French Names

100 Must-Know French Names for Your Little One: A Complete A to Z List

I am a French student. I have been learning it for the last three months and have learned to some extent. Among my peers, I use it sometimes to influence them and at times as a code language. My friends in the French language group have changed names of each other and have given a new French names to each other.

They gave me Léa name while others’ new names are Manon, Juliette, Camille, Zoé, and Adèle. Few of them are using these names as their username also.

Popular French Names

French Names

This is an amusing ritual in our family that every new member who joins our family gets a new French name. The popular French names that our family members have are Gabriel, Jade, Léo, Louise, Raphaël, Emma, Louis, Ambre, Arthur, and Alice.

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French Boy Names

French Names

I am a part of a French family and every member of our family has a French name. Recently a new baby boy has come into our family.

For him, the members selected a few names Raphaël, Éliott, Lyam, Mylan, Gabriel, and Théo. Among these Raphaël was accepted by all.

French Girl Names

French Names

My boyfriend is French. He gave me a new name, Natalie which means “birthday of the Lord.” Well there are other few French girl names which I like are Adrienne, Charlotte, Audrey, Annette, Claire, Antoinette and Caroline.

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French Last Names

French Names

While going through French history I learnt about French last names, Martin, Petit, Garnier, Tremblay, Dumas, Rochefort, Bernard and Anouilh. Among these Martin is a very common French last name. It is a patronymic from Mars, which is also the Roman god of fertility and war.

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