Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

Names that mean love automatically have their own connotation of affection and care for your loved ones. The faces of your children will light up with glee to know that they have been named after such a positive emotion. 

Love unites so many different things. Love brings us joy. A lovely and powerful thing, love. There is no love like the love between a parent and a kid. Just keep in mind that the new baby will receive a lot of love.

So perhaps the idea of “love” can serve as your inspiration for a name.

Families and relationships are created through love. Why not give your child a name that pays homage to the original cause of the whole thing? In search of names that convey your love for your cherished child?

Check out these lovely names that symbolize affection for your little kid.

Girl Names That Mean Love

Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

Coming up with names that mean love for your girl child would mean more than the world to her. It will automatically make her feel loved and the softness of its meaning will also compel her to be a good person in general. Look at these examples below.

  • Adelpha – Greek origin, means beloved sister
  • Ahava – Hebrew origin, means love
  • Aiko – Japanese origin, means a beloved child
  • Amada – Spanish origin, means loved
  • Amadea – Latin origin, refers to God’s beloved
  • Amala – Arabic origin, means beloved; bird
  • Amia – French origin, means dearly loved; beloved
  • Amy/Aimee – French origin, means beloved
  • Amanda – Latin origin, means deserving to be loved
  • Amandine – French origin, means lovable

Baby Names Meaning Love Happiness

Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

Happiness is not just a word. It’s something we all need in our lives and that of our loved and dear ones. Hence, you obviously should not miss out on the opportunity of naming your child after such a positive feeling. 

  • Amara – Greek Origin, means “lovely forever.”
  • Aimee – French origin, means “beloved.”
  • Aphrodite – In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of love.
  • Davina – Scottish Origin, means “beloved” and “friend.”
  • Ishtar – Babylonian origin, refers to the mother goddess of love
  • Nayeli – Zapotec origin, translates to “I love you.”
  • Carwyn – Welsh origin, means “fair love.”
  • Fenmore – English origin, means “dear love”
  • Amore – Italian origin, means love.
  • Paris – Refers to the city of love, Paris.

Boy Names That Mean Love

Now, trust me when I say this, your boy will be the happiest in the entire world when he comes to know that he has been named after “love”. Usually, such connotations are used with girls, but if you’re ready to show how much you love your little boy, go for it.

  • Amadeus – Latin origin, means lover of God
  • Amado – Spanish origin, means loved
  • Amato – Italian origin, means beloved
  • Amatus – Roman origin, means beloved
  • Amias – Latin origin, means love
  • Amor – Spanish origin, means love
  • Aziz – Arabic origin, means powerful, respected, beloved
  • Caradoc – Welsh origin, means amiable
  • Carwyn – Welsh origin, means blessed love
  • Chavis – Hebrew origin, refers to a loved one

Girl Names That Mean Love And Strength

Love and strength are two such feelings/ character traits that do not come easily to children. It takes years to build up compassion and courage so this time, let their names be the reasons for them to want to live up to their titles.Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

  • Adira – Hebrew origin, means “noble and powerful”
  • Ailia – Scottish origin, means “from the strong place”
  • Almalda – German origin, means “strong
  • Alsie – Greek origin, means “strong-willed”
  • Andrea – Feminine of Andrew, Greek for “strong”
  • Bedelia – Irish origin, means “strong”
  • Bernadette – German origin, means “brave as a bear”
  • Bree – Gaelic origin, means “power and strength”
  • Briana – Irish origin, means “honorable”
  • Bridget – Irish origin, “the exalted one”

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Girl Names That Mean Love And Peace

Love and peace are again, two very similar soft skills/ feelings that are not easy to inculcate in children. Anger and such related problems can easily disrupt mental peace/ stability. Show your children the importance of serenity and affection by naming them after the same.

  • Amanda – worthy of love
  • Amara – This Nigerian origin name means graceful/ peaceful
  • Aimee or Amy – Its meaning is beloved
  • Aiko – little love, beloved
  • Amorette – In Latin baby names, it means little love.
  • Cher – It has a French Origin and means beloved
  • Carys – Welsh name that means “to love”
  • Darlene – Darling, very dear and close.
  • Davina – Scottish and Hebrew, means beloved
  • Esme – Old French, means “beloved”

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Girl Names That Mean Love Of God

Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

Feeling like you are the “Love/ Gift of God” is such an undeniably beautiful feeling in itself. It boosts your self-confidence and also makes you feel a little proud about being named after the same. Go for it, make your child feel special. 

  • Aadrisha – Gifted by God
  • Aaksha – A blessing from God
  • Aahuk – God’s gift
  • Aanshi – A gift from God that everybody desires
  • Aanvee – A joyful gift from God
  • Aariaani – Pure; Holy; Gift from God
  • Aavya – God’s gift
  • Aishi – God’s gift and blessing
  • Akshadha – The very manifestation of God’s blessings
  • Amarisa – Someone who has been offered as a gift from God

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Female Name That Means Love?

Popular girl names with the meaning “love” apart from Esme and Amara are Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa. Rhys, Philip, Lev, and Hart are popular boy names with romantic connotations.

2. What Name Means Love And Beauty?

The Roman goddess of love and beauty is known as Venus so yes, that can be a name to denote both the above characteristics.

3. What Girl’s Name Means God’s Love?

The following names mean “God’s beloved or God’s love”:

  • Abasiama: means “God love” in Ibibo. 
  • Agapi: means “God is love” in Greek. 
  • Amadea: means “God’s beloved” in Latin.

4. What Name Means Forever Love?

Amara is a chic name that means “beautiful forever.”


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