100+ Funny Weight Loss Team Names

French fries, burgers, cold drinks, sandwiches, chicken, egg rolls, etc. Had your mouth watery?? Well, you must be definitely having and now you must be craving to eat them. Right?? Well these fast foods are obviously delicious to eat as they curb down your hunger.

This junk food lessens down your hunger but widens your belly. Yes, you won’t know that how slowly and gradually your slim belly is turning into a fat round globe-like structure. Well, increasing weight is much easier but when it comes to reducing it the task becomes frustrating. To decrease the pounds of chubby is so damn difficult that at a moment of time you may wish like leaving doing the task.

It is always not necessary that you should join a gym or you should leave eating your favorite food items or you may start skipping meals. Skipping meals increases more of weight rather than decreasing it. In order to reduce your belly you can follow certain things which will reduce your weight slowly and gradually but yes along with these things you definitely need to do some regular exercises. To make your task of reducing the weight and to help you in getting the body which you want here we set forth certain weight losing tips for you.

100+ Funny Weight Loss Team Names
100+ Funny Weight Loss Team Names


  • Have lime water twice a day once in morning and than at night.
  • Try to have your night meal before 7’o clock. Avoid eating food at late night.
  • Wake up early in the morning and go for a walk.
  • Have intake of more of fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Drink lemon tea instead of tea made with spoons of sugar.
  • Make a diet plan which suits your eating habit.
  • Churn your food properly and take your time when eating food.
  • Avoid drinking sugary drinks and beverages.
  • Avoid eating food that has more of carbohydrates and fats stores in it.

To reduce weight single handedly is quite difficult and so people prefer doing reduction of weight in mass. People form their own teams and thus exercise and make their own plans to make there round bellies into a flatter one. Teams are formed according to one’s own bonding with the other. Teams may be formed keeping in mind the age groups, they may be formed according to the friend circle,  they may be formed according to the kitty parties groups etc. It is also convincing that proper names of the team must be kept so that your team can be recognized among the all other teams. The names of the team may vary depending upon the age groups, or the purpose etc.Some tips for keeping a name for your own weight loss team are a s follows-

100+ Funny Weight Loss Team Names
100+ Funny Weight Loss Team Names


  • Name-based on age groups- You can definitely keep up a name that is based on the age group of which you are forming up your team. If your team has members full of youngsters than the name which you can keep can be like “youngsters gang” etc.
  • Name-based on the type of doing exercise- Every team has a different choice of doing an exercise. You can name your team on the basis of the exercise you are willing to do in order to reduce your weight. It could be the ” cycling movers”.
  • Keeping up a team name based on the favorite food of your team- When one has to reduce the weight one has to go through diet in which he has to avoid eating the different delicacies which may increase his weight so in this case, you can also keep up a name on some delicacy like ” potato band team”.

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Weight loss Team Name for Workplace

– If you worked for a discount store you could be Half off.
– Net Loss for the accounting department.
– Fit to be Tied for a wedding or tuxedo company.
– Re-Bootie, Del-eat or No-Spam for the IT department.
– Air Force competing with the Navy could be the B-4’s and Aft’s.
– Wuthering Weights for the literary or copyright department.
– Bottoms Out for the machining department

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Funny Weight Loss Team Names Ideas

Fun is what you get when you do an activity in a team so if you are trying to reduce your weight along with your mates in a team than you should keep up a funny name for your weight loss team this will add more of fun and laughter to your funny weight loss team and also you will be differently recognizable among the rest. So some of the funny weight loss team names are as follows-

FLASH (Fit Ladies Always Stay Healthy)  B4 -Bye Bye Bubble Butts Belly Acres 2 Fast 2 Furious
 Choose 2 Lose  Target Weigh-less Belly Bailout 8 2 Much
 Weight Warrior  Caboose Cutters Belly Flat A Lot at Steak
Mission Slimpossible Chubby No More’s Better Naked Against All Odds
 Freesome  Cut the Caboose Blew by You Anonymous
Fatloss Badloss Fatties No More Bod Squad Asset Audit
 C.R.E.A.M. (Calories Rule Everything Around Me)  Chunky Monkeys Body Sculptors At Least
2 Fast 2 Furious Extreme Makeover – Booty Edition Body Toners Bad Beach Body Boys
Belly Dumpers Baker Shakers Booty Fall Bad Fat Chuckers
 Born to Lose Bringing Sexy Back Born to Lose Badunkadunk Busters

Catchy Weight Loss Groups Names

The name of your weight loss team name should be catchy and captive so that when others listen to it they have a sense that yes they actually are working hard to reduce the weight. Your catchy weight loss team name should motivate others to reduce their weight as well and also help them to form there own teams and name them. So some of the catchy weight loss group names are given below in the list-

 OWL (Ongoing Wight Loss) Operation Narrow Waiste Caboose Cutters Downsizing
 Big Beaters Relay Racers Cafe In Dragon Ourselves to the Gym
 Exiling our oversized booties  Roadrunners Calorie Crunchers Droopy Drawers
Gym Class Heroes Running On Empty Can Has Cheezburger? Drop it Like It’s Hot
Heart Monitors Chafing the Dream Candy Crush Drop It Now
Journey to Lose Change Your Weigh Carb Blockers Drunkin Donuts
Let’s Lose the Caboose Fat Blasters Cast-a-weighs Dude, Where’s My Gut?
Little Steps of Hope Fat Bottom Girls Cell-u-Light Dump Your Rump
 Hungry Hungry Hippos Derek and the Domino’s Pizza Cellulite Assassins Dwindling Divas
Masters of the Gym Die Lard Cereal Killer Dwindling Expectations

Health Challenge Team Names

Losing weight is itself a challenge so when you are accepting this challenge to reduce your weight you should pick up a weight loss team name which sounds to be enough challenging. Give your team a healthy challenging team name and try doing this challenge as early as it is possible. So some of the health challenge team names are as follows-

No Mo Junk in da Trunk he Trots Choose to Lose Grape Expectations
Say No to Ticking Health Time Bombs The Twinkie Defense Churchill Downs Gut Busters
Skinny-Sized booties The Waist Watchers Coast Busters Guts to Dust
Out Of Shape Thin to Win Couch Potato Gym Borns
Pound Droppers Heavyweights Cupcakes Anonymous Gym Class Heroes
 Team Godspeed Hot Bod Makers Curls for Cupcakes Hangry Women
Tenderfoots Hungary Hanna Cut it Out Hard Rock Ab Owners
The Losemore Fam Hungry Hungry Hippos Cut the Caboose Head Over Meals
The Meltaways Fillet-buster Diminishing Returns Health Warriors
 The Slims Fire Means Disappearing Dames Healthy Is The New Thin

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Funny Fitness Challenge Team or Group Names-

Nowadays the fever of fitness is at a peak. In the race of being fit, people are ready to spend a great number of bucks every month and as a reason for which more gyms are opening day by day. However, these gyms do not help much in decreasing the weight which the regular normal exercise can do. So for being fit, you need to select a fitness challenge team or group name for your own team. The various fitness challenge team name are as follows-

Reducers Weapons of Mass Reduction Fit Peaches FLASH (Fit Ladies Always Stay Healthy)
Winning by Losing Weight Strippers Fitmen For Hire Flexible Divas  
Toe Jammers Winning Losers Fitness Chasers For Better Naked Tomorrows
Tons of fun Workout Wonders Fitness Fanatics Forever Flab-u-less
Toe Jammers Your Loss Fitness Maniacs Friends with Weightlifts
Twisted Blisters Got Fat Flab Busters Get Fit or Dye Trying
The Thinner Winners Fat Fury Flab Fighters Gods with Hot Bods
At Least Fat Shed-iators Flab Shrinkers GoGo Girls  
Belly Acres Fat to Fittest Flab-u-less Going the Distance
Waist Removal Fit Avatars Hungry there fella? Good Genes Are Hard To Find


Exercise Group or  Team Names

Some other exercise group or team names are as follows-

Bringing Sexy Back Lost Because I’m Not Fat, I’m Big Boned In Recession
Kilo Killers Lost Boys Lean Queens Iron Maidens
Stronger Than Yesterday Lost Cause Less 4 Food It Figures
Monster Workout Club Lost My Mine Less Than Yesterday Jiggle Giggle
Blew by You Lovehandle Losers Less to Love Journey to Lose
Fit Evators Masters of the Gym Let it Melt Junk Bunkers
Flexible Divas Meltaways Let’s Lose the Caboose Just Results!
Tried and Tasted Metabo Lights Mini Mees Kick Your Ass
It Figures Metabolism Maniacs Minnesota Thins Lean & Mean
Cellulite Assassins Mind Over Matter Minute Men Lean Into It


Team Names for Weight Loss Challenge

Take up this challenge of reducing your belly and see what change you will be able to find in yourself. Some team names for weight loss are as follows-

Drop it Now PizzaShut Mission Slimpossible New Dimension
Weight loss Squad All Men Must Diet Muffin Abductors New Direction
Loose Weight Feel Great Eschew the Fat Muffin Top Stoppers No Excuse Ninjas
November to Remember Weight loss Challenge Booty B-Gone Never Better No Mo Junk in da Trunk
FitNuts Weight Loss Challenge Lighten Up Pair-A-thighs Lost No Weigh
6am T.E.A.M. Weight Loss Little Steps of Hope Paleo Hunters Nothing’s Slimpossible
Fit Forever Losers Pie Mongers Nutin’ To It
Dump Your Rump Quiz-goes Portion Control Operation Narrow Waiste
Weight To Go Record Beaters Pound Droppers Operation Weigh-less
Waist Recycling Re-distributions Pound Punishers Out Of Shape


So by now, you guys would have been highly motivated that how you have to step ahead and have to drop down your weight and make yourself fit and fine. Also, the various team names under different categories like health challenge team name, funny weight loss team name, catchy weight loss team name, fitness weight loss team name would have helped you in the name our own weight loss team name.

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