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Commencing, operating, and managing a theme park is just a perfect idea for the business. The theme park opens new avenues for the food industry, leisure, and entertainment at the same time. The business is pretty much profitable if done the right way. You can choose any theme for the place which is attractive for the customers to come and enjoy. There are multiple theme parks from which a person can take the idea.

Also, the name of the theme park must be designed by keeping in mind the theme of which your amusement park is getting opened for. Therefore, it must be at the topmost priority to attract more customers. Below are the few theme park names ideas which one may consider.


  1. Kingdom of fun
  2. The wonder empire
  3. The dramatic village
  4. Roller Coasters
  5. Dinosaur theme park
  6. Happy Valley
  7. Wonderful gardens
  8. The Pleasure Island
  9. Ghost Villa
  10. Wonderland
  11. Wild Waters
  12. Aquatic adventure
  13. Worlds of fun
  14. Dreamland
  15. Fun park
  16. The wonder park
  17. Ghost empire
  18. Honey Land
  19. Crystal world
  20. Adventure Park
  21. Fun in the sun
  22. Pleasure World
  23. Mobile Empire
  24. Cartoon Zangooras
  25. Crystal Palace
  26. The palace of dreams
  27. Empire of the Fun
  28. Fun Love island
  29. The Dothrakis kingdom
  30. The Palace of Ghosts
  31. Adventure land Bazaar
  32. Kids in wonderland
  33. The big festival
  34. The Fun Island
  35. Fun Gallery
  36. Bubble works
  37. Planet Sings
  38. Dream theatre
  39. Fun forever
  40. Gift of fun
  41. Cinematic pleasure
  42. Dreamworld express
  43. Battle boats
  44. Fairytale forest
  45. Fantastic Island
  46. Fun in the air
  47. Fun war
  48. Demon Island
  49. Escape from the hustle
  50. The kidz Zone
  51. Gallery of fun
  52. Factor live
  53. Fun in the city
  54. Dreamworld studios
  55. Live on stage
  56. Fantasy Parade
  57. Fun Avatar
  58. The fun tour
  59. Day in the park
  60. Magic Island
  61. Dinosaurs Alive
  62. Dreamworld
  63. Empire of the fun
  64. Curious Island
  65. The fun palace
  66. Adventure Isle
  67. Fun theatre
  68. City in the sky
  69. Under the sea
  70. Your la la land
  71. Celebrate the magic
  72. Adventure Alley
  73. Disastrous Fun
  74. Fantasy in the sky
  75. Dreamzzz
  76. The Island of fun
  77. Dream Flight
  78. Columbia Carousel
  79. Cinderella Castle
  80. Fairytale Island

The above are few of the creative theme park names which you may consider and if you are confused regarding which of the amusement park names ideas you should consider, then few steps needs to get followed-

  1. The business partners who are investing and the substantial stakeholders need to figure out the probable name which will suit the purpose of naming a theme park.
  2. List down the names which you liked from advises.
  3. Look out if there is any theme park by that name of the probable names which you decided
  4. Cut down the names which are already named as any theme park.
  5. Now after selection of few of the names.
  6. Discuss the probable names with your business partners, shareholders who might hold substantial interest and others.
  7. Choose the name and do the legal obligations for the trademark so that no one can copy your name in future.

When the theme park name idea has been decided, Focus must also be given to the rides which an amusement park must have. The rides name must be little quirky in order to attract customers. Therefore, below are given amusement park ride names which you may consider.


  1. Bubble works
  2. Action theatre
  3. Aquatopia
  4. Country Bear
  5. Driving school
  6. Cinderella Castle
  7. Dolphin  Cove
  8. Drop tower
  9. Alice in Wonderland
  10. Empire of the Penguin
  11. Antarctica Fun
  12. Avis Vintage Cars
  13. Dynamo
  14. Coal Cracker
  15. Club Cool
  16. Battle Boats
  17. Firefall
  18. Evolution
  19. Demon drop
  20. Batwing Spaceshot
  21. Dante’s Inferno
  22. Backdraft
  23. Curse of Darkastle
  24. Ariel’s Grotto
  25. Dreamworld Tower
  26. Gravity ride
  27. Pendulum ride
  28. Water ride
  29. Helter Skelter
  30. Circus
  31. Pirate Ship
  32. Carousel
  33. Enterprise
  34. Roller Coaster
  35. Ferris Wheel
  36. Gyro Tower
  37. Simulator ride
  38. Gravitron
  39. Dodgems
  40. Drop Tower

Before planning about your forthcoming project of the theme park. You must give a look on the existing theme parks of the world so that you get a glimpse of what things are missing in the existing theme parks of the world which you can introduce in your upcoming project to make it bit unique and to attract more customers from all over the planet.


  1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom (USA)
  2. Tokyo Disneyland
  3. Disneyland
  4. Tokyo Disney Sea
  5. Universal Studios Japan
  6. Epcot
  7. Disney’s Animal kingdom
  8. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  9. Disneyland Paris
  10. Disney California Adventure
  11. Universal Studios Florida
  12. Islands of adventure
  13. Ocean Park
  14. Lotte World
  15. Hong Kong Disney Land
  16. Ever land
  17. Universal Studios Hollywood
  18. Songcheng Park
  19. Nagashima Spa Land
  20. Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom

Hope the article helped you in identifying the names which you seek for your forthcoming project.Have a happy naming!

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