or they were incomplete, I had to make up some names myself.

Unique Ocean Names

When picking a name for your boat, ship, yacht or sea vessel in general, why not choose something unique? Oceans are endless places of wonder and beauty.

The ebb and flow of waves across their surface has mesmerised many and inspired many works of art. Oceans can be explored, conquered and enjoyed by all those willing to take on their task – let us inspire you with our 101 best ocean names list.

  • Carrack: A merchant vessel used in the Mediterranean during the 15th and 16th centuries
  • Christopher: After Columbus
  • Clarion: Underwater fracture zone
  • Cleat: T-shaped metal or wood structure on a boat to which ropes are attached
  • Davit: A small crane on a ship used to lower smaller boats
  • Davy: As in Davy Jones’ Locker
  • Edward: Blackbeard was a pirate
  • Eric: After Eric the Red
  • Fram: A Norwegian ship used in expeditions
  • Fraser: A yachting company
  • George: After a U.S. aircraft carrier
  • Harlequin: After the HSM Harlequin, a British Royal Navy schooner from the 1700s
  • Jacques: After the French ocean explorer Cousteau

Baby Boy Names That Means Ocean

 Ocean Names To Inspire You

Aslan, Athos, and Caspian are a few examples of names that mean Ocean in different languages. Let these names inspire you to think of names for your baby boy.

A word that implies Ocean can be perfect if you want something powerful or meaningful. There are tons of cool ocean-inspired baby boy names on our list!

  • Adrian – of Latin origin, this boy’s name means Sea or Water.
  • Beck – typically used for baby boys, Beck is of English origin and means brook or stream.
  • Bourne – of English origin, this boy’s name means one who lives near a stream.
  • Calder – of Scottish origin, this baby boy means the wild Water.
  • Cove – about a small coastal inlet; Cove is typically used for little boys.
  • Deniz – of Turkish origin, Deniz is a male name meaning waves.
  • Douglas – this Scottish male name means Black Water.
  • Ford – typically used for baby boys, this name means River Crossing and is of English origin.
  • Hudson – typically used for baby boys, Hudson is about the Hudson River.
  • Hurley – of Irish origin, Hurley means sea tide and is typically used for males.
  • Irving – another Scottish male name meaning Green River or Sea Friend.
  • Kano – meaning the god of Water, Kano has both Japanese and African origins.
  • Kent – typically, a male name referring to the River Kent.
  • Lincoln – typically used for baby boys, Lincoln is of English origin and means From the Lake Settlement.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

 Ocean Names To Inspire You

Perhaps you’re considering a name for your daughter, and you think honouring something beautiful and powerful like an ocean might be nice.

The naming of one’s child is one of life’s greatest gifts and responsibilities, so many parents carefully consider their options when choosing just the right name.

If your baby girl shares her name with a magnificent ocean, she’ll undoubtedly be honoured to do so!

  • Aqua – typically used for baby girls; Aqua is of Latin origin and means Water or Sea Blue.
  • Cascade – typically used for baby girls, this French name means waterfall.
  • Cordelia – a Celtic name meaning Daughter of the Sea.
  • Doris – a female name meaning gift of the Ocean; Doris is of Greek origin.
  • Laguna – Italian for pond or Lake; Laguna makes a pretty girl’s name.
  • Maren – of Latin origin, this baby girl’s name means Sea.
  • Marina – typically used for baby girls, this Latin name means Of the Sea.
  • Maya – of English origin, this female name means Water.
  • Mira – in Latin, Mira can refer to the Ocean, a pretty name for a baby girl.
  • Misty – this American name is typically used for girls and means covered in mist.
  • Morwenna – a Welsh girl’s name means waves of the Sea.
  • Nahla – of Arabic origin, this female name means a drink of water.

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Naming your Ocean is one of life’s most important tasks. At first, it seems like a simple activity—until you realise how much thought, research, and consideration goes into selecting a great name for your Ocean.

Don’t spend another second pondering how to name your Ocean; use these ideas to start today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What Are Nice Ocean Names?

Few things are as beautiful, powerful and inspiring as a sea or ocean. The Ocean is a large entity that can encompass many different types of personalities; as a vast body of water, there is a name for every kind of mood.

There is no right or wrong name either because you can always change it later; be sure to pick something nice.

2. What’s A Girl’s Name That Means Ocean?

This Native American name means Ocean or Water, depending on who you ask. It’s fun to say and adds a bit of nautical flair to any name list. Nephthys: This Egyptian name translates to waves or ripples, so it’s no surprise that it pops up in various myths as a goddess of water and winds.

3. What Does The Name Mean, Ocean Queen?

Like a queen, an ocean is majestic and beautiful. The Ocean is constantly changing, like a queen’s mood, but both have power and can be destructive if you cross them.

Both queens and oceans come in many different forms: warm, temperate, cold, icy—each is beautiful on its own. And each one deserves respect.

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