270+ Names That Mean Night As The Evening Sky

Here is a compilation of names that means night that would bring out the depths of darkness and divine intuition in your child.

There’s a lot to night words that have lifetimes of depth. So, of course, a name that resonates with a meaning even close to this powerful, enigmatic, and charming word, is bound to become big.

Girl Names That Mean Night

The night which promises all that is left unnoticed in the hustle of the day, in the darkness and silences of night that become the very nectar of the soul. Naturally, a name with a meaning so deep and real, is bound to create something magical. Here’s a list of names for the little charmer of your house.

  • Amaya-“Night rain” is the meaning of this mysterious word.
  • Cynthia-It’s time for a revival for this vintage name! The Greek moon goddess Selene also went by the name Cynthia.
  •  Estelle-This name comes from the universe’s elements, The word translates to mean ‘star’ and as its roots in the French and Latin.
  •  Ilta– Ilta, the nickname of the Finnish girl, can be perfect for you if you enjoy short, cute names. It’s perfect for a daughter who was born at night and means “evening.”
  •  Koko – The meaning of the lovely Japanese name is “stork or darkness.”  It undoubtedly has a joyful, original, and succinct vibe.
  •  Laila/Layla- The meaning of this chic Hebrew name is “night or gloom.” The Arabian legend of Qays and Layla, an unrequited love story that was extremely famous throughout the medieval era, contains one of the oldest instances of the name.
  •  Lillith -Lillith is a chic Babylonian name that translates to “belonging to the night.” Bonus: You can call her by the nickname “Lilly.”
  •  Nisha-This sweet Hindi name, which means “twilight,” is a great option for young females.  This name has an enigmatic vibe, in addition its rarity and purity.
  • Nyx-Recall that the Roman moon goddess was known by the name Nox? The Greek equivalent is Nyx. This name, which translates to “night,”
  • Samira-This Arabic name, which means “evening conversationalist” like Samar does, is perfect for your adorable little chatterbox.

Boy Names That Mean Night

Names That Mean Night

Giving birth before the sun has even risen is a magnificent experience. You get to introduce a child, full of the sounds of life, into a world that is peacefully sleeping, if your baby has been born in the night, mark their birth by giving them a name that fits aptly.

  • Altair: (Arabic) The eleventh brightest star in the sky is referred to by this name, which also means “falcon.”
  • Chandra: (Indian) This name is a reference to the Hindu moon god.
  • Ciaran: (Irish Gaelic) Ciaran, which means “dark,” might be the ideal name for your child who was born at night and has dark hair.
  • Hoku: (Hawaiian) The full moon is referenced in this name.
  • Mani: (Old Norse) The word “moon” is mani. It alludes to Máni, the Old Norse god of the moon and sibling of Sól, the goddess of the sun.
  • Namid: This Ojibwa name translates to “star dancer.”
  • Orion: (Ancient Greek) Orion is currently one of the most well-liked boys’ nights names. It alludes to one of the brightest constellations in the sky that bears Orion, the hunter, as its name.
  • Orpheus: (Ancient Greek) Orpheus, which means “the blackness of night,”
  • Rajnish–    The Hindi name for the moon is Rajnish, which translates to “the lord of the night” in Sanskrit.
  • Samir: (Arabic) Samir is a sweet name with a lovely meaning; it means “a companion to converse with in the evening.”
  • Yiska: (Native American, Navajo) Yiska means “night is over” and is another expression used to indicate the beginning of a new day.

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Unisex Names Meaning Night

Names are frequently shared by both genders, which is ideal for parents who don’t want the baby’s gender to be known before birth. This section is for you if you’re still unsure about whether the child is a boy or a girl.

  • Arts– Unisex name Arrats, which in Basque means “dusk.”
  • Blake (Old English): This name means “dark,” although you can decide whether it alludes to their hair or the darkness of the night.
  • Indigo (English): This word refers to the night sky’s deep, inky blue colour.
  • Nox (Latin) is a short name that means “night” and is suitable for both girls and boys.
  • Hunapo: The Maori name Hunapo, which translates to “hidden darkness,” can be used for both boys and females.
  • Nadir: The lowest point of the sun, also known as solar midnight, is referred to as nadir in Arabic.
  • Samar: This name in Arabic translates to “evening discourse.”
  • Abital– This name, which is sometimes written Avital, is of Hebrew origin. “My father is the night dew,” is what it implies.
  • Tsuya– Tsuya, like many Japanese names, is created from the words “Tsu,” which means “mon,” and “ya,” which means “night.” It’s the ideal moniker for a child that is born on a full moon night.
  • Vesper: Vesper is a Latin name that means “evening,” and while being popular among ladies because to a James Bond character, it is actually a gender-neutral name.

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Names That Mean Night And Day

Names That Mean Night

Night and day are perhaps, the most appropriate symbolism of dynamism in life. So, if just like me, you are fascinated with the wholesome and unparalleled beauty of day and night, I have a list of names that assert to these meanings.

  • Akinyi – “born in the morning”
  • Anatole -” sunrise”
  • Ayelet – “gazelle”: in Hebrew, “gazelle of dawn” is a name for the morning star
  • Danica – “morning star”
  • Diaz .- “days”
  • Meridian – “midday”
  • Rosana – “dawn”
  • Sabah – “morning”
  • Sahar– “dawn, morning”
  • Amaya– “night rain”
  • Atieno– “born at night”
  • Eha -“dusk”
  • Esra -“night journey”
  • Hesper -“evening, evening star”
  • Layla – “night”
  • Luna – “moon”
  • Miyabi -“beautiful night fire”
  • Nightingale -a bird is known for singing at night
  • Phoebe -title for the Greek moon goddess Artemis
  • Samir – “evening companion”
  • Shirina – “night”
  • Sura – “to travel by night”
  • Yvaine – “evening star”

More Names For Babies Born At Night

Here are some more names for babies born at night that derive their meaning from night, darkness, or moon.

  • Artemis-Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, evokes power. It’s ideal for your little warrior, who will not be intimidated by life’s challenges but will instead devise a strategy to overcome them expertly.
  • Keiran-Keiran, derived from the Gaelic word for dusk, has several spelling variations, allowing you to personalize the night-inspired name for your child. It’s a distinct name that will not go unnoticed.
  • Tarek-Tarek means “morning star” in Arabic, so it’s simply justified that you would want to name the shining light of your life after it.
  • Luna-“Luna” is Latin for “moon.” If you like astrology, and constellations, Luna is a lovely name. It is one of the names of the moon goddess Artemis in mythology.
  • Sterling-Sterling has a regal ring to it. It means “little star” in Old English, and your new baby is, of course, your little star.
  • Rhiannon-Rhiannon, the goddess of the moon in Welsh mythology,  Your child will undoubtedly make an equally strong impression.
  • Dimas-Sunset is referred to in Spanish as Dimas.  It’s a sweet name for your child, who will definitely share your obsession with vivid, stunning sunsets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means midnight?

Dex, Lilith, Nox, Orpheus, and Saleem are names that mean midnight.

2. What names mean night or dark?

Amaya, Nisha, Kali, Laila, and Lisha are names that mean night or dark.

3. What name means darkness?

Achlys, Adrienne, Ciarda, Duna, and Hunapo are names that mean darkness.

4. What names mean moon or night?

Mona, Luna, Qamar, Sasi, Badar are names that mean moon.

To Summarize

I tried to include some beautiful names that mean night or are in some way related to it, for boys as well as for girls. I have also included gender-neutral names just in case you were looking for something different.

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