Russian Names 

49+ Russian Names That Will Make Your Child Sound Like Royalty

I went to visit the country which has Europe’s longest river and largest lake. It also is home to the world’s deepest lake and the country recorded the world’s lowest temperature outside the North and South poles. By now it must have become apparent to everyone that I am talking about Russia.

I learned various things there but the thing which I enjoyed the most was the Russian names. Alexander, Sergey, Maksim and Andrey, Anna, Olga, Sofia, and Anastasia are a few famous names of Russia. Among these, I liked Olga the most.

Popular Russian Names

Russian Names 

My friend cooks traditional Russian food on Sundays and shares those dishes with me. Along with that, he shares stories of his early life.

Through those stories, I learned popular Russian names like Dmitry, Anna, Alexander, Sofia, Maksim, Maria, Ivan, and Anastasia. Among these, I liked Maksim the most.

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Russian Boy Names

I met a Russian boy during MS. He was not only intelligent but also very dedicated. I learned many things from him; one was the Russian language.

The various boy names he told me in Russian were Artyom, Mikhail, Ivan, Daniel or Danila or Danil, Dmitriy, Kirill, Andrei, and Egor or Igor. Among these, I liked Dmitriy the most.


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Russian Girl Names

Russian Names 

I came to Russia for medical studies. Here I found very exotic girls’ names such as Agasha, Ariadna, Doroteya, Esfir, Faina, Inga, Lusha, Margosha, Natalya, and Sonechka. Among these, I liked Agasha the most.

Russian Last Names

I keep on searching for Russian culture and history. There I learned the most common Russian last names: Petrov, Ivanov, Sidorov, Smirnoff, Volkov, Fedorov, Popov, Semenov, Mikhailov, Egorov/Egorkov/Egonov, Lenkov/Alexeev/Alekhin and Vasiliev.


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