40+ Baby Names That Mean Dragon For Boys And Girls

In so many cultures, dragon names are considered auspicious. If you are seeking dragon names for your baby son or daughter, here is a list of options. These dragon names are certain to be appropriate for your child, who will grow up to be robust.

Dragons are believed to possess great, promising properties in the Orient. It is a symbol of enormous strength and power. Choosing baby names is a mentally challenging endeavor. Below is a list of dragon names for both boys and girls; we hope one of them will be perfect for your gorgeous child.

Badass Dragon Names For Your Little Fire Breather

1.Anguis: This name is Latin American in origin. It was also adopted by parents of Scottish ancestry, who altered the name to Angus. It is a name denoting exceptional strength.

2. Arad: Arad is a Muslim boy’s name with origins in Persia. This name translates as Angelic Name.

3. Cadmus: The origin of the name Cadmus is in Greece. Cadmus is a conventional boy’s name. The name Cadmus means dragon’s fangs in Greek.

4. Doryu: The name signifies someone who understands the dragon’s ways. Doryu is a boy’s name with Buddhist origins.

5. Draco: Another name for boys that means dragon. The origin of the name was an Italian boy’s name. Dragon is what the Italian word Drago means.

6. Dracon: This boy’s name indicates an exceptional capacity for comprehension. It is an English name historically a variation of the dragon drake.

7. Drake: Drake is a name of English origin. People with this name are considerate and resourceful. They possess both dragon and serpent-like abilities and strength.

8. Draken: A powerful name for your son! It has its origins in Greece. This name is associated with a strong yearning for a solid family or community. Additionally, they require acknowledgment via cooperating with others.

9. Fafner: The name Fafner is Norwegian. Boys with this name are enthusiastic about change. They are adaptable and lively. They are also typically highly hopeful.

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Names That Mean Dragon From Around The World

Names That Mean Dragon

1.George: The name George is derived from the Christian legend of the knight who slew a dragon that breathed fire. George is a synonym for the farmer. Additionally, St. George is the patron saint of England.

2. Irad: This name suggests an imperial dragon. It has its origins in Israel and is a biblical name.

3. Jiao-Long: A boy’s name denoting a type of dragon. Indian Hindu astronomers have interpreted this name to mean “star-born.”

4.  Ju-Long: Ju-Long is a Chinese name that signifies a person as large and powerful as a dragon.

5. Khuzaimah: The name is an Arabic reference to the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree. This name is appropriate for both males and girls. Khuzaimah is an Urdu name that has taken on several connotations in the Muslim world.

6. Ladon: A Greek boy’s name associated with prominent figures. We have emphasized these guys’ goals, and they are working on establishing new ones.

7. Long: The origins of this name are both Chinese and Vietnamese. Both instances mean dragon.

Names That Mean Dragon For Girl Babies

1.Anguisa: This is the feminine form of the male name Anguis. This name denotes girls with strong personality features.

2. Chumana: A female name with Native American roots. Its origins can be linked to a fabled dragon-like snake.

3. Chusi: Name denoting a dragon flower; as lovely as your daughter.

4. Daenerys: A name of English origin that means Lady of Light or Lady of Hope.

5. Dracona: It means dragoness. This is the Latinized version of the Greek term drakaina, which also refers to a species of tree and succulent shrub.

6. Druk: This name derives from Bhutan and relates to the Thunder Dragon. Girls with this name tend to be quite helpful to others. Additionally, they have a loving attitude toward life.

7.  Hydra: Hadria is a form of this feminine name. This name refers to the water monster with multiple heads. People with this name are more motivated to utilize their innate capabilities.

8. Kaida: Meaning of the girl’s name Kaida: Little Dragon. The Japanese origin of this name is appropriate for our little one.

Names That Mean Dragon For Boy Babies

1.Tatsuya: The origin of the name Tatsuya is also Japanese. These individuals like reaching their objectives. Boys with the name Tatsuya possess the dragon’s wisdom and longevity.

2. Suoh: This Japanese boy’s name is strongly associated with prosperity and wealth. These youngsters seem composed and steady. They could be secretive as well.

3. Yong-sun: This newborn boy’s name is of Korean origin. It is a somewhat uncommon name. These lads are extremely diligent and worldly. Additionally, they are protective of their family and loved ones.

Game Of Thrones Dragon Names

1.Aegon: The Germanic word Aegon means “lightning.”

2. Balerion: Balerion, which means “hope while behind flames” in English

3. Daenerys: This character, whose name means “woman of hope” in English, is recognized as the mother of dragons.

4. Drogon: Drogon (Breton), signifying “male dragon.”

5. Meleys: Meleys (Persian), which means “queen of the abyss,” is the name of a dragon that battled and died during a civil war in the novels.

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Dragon Names For Your Little Firecracker

Names That Mean Dragon

1.Scylla:Sylla is the Greek dragon monster Scylla. A five-act sad opera was produced about this beast in 1746.

2.  Syrax: Girls with this name are lovely and protective of their loved ones.

3. Tarasque: This French name will impart positive, generous, and good-natured qualities to your daughter.

4. Tatsuo: This name in Japan refers to a female dragon. A formidable moniker for your angel’s visage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s a good name for a dragon?

Kemen is a male name of Spanish origin that means “strong.”

2. What Japanese name means dragon?

Dragon is the meaning of the Japanese name Ryoto, which is primarily a male given name.

3. What are some badass dragon names?

Arman: Following the dragon from the 2015 film He’s A Dragon.

4. What would you name a girl dragon?

Adalinda is the Old High German language name that means Dragon princess.

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