The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore

There are a ton of new experiences waiting for people who have been blessed with the joy of becoming parents. It can be a magical experience, but it can also be quite daunting. A lot of new parents get anxious when they begin thinking about taking care of their children.

This is perfectly natural since being responsible for life isn’t a small thing. One of the biggest challenges that you will face as a new parent is to name your child. Unless you already have a few names in mind, you will have a hard time making this decision.

In Singaporean culture, a person’s name is what defines them. This is why it’s important to pick a name for your child carefully. You want to pick something that is meaningful for you and also suits your newborn. Today, we’re going to look at the best 10 Singapore names for children. We’re going to handpick 5 names for boys and 5 for girls. Each name has it’s own special meaning and is popular in Singapore.

The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore

The Best Names For Baby Boys


Adrian is a name that is used in the west and in South East Asia. It has its roots in the Latin language. Adrian is derived from the word Adrianus, which means dark richness. Adrian is a handsome name and has a very nice ring to it. A cool thing about this name is that it is unisex. It is also a suitable name for baby girls.


Andre sounds exotic and interesting. It’s a French name that is associated with manliness and bravery. There are a number of celebrities across the world that share this name. Its popularity definitely makes it an interesting name to have.


Singapore has a lot of Chinese cultural influence. In fact, its culture is influenced by a bunch of its neighbors. This means that you can name your child with Chinese names as well. Cheng means succeed or sincere and it has a nice ring to it. It’s a variation of the word Zheng, which can also be an interesting name for boys.


A name with Hebrew roots, Daniel is a universally appealing name. Daniel means God is my Judge which sounds pretty cool. The universal usage of this name is what makes it so appealing.

The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore
The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore


Desmond sounds cools and mysterious. It’s an Irish name that was originally used as a surname by people who hailed from Deas-Mhumhna. The meaning of Desmond is from South Munster. While it may not be too meaningful, it sounds cool.

The Best Names For Baby Girls


Claire is an elegant name that is derived from the Latin word Clarus. Claire means bright or clear. Claire is quite popular in western countries as well. The simplicity of the name makes it universally acceptable and also timeless. 


Esther is Latin/Greek for star. Not only does the name sound cool, but it also has historic significance. The second wife of Ahasuerus was Ether as well. Esther may sound a little old, but this name’s beauty lies in its vintage feel. This name has a regal and classic feel to it.


Gina is an Italian name that means garden. It is actually a shorter version for names such as Georgine, Regina, or Virginia. All of these names have become sort of dated. Gina is a fresher and more modern version of these names.


This is a Russian name that has a number of variations as well. Inuyasha means one who is innocent, this makes it a great name for baby girls. It sounds unique and has a very nice meaning. If Innusha doesn’t sit well with you, you can try Inna, Innochka, or Innya. All of these are variants of Innusha and have the same meaning.

The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore
The Best Names For Baby Boys & Girls in Singapore


The name Jasmine comes from the Jasmine flower. Jasmine flowers are small, white flowers with a lovely aroma. The word Jasmine has its roots in the Persian language. You can find different variants of it as well. Jasmine, Yasmine, Jessamine are all great sounding names. They sound elegant and modern at the same time.

What to Consider When Picking Your Child’s Name?

The name that you give your child will depend a lot on your personal preference. You will want something that is meaningful and has a nice ring to it. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you pick your child’s name. The most important being that it should not sound weird. Picking a name that is too unique may cause problems for your child as they grow.

If you feel unsure about picking a name, you can always involve more people. Asking your parents and close relatives can be helpful. You can also involve your closest friends for advice.

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