Top 100+ Names That Mean Hope and Faith

Top 100+ Names That Mean Hope and Faith

You may already know that many names mean Hope for example Tanish, Bodhi, Deena, Jesse, and others, but did you know that Hope can be traced back to ancient Roman civilizations?

It was also a popular name during both medieval times and Victorian times. Hopeful might not just be a name that means Hope, but it could also be considered a virtue name.

There are many different names to consider if you’re looking for meaningfulness with your child’s name, and this list will provide you with plenty of ideas to choose from.

The names on this list have been divided into two parts: boy names and girl names, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Popular Names That Mean Hope and Faith

 Hope and faith are wonderful words that can be conveyed in many ways, as shown by the diverse selection of names featured here.

Names                                                       Meanings
Bodhi: This name has Indian origins and can be used for both boys and girls. It means “waking enlightenment.”
Deena: A lovely baby name that signifies “hope.”
Tumaini: Tanzania, Swahili, and Egypt all use the name Tumaini. It signifies “hope” and is used for both boys and females.
Von: This name from the middle ages, meaning “hope,” is ideal for both boys and girls.
Kit: This fresh-sounding name comes from the Greek meaning “hope” and “carrier of Christ.”
Jesse: Suiting either a boy or a girl, this baby name means “a gift of hope.”
Lux: Meaning “light,” this hopeful baby name can be given to a baby boy or girl to light their way through the world.
Although this name means “dark red,” the phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its ashes and is a symbol of immortality and hope. This cool name can be given to girls and boys.
Aurora: Another way to view hope is as the coming of a new day. This name of the Roman Goddess of sunrise means “dawn.”
Beatrix: With its Latin origins, this beautiful name is shared with the famous children’s author, Beatrix Potter. It means “miracle and blessed”.

Girl’s Names That Mean Hope

Try Amparo, Claire, or Elishva if you’re looking for an inspirational name for your little girl. Aida means Hope in Greek, while Aloha is Hawaiian for hello and goodbye.

Emily brings a spiritual quality to any name it adorns, while words like Seraphina add meaning to kids who already have a familiar moniker. And these are just some of our favorite hope-inspiring girls’ names! Check out even more choices below.

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Names                                               Meanings
Amnati: This sweet name originates from the Middle East and means “my hope.”
Aamanee: This inspiring Arabic baby girl’s meaning is “huge longing” or “fruitful blessing.”
Aurora: Hope can also be seen as the dawning of a new day. The word “dawn” describes the Roman goddess of dawn.
This lovely name, which has Latin roots, is also shared by renowned children’s novelist Beatrix Potter. Its definition is “wonder and blessed.”
Brayleigh: This American girl’s name, sometimes abbreviated to Bray, means “beam of hope.”
The newness of a day, an idea, or an experience, are all imbued with hope. This girl’s name symbolizes hope and means “new.” It has Latin roots.
Rajwa: This less-common Arabic name means “hope.”
Saki: A beautiful Japanese name for girls, Saki means “hope” or “blossom.”
Tamanna: A beautiful girl’s name with Arabic origins, Tamanna, means “hope.”
Tikva: This Hebrew girl’s name is said to impart generosity to those given it. It means “hope.”

Baby’s Names That Mean Hope

The best way to give your baby a name that means Hope is to be hopeful when you’re giving birth. (Somehow, I don’t think that will help you come up with baby names.) But, if you want some help naming your child, here are some familiar names that mean Hope: Noah, Genesis, Advent…and so on. Of course, these aren’t your only options.

Names                                                             Meanings
Amil is a lovely Arabic name that means “hope.” In some areas, amil is also prescribed for women. It is connected to the American rapper Amil Whitehead.
Raza: When you have the African name Raza, who needs Rada? This witty, succinct name
This name, which means “hope,” is the silliest of all the masculine names. This name, although short and emphasised, nonetheless has a modern ring to it.
Jahleel: The Hebrew name Jahleel means “hope in God.” After the turn of the century, this name became obscure.
A prominent, hopeful choice, but a beautiful one! This eternal word name is the spot-on choice for parents seeking something with spiritual or religious meaning.
Jesse: This is a classic non-gendered name with Hebrew roots that means “a gift of hope.”
Jonah: Another handsome Hebrew name, Jonah, means “dove,” the bird that symbolizes hope.
Koki: This super cute Japanese boy’s name translates to “hopeful fortune” and “bright
Nadine: Nadine is the French version of the Russian name Nadia—and both mean “hope.”
Hila: In the Eastern Iranian language of Pashto, this lovely name for girls means “hope.”


Boy’s Names That Mean Hope

The most popular names that mean Hope include Abigail, which means father’s joy in Hebrew; Gabriella, meaning God is my strength in Hebrew; and Lauren, which means Laurentum in Latin. Other popular names that mean Hope include Abbie, Adrienne, Benjamin, Colleen, Desiree and Elizabeth.

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Names                                                            Menings
Daijon: This boy’s name is an older, less popular American name that means “hope” and “God’s gift.”
This boy’s name, Welsh ancestry and meaning “ray of hope,” is occasionally written with an I rather than a “y” as in Dillon.
Elpidius. This name originates from Ancient Greece and refers to a fourth-century cave-dwelling saint. It denotes “hope.”
Elpis: This boy’s name also has Greek roots and means “hope.”
Haruki: Shining ray of Hope is the meaning of the well-liked Japanese name.
Dillon: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘ray of hope.’
Kibou: Means ‘hope’ in Japanese.
Raza: Of African origin and means ‘hope.’
Makas (Mak): Means ‘hope’ in Hebrew.
Benedict: Of Latin origin meaning ‘blessed.’


Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Hope

A gender-neutral name is a name that is non-gender specific. Gender-neutral names are popular among today’s parents as they give their children more options regarding gender expression.

The top gender-neutral names often include unique meanings such as Hope, Believe, Desirae, Hallie, and Faith. If you’re looking for a unique name with a positive meaning, consider one of these popular gender-neutral names that mean Hope.

Names                                                             Meanings
Nova: This name is fantastic in addition to being an astrological phrase!
Phoenix: The bird symbolizes renewal even if this name implies “dark crimson”!
Robin: A wise decision for newborn girls and boys, denoting “bright fame.”
Senna: The word “brightness” is a novel choice.
Sol: The sunshine they’ll bring into your life is perfectly reflected in them!
Dylan: Raising a future surfer? Dylan means “son of the sea,” but it can be a neutral option!
Beacon: This meaning is just what you’d expect; it means “signal light.”
Bodhi: This Sanskrit name translates to “enlightenment.”
Day: No explanation is needed!
Deena: This unique pick has French origins and means “hope.”


Names That Mean Hope From Around The World

All Hope is not lost. While several cultures have words for Hope in their native languages, each has its unique way of describing that concept and a variety of names based on these words.

Keep reading to learn more about some of these names; you might find one you like for your baby! While we don’t recommend naming your child something because it means Hope, knowing what a name means can be fun. To choose a name with meaning, read on!

Names                                                      Meanings
Looking for a more international moniker for your upcoming explorer? Test Nadine. It’s in French! It also has the meaning “hope.”
The name Nina is used in many cultures. The Arabic meaning of the name, “the hope of love,” makes it ideal for this list, even though a Spanish variant means “baby.” *Swoon!*
Try Saki if you have Japanese ancestry. The name connotes Hope and blossom. It has a concise and direct feel, similar to the more popular Sookie.
What a cute, straightforward name for your young girl! This Latin name, which translates to “a little hope,” is probably the only one like it on any class roster.
Sian: (Welsh origin), meaning “God’s gracious gift”.
Stella: (Latin root), meaning “star”.
Vita: (Latin origin), a baby name meaning “the hope of life”.
Yelena: (Russian origin), a name meaning “shining, bright one.”
Brayleigh: (American origin), meaning “a ray of hope”.


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The name is much more than just a syllable or combination of letters. It carries weight and meaning, and there’s no better way to illustrate that than by looking at some of our favorite inspirational names below. Most people reading this probably already have children, but if you don’t, you may be looking for ideas on how to choose your baby’s name. If so, we encourage you to look through all of these names with a critical eye.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What name means Hope and faith?

Hope originated as an English name, and its meaning is Hope. The origin of Hope in English. This baby name was given to babies in 2016. So far, it has not been listed in any rankings for other countries. In England, it was most popular in 2017. It is currently placed #15 on our popularity charts in England but should continue to move up when more 2017 data becomes available.

2. What does a Greek girl’s name mean, Hope?

The name Aega is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning Hope. The names of thousands of girls worldwide can be found below. You can sort these by any column; click on a title to sort by that field. Use your browser’s search function (usually CTRL/CMD+F) to find other names that mean Hope or faith in different languages like Latin, French, Greek, or Russian.

3. What does the name mean, the angel of Hope?

Angel is one of those names that has many meanings depending on who you ask. The most common definition, however, involves an angle being a messenger of God, like those found in various religions worldwide. Those in favor of giving their children a name with angelic connotations often choose characters of Hebrew or Latin origins such as Ariel, Angelica, or Angelina.

4. What does the name mean, the flower of Hope?

A flower blooms in northern India called one of the most hopeful names you could give your daughter: Nastanthus. The lush, purple blossoms first appear during sunset and then fade away as dawn approaches. It takes eight to 10 years for them to bloom again—so there’s no need to rush in choosing her name. (Here are more best baby names inspired by nature.)