Names That Mean Green

Top 46 Gorgeous Names That Mean Green

The color green symbolizes tranquility, good fortune, and health, among other things. Consider eco-friendly baby names for your child to inspire a lifetime of peace and prosperity. The color also denotes nature, making it ideal for a baby boy or girl who will grow up to appreciate the splendor of the natural world.

With so many gorgeous and distinct meanings, it’s no wonder that names that imply green are popular among expecting parents. Begin your search for green-themed baby names that are a great fit for your child.

Girl Names Meaning Green

1. Aneeza: Aneeza is a beautiful girl’s name with Arabic origins. It means both “pleasure” and “green valleys.”

2. Beryl: Beryl is a lovely and popular Greek girl’s name that means “bright green semi precious gemstone.”

3. Blerina: Blerina is a charming Swiss girl’s name with ancient origins. It signifies “Refreshing verdancy.”

4. Blerta: Blerta is an Albanian name for girls that means “green” or “flower.”

5. Charelle: An attractive American girl’s name signifies “a green diamond” and “cherry fruit.” It is prevalent in the Christian faith.

6.  Chloe: Chloe is a beautiful name of Greek origin for girls. It has the meanings “fresh green shoot” and “blooming.”

7. Clora: An attractive American girl’s name. It has multiple connotations, including “fresh and green” and “flower goddess.”

8. Emerald: It has a variety of roots, including English and Persian. It is a lovely girl’s name whose meanings include “green jewel” and “green.”

9. Kirrily: Kirrily is a distinctive Australian girl’s name tied to the color green. It has Aboriginal and Maori origins and means “tree bark” or “leaf.”

10. Luntian: Luntian is an uncommon name for females of Filipino ancestry. It signifies ‘green.’

11. Makala: Makala is a beautiful girl’s name with Hawaiian origins. It signifies “myrtle.”

12. Midori: A beautiful and popular Japanese girl’s name. It signifies ‘green.’

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Boy Names That Mean Green

1.Aaranay: Aaranay is an attractive Indian name for boys. It means “wild woodland,” which implies fertility, abundance, and greenery, among other things.

2. Akhdar: Akhdar is an attractive Arabic name for boys that means “green.”

3. Al-khidr: Al-khidr is a popular name for boys in the Islamic religion. It means “The one who is green” in Arabic.

4. Berilo: Berilo is a beautiful name for boys with Spanish origins. It means ‘pale green gemstone.’

5. Bredbeddle: The Old English origin of Bredbeddle in the Arthurian legend is “The green knight.” It is a masculine name.

6. Celadon: Celadon is an uncommon boy’s name with Chinese origins. It is a gentle greyish-green tint, also known as “greenware.”

7. Dhrupal: Dhrupal is an Indian word whose meanings include “wealth with greenness” and “an area filled with vegetation.”

8. Hadassah: Hadassah is a lovely Hebrew girl’s given name. It signifies “myrtle tree.”

9. Harial: Harial is an Indian language with Sanskrit roots. It is a lovely boy’s name with multiple meanings, such as “green-colored” and “the common green bird.”

10. Irving: Irving is a distinctive boy’s name with Scottish and English origins. It translates to “green water or river.”

Non-Binary Names That Mean Green

Names That Mean Green

Regardless of the gender of your child, many green hues make for excellent unisex name alternatives.

1. Chloris: Chloris is a Greek name for babies that means “greenish-yellow.”

2.Cyan: Cyan is a Greek name for babies that means “blue-green.”

3.Hunter: Hunter (Scottish Origin) This trendy baby name is also a tint of green.

Names That Mean Green From Around The World

1.Khidr: Khidr is an Arabic name for boys admired for their attractiveness. It is primarily used in the Islamic religion, meaning “the green one.”

2. Khizar: Khizar is an Arabic boy’s name and the name of a legendary Islamic prophet. It implies “green” and “wet.”

3. Liko:  Hawaiian island boy’s name related to the color green. It signifies “leaf bud.”

4. Oleander: Oleander is a beautiful boy’s name with Greek origins. It means ‘evergreen tree.’

5. Oran: Oran is a beautiful boy’s name with Irish origins. It is the anglicized form of the name Odhran. Both names imply “tiny green one.”

Green Names That Mean Nature

1.Orna: Orna is of Spanish and Hebrew heritage. It is a lovely name with the connotations of “pine tree,” “pale green,” and “swallow.”

2.Phyllon: Phyllon is the masculine counterpart to Phyllis. It is a Greek name, and its meaning is “leaf.”

3.Yashem: Yashem is a beautiful Pakistani boy’s name of Arabic origin. It signifies “A green leaf.”

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Last Names That Mean Green


Names That Mean Green

1. Binda: Binda is an Australian Aboriginal name that means “A green area.” Binda is non-binary.

2. Cherlyn: Cherlyn is a cool gender-neutral Greek name with the meanings “free man,” “cherry fruit,” and “green jewel.”

3. Cyan: Cyan is the last name of English origin that means “greenish-blue.”

4.Denver: An alluring unisex name with French and Old English origins. Denver means ‘green valley.’

5. Fern: It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Fearn. It is a unisex name of Old English origin that means “a shade-loving green plant.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cool name for green?

Yarkona is a Hebrew name for boys or girls, meaning “green.”

2. What names mean mint green?

This gender-neutral name, “mint” in Japanese, appeared in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”

3. What name means green in Japanese?

Midori: Midori is Japanese for green.

4.What are earthy names?

Twilight, Aura, Aurelia, Elowen, and Fleur are some earthy names.

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