Names that mean evil are actually for badass families who actually want their children to stand out for some personal reasons or others whatsoever. Every name has a significant meaning, and parents all over the world struggle to choose the ideal one for their infants.

Although some people might think it’s cruel to name your infant evil or dark, those names are frequently derived from venerable and powerful figures, places, or things. Give your child a gothic name to reflect their independent personality and help them stand out from the others.

Some names are deemed good or terrible by many cultures around the world. There are both nasty boy names and evil female names used to describe this article.

Whether you use this article to name your child or to make sure you do not end up naming your child after any of these names, we have got you covered with everything you need.

Names That Mean Evil Boy 

Names That Mean Evil

It’s harder to choose a boy’s name than a girl’s. Numerous titles for the wicked can be utilized in movies and television. Here are a few names that are clear and simple that you may want to think about for your diabolical tale.

  • Kok-Lir:  Borneo devil who preys on men
  • Azazel:  Refers to the angel of death, which means “scapegoat” and “entire removal”.
  • Ciaran:  Means “black”.
  • Douglas:  Celtic origin, means a dark stranger
  • Colgate:  Old English origin, means dark gate.
  • Damian:  Means the son of the devil.
  • Vlad:  Another name for Dracula.
  • Zephyr:  Means “wind” in Greek.
  • Lucifer:  The devil.
  • Elon:  “spirit”

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Names That Mean Evil Girl 

Similar to bad male names, there are certain bad female names that we shouldn’t offer to our loving women. Evil names are frequently given to people to indicate their demonic nature, although it is avoidable to use them in everyday situations.

  • Hecate:  Refers to the Goddess of witchcraft, demons, graves, and the underworld.
  • Jezebel:  Means evil
  • Lamia:  Latin origin, vampire-ish soul
  • Lilith:  Refers to a night demon, which means “screech owl”
  • Usha: Means demon princess, daughter of heaven, and sister of night.
  • Dubheasa:  Means Dark beauty, Irish origin
  • Bellona:  Refers to the Warrior Goddess of destructive warfare, Egyptian
  • Enyo:  Refers to the Warrior Goddess of destructive warfare, Greek
  • Kali:  Refers to the Warrior Goddess of destruction, Hindu
  • Pele: Refers to the Warrior Goddess of destruction, Hawaiian

Names That Mean Your Little Devil

Whether you’ve been searching for a demonic or evil baby name, or simply a name with a hint of evil, this selection is likely to contain something that catches your attention.

Many of these names will make sure your child stands out from the crowd, even though they may not be to everyone’s liking.

  • Zillah:  Means Gloom or Shadow
  • Thana:  Insinuation to Death
  • Orfeo:  Refers to Darkness
  • Narcissa:  Refers to devilish Numbness
  • Karayan:  Refers to The Dark One
  • Fino:  Refers to the Serpent
  • Emilio:  Refers to the devilish Rival
  • Desdemona:  Refers to the ill-fated
  • Daray: Refers to Dark power
  • Cerberus:  Refers to the Demon of The Pit

Names That Mean Evil King

If you want to take inspiration from the existing evil Gods and Goddesses in myths and books, you might want to consider these names that mostly refer to evil kings and warriors, even destroyers that exist in mythological stories.

  • Adofo: Refers to a Warrior, of African origin
  • Donahue: Means Dark warrior, Gaelic origin
  • Donovan: Refers to Dark warrior, Irish origin
  • Duncan: Refers to a Dark warrior, of Gaelic origin
  • Harvey: Means an Army warrior, French origin
  • Helmer: Refers to a Warrior’s wrath, German origin
  • Abaddon: Refers to The destroyer, Israeli origin
  • Arindam: Refers to the Destroyer of enemies, Indian origin.
  • Gedeon: Refers to the Destroyer, Hebrew origin
  • Runihura: Refers to the Destroyer, Egyptian origin

Names That Mean Evil Or Dark

Whether you are planning to name or not name your child after such names that have evil or dark meanings, here is a list that covers most of the meanings you’re looking for.

It includes mythology, Dark myths about evil Gods, and everything else that you need.

  • Achlys: Refers to Darkness, Greek origin
  • Azvameth: Means Strong death, Israeli origin.
  • Bacia: Refers to familial genocide, Ugandan origin
  • Kek: Refers to the God of darkness, Egyptian origin.
  • Keket: Refers to the Goddess of darkness, Egyptian origin.
  • Mabuz: Refers to the Ruler of death castle, Scottish origin
  • Morana: Refers to Death, Slavic origin
  • Sephtis: Refers to dark Eternal death, Persian origin.
  • Than: Refers to Death, Greek origin.
  • Acheros: Means a River of sorrow, Latin-American

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Evil Names That Mean Baby 

Names That Mean Evil

Naturally, babies are all sunshine and rainbows. But that is not required for their names. The days when demons or other supernatural beings were considered to be bad beings are long gone.

Are you seeking something that has a cutting edge? The names of these demons, whose names have become well-known in literature and film, are listed below. Choose your poison from the list below.

  • Amon : Demon marquis of hell’s child
  • Azazel : The one who Taught man to make war weapons
  • Baphomet : Symbol of Satan and its heir
  • Dagon : Philistine Devil of the sea’s heir
  • Fenriz : Wolf son of Loki
  • Hecate : Greek Goddess of witchcraft and the entire kingdom
  • Mania : Roman Goddess of the dead
  • Naamah : known as the Female Devil of seduction
  • Ambrogio : First legendary vampire child
  • Manson : Refers to a murderer, Charles

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cool evil names?

Some evil names:

  • Whip
  • Blitz
  • Misfit
  • Hex
  • Cascade
  • Wendigo
  • Malice

2. What names mean death?

Names That Mean Death:

  • Azrail
  • Bela
  • Jela
  • Kritanta
  • Lefu
  • Vendetta

3. What name means dark?

Nisha. This name, which means “black or night,” is of Indian origin. One of the uncommon names that mean “darkness” is this one.

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