40+ Names That Mean Blood For Your Characters

40+ Names That Mean Blood For Your Characters – good-name

Names that mean blood have a unique reference to evil and extraterrestrial traits. They also have a strong relation to vengeance and other such traits related to fictional vampires and Dracula characters. Hence, these names would make a perfect fit for your comic if you are looking for such characters with such a backdrop/ theme.

They elicit dread and keep viewers interested in the storyline. The best method to make sure their identities reflect their personalities is to give them nasty names. Choosing the ideal wicked name for a character may send shivers down one’s spine and portend disaster, whether it be for a vampire or a nasty mythological figure.

Here are several names that have the meaning “blood.” There are many different names that have the meaning “blood,” from names that really signify gratuitous violence and blood to names that refer to blood relatives or ancestors.

Names That Mean Blood For Girls

For your female character or baby girl, are you looking for names with the meaning “blood”? Enhance their character traits by choosing a name from this selection that you like.

  • Agana- Chamorro origin, means “blood”.  
  • Akeldama- Aramaic origin, means “field of blood”.
  • Ayuna- Japanese origin, means “bloody” or “red”.
  • Blodughadda– Norse origin, means “the one with the bloody hair”
  • Flatonia– Roman origin, refers to Juno Fluonia of Roman mythology
  • Ixquic– Mayan origin, means a “blood woman”. 
  • Muhjah– Arabic origin, means “soul” or “heart’s blood”
  • Sheerah– Hebrew origin, means “blood relative”.
  • Tallulah– Native American origin, means or refers to the color “blood red”.
  • Tokyo– Japanese origin), means “bloody”, “red” or “vermilion”.

Names That Mean Blood For Boys

Enhance your male character traits and make your work swoon-worthy. If you are looking for potential male names with the meaning of blood, choose a name from this list that you adore for your character.

  •  Djimon– African origin, means “Powerful Blood”.
  • Edom– Hebrew origin, means “Red, earthy, of blood.”.
  • Ephesdammim– Biblical origin, means “Boundary of blood”.
  • Idumea– Biblical origin, means “Red, earthy, bloody.”.
  • Nouman– Arabic origin, means “Blood”.
  • Numaan- Arabic origin, means “Blood”.
  • Pasdammin– Biblical origin, means “Portion or diminishing of blood”.
  • Atakan– Turkish origin, means “blood”
  • Berkan- Turkish origin, means “lineage” or “blood”
  • Demirkan– Turkish origin, means “iron blood”

Names That Mean Blood For Your Characters

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Blood

Time to end the gender discrimination here. Let’s make it easier. Consider using a name that means “blood” that is gender neutral for a character or child. Here is a list of adorable blood names.

  • Auiak- Greenlandic origin, means “coagulated blood”.
  • Blessed– English and African origin, means “to consecrate with blood”.
  • Chisuke- Japanese origin, means “blood”.
  • Eztli– Nahuatl origin, means “blood”.  
  • Gwyar– Welsh origin, means “spilled blood” or “gore”
  • Kanik– Greenlandic origin, means “blood”.
  • Karro- Kaurna origin, means ‘blood”.
  • Ki– Chinese origin, means “blood” or “energy”.
  • Vendetta– Italian origin, means “blood feud”.
  • Damascus– Biblical origin, means “A sack full of blood, the similitude of burning”.

 Names Related To Blood

If you wish to look at some names with sinister blood-related meanings, you have come to the right section. On this list, you’ll find names that you enjoy, whether they signify evil, death, or creepy. Destruction and other things like apocalypse are also included in this section.

  •  Ah Puch– Mayan origin, means “God of death”.  
  • Alvah– Hebrew origin, means “evil”.
  • Anpu- Egyptian origin, means “God of death”.
  • Azazel– Hebrew origin, means “scapegoat”.
  • Azrail- Hebrew origin, means “angel of death”.
  • Blaze- English origin, means “fire”.
  • Chiwa– African origin, means “death”.
  • Deidemia- Greek origin, means “to destroy”.
  • Keegan– Irish origin, means “fiery”.
  • Keket– Egyptian origin, means “darkness”.

Names That Mean Blood For Your Characters

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Unisex Names That Mean Blood

Our search for gender-neutral names does not end here, we had to include another separate section since there are so many options to choose from. Writers struggle so much finding the perfect name for genders so coming up with unisex names for them comes as a relief to them.

  • Rusty– English origin, means “a shade of red”.
  • Sanguinex– Latin origin, means “bloody” or “bloodthirsty”.
  • Serkan– Turkish origin, means “blood head”.
  • Tokito– Japanese origin, means “red”, “bloody”, or “vermilion”.
  • Tsuguto– Japanese origin, means “paternal blood”. 
  • Jira– African origin, means “Related by Blood”.
  • Muhannadah– Arabic origin, means “Soul, heart, blood”.
  • Muhja– Arabic origin, means “Hearts blood, soul”. 
  • Preciosa- Spanish origin, means ” precious blood”
  • Muhjah– Arabic origin, means “Our heart’s blood Muhja”.

Last Names That Mean Blood

Just like your initials and middle names, last names are just as important as they are. Whether you want a noble title for your character or your baby, we have got it all covered. Ranging from warriors sacrificing their lives in wars to the drastic bloodshed that comes along with it, we have it all in this section.

  • Adame– German origin, means Red Like Blood
  • Addeka- German origin, means Warrior, Man
  • Addick– Germany origin, refers to The Teuton
  • Addike– refers to someone from war, Army, bloodshed
  • Adeke– Refers to a warrior man, brotherly.
  • Adeko- Refers to noble titles for brothers/ men who fought in wars
  • Adelberte- German origin, means From the Same Blood
  • Adelhart- refers to someone who fought Hard
  • Adelitza– German origin, means bloodshed, war.
  • Adicke- German origin, refers to a warrior.

Names That Mean Blood

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some names for blood?

Your options:

  • claret.
  • clot.
  • gore.
  • hemoglobin.
  • plasma.
  • cruor.

2. What names mean blood red?

  • Agana- Chamorro origin, means “blood color”
  • Akeldama- Aramaic origin, means “field of blood”.
  • Ayuna- Japanese origin, means “bloody” or “red”.

3. What name means red?

  • Rowan – Gaelic origin, means little red one.
  • Carmine – Latin origin, means vivid red.
  • Flannery – Irish origin, refers to red eyebrows
  • Garnet – French origin, means pomegranate or gemstone.
  • Ginger – English origin, means red-haired.

4. What name means venom?

The name Samael is Hebrew. It denotes the venom or poison of God.

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