Names That Mean Miracle

Names That Mean Miracle For Your Little Baby

A baby is a divine wonder. They contribute so much goodness and joy to your life. To express your joy, you may choose one of the baby names that mean miracle for your child. These names demonstrate that the birth of a child has given your life new meaning and purpose.

You and your spouse are now more responsible because you and the sweet pair are now parents. You would wish to express gratitude to God for the blessing and give it a dignified name. Therefore, honor the virtue by selecting a name from our broad list.

Boy Names That Mean Miracle

1.Aljamain: The name is well-known throughout central Africa, particularly in Congo. It is a very uncommon and distinctive name that looks more beautiful when said with a French accent, as aal-Je-ma. The name loosely translates to “gifted with intelligence.”

2. Aaron: The English name Aaron means “miraculous.” This name has been a top 50 pick for decades and remains a desirable option. The double vowel at the beginning of Aaron lends this name a sweet softness.

3. Adom: Adom is an African baby name that means ‘God’s blessing.’ This name is popular among both Europeans and Americans.

4. Asher: Asher is a wonderful Old Testament name that means ‘blessed or prosperous.’

5. Barack: The Swahili name Barack means “blessing.” Barack is a version of the Old Testament tribe leader Barak, the USA’s 44th president, who got through his father.

6. Benjamin: Benedict is a Latin name that means ‘blessed.’ This name is for parents who prefer Benjamin and Ben but think those forms should be overused. Benedick is also available in its Shakespearean form.

7. Bennett: Bennett is the Middle English form of the given name Blessed. It is fondly regarded as a combination of Beckett and Benjamin. Bennett is also among the fastest-rising names.

8. Beneficio: Beneficio is a lively and contemporary take on the name Benedict which means’ blessing.’ Ben would be a good diminutive for this name.

Girl Names That Mean Miracle

1.Afsoun: Afsoun is a name with Persian origins. The name has supernatural connotations and signifies ‘charm, “spell,’ or miracles.’ Despite its supernatural undertones, it is popular throughout the Arabic world and has pleasant associations.

2. Aksha: Aksha meaning is ‘blessed.’ The name’s popularity has increased by 100 in the past few years.

3. Alazne: Alazne is a beautiful Basque girl’s name, meaning “wonder.” This cosmopolitan moniker has an unusual allure that we believe will appeal to artistic parents. It was also among the top twenty names of the previous century.

4. Althea: Althea is a lovely and popular Greek name for girls. Historically, shamans and herb-healers bore this moniker, meaning ‘gifted with healing talents.’ The term is derived from the Greek word for ‘healing,’ althos.

5. Alya: A female name with origins in Ancient Greek.  Alya has various meanings, including blessed, lovely, and sky.

6. Amari: Amari is a great American name that means “God’s miracle.” It was originally a male name, but due to its vowel ending and soft tone, it is now mostly used for females. Amari is currently ranked #264.

7. Anna: Hannah is the Hebrew origin of the diminutive name Anna. It is concise, memorable, and easy to recall.

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Names That Mean Miracle For Your Little Baby

1.Astrid: Astrid is a contemporary form of the Scandinavian name Assfrior. The primary meaning of the name ‘frior’ is blessed, lovely, and fair.

2. Aurora: Aurora is a female given name of Latin origin that means ‘dawn’ or ‘fortunate one.’

3. Ayah: This is one of the most aesthetically attractive names we have ever heard. Ayah is an Arabic girl’s name, meaning “wonder.”

Unisex Names That Mean Miracle

Names That Mean Miracle

1. Angel: Angel (Latin Origin) means “god’s messenger.”

2. Asher: Asher (Hebrew Origin), which means “blessing.” This baby name with a blessed meaning is projected to be one of the most prominent in 2020.

3. Ata: Ata (Arabic Origin) means “gift from God.” This Arabic name for boys that means “wonder” is popular in the Middle East. In America, it is predominantly a female name.

4. Ayaan: Ayaan is an Indian name that means “gift from God.”

5. Barack: Barack is an African name that means “blessed.” Barack Obama is mainly remembered as the 44th President of the United States.

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Gender-Natural Names That Mean Miracle

Names That Mean Miracle

1.Bennett: Bennett is a Latin name that means “blessed little one.”

2.Jayden: The Hebrew name Jayden means “thankful to God.”

3. Jesse: The Hebrew name Jesse means “gift from God.” This Hebrew name with a miraculous connotation is more common in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

4. Lumi: Lumi is a Finnish name that means “light bringer.”

5. Magic: Magic (American Origin), whose literal translation is “full of wonder.”

6. Marvel: Marvel (French Origin) means “to marvel, admire.”

Last Names That Mean Miracle

1. Jane: Jane is not at all plain. Unlike its sister Joan, the one-syllable name Jane delivers quite a punch despite its brevity. This name dates back to the Tudor era. Jane was once so popular that it became generic.

2. Janet: Janet is a feminine name of Scottish origin. The Gaelic name is “God’s blessing,” and it is popular in the United Kingdom. Jane is a frequent version of this name. Janet Jackson is Michael Jackson’s younger sister and a successful pop artist in her own right.

3. Jesse: The Hebrew name Jesse means ‘blessing.’ This name can be used as a short form for Jessica’s classic name. Jesse is also regarded as a variant of Jessie. However, the two names have distinct meanings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name means miracle of God?

Pelia: Pelia is a common Hebrew name that means “God’s miracle.”

2. What is a female name for a miracle?

Mireille, Marvel, and Marvella are French baby girl names that all mean “miracle.”

3. What does the name mean by blessing?

Blessing is predominantly a feminine English name with the meaning Divine Gift.

4. What name means miracle in Greek?

Thaddeus: The name derives from the Aramaic language and has a Greek origin. It refers to a divine miracle or a divine blessing.

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