Who does not like to preserve their memories for a look over them in the future? Who does not like to capture some beautiful moments in a frame and go through them when you are missing someone or a particular occasion? This reserving of moments is possible only by way of pictures and that’s only possible by Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business.

The trend of clicking selfies and groupies is increasing day by day because of the improvised technologies which we are getting today in our cell phones itself. So if I take it as a whole we all like clicking photos and making different memories.

More than that we like if someone else is clicking our photos and thus is handling the photography department and than there arises the need for a cameraman.

80 Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business

So if you are the one who has great expertise in photography and then you can start up your own photography business. Yes, today the field of photography is running into huge profits but that is possible only when you have good experience in this field.

When you are starting up with your photography business you need a professional camera and other tools required for the photography session.

When you are landing into this business of yours you definitely need to keep up a name for your business. The name should be impressive enough and catchy also so that people remember it for other occasions as well.

Keeping up a name is a difficult task indeed so to make your task easy we provide you with certain tips to name your own photography business.

This blog is going to help you to select cute photography names as well as catchy photography names for your business or company.  We know you want to choose the best photography names ever. The catchy photography business names can help you to promote your business.


  1. Make use of your brainstorming skills- You should use humor to decide a particular name. You will have to think a lot that what name could be kept which has a pinch of sense and creativity in itself.
  2. Make use of your own name- As you are the owner and whole sole worker of the business you can also use your name and name your business. The customers of you should know who you are.
  3. Make use of the rhyming word- Rhyming words are always good to work with. You can effectively make use of rhyming words and thus can name your photography business.
  4. Avoid using technical words- You are not keeping a name for a technician or any high signatory. You are keeping a name for a common man and so you should avoid using jargon or some technical words. Doing so will lend you up in trouble as people will not understand what kind of business you own.
  5. Keep up a name based upon your specialized area- It is not necessary that you may be specialized in each and every area. You may be good at wedding shoots so you can name your photography business based on it.
  6. Use common sense- In a world full of competition you will have to make a smart move and thus pick up a sensible name.
photography studio names & photography account names

Photography Business Name Ideas

Photography has its own department which captures various areas it involves wedding shoots, pre-wedding shoots, child photography, modeling photoshoot, etc. You have to be smart enough when you are deciding a name for your photography business. Some of the catchy photography business name ideas are as follows-

Some of the catchy photography business name ideas are as follows-

Flutter Me Shutters PhotographyShutter UpInto the Wild Photo ShootsClick and Blink with the Jackson
The Ultimate look photographyDelighted PicsShutters on the MembersArt And You In A Flash
Imagix Photo StudioImpression PhotographyLens-bians PhotographyShutter surprise
vivid snapsPerfect CaptureMy tilted tripodHappy filters
The People with the LensLens QueenX AperturesPhotopedia
Photo PhactoryFlawless Coral Photo ShootsTilting perspectiveFreeze the seconds
Foxy Silver SnapshotsThe Picture PatchGrand LensHappy pixels
Perfectly Posed Photo StudioMoonlight PhotographyGrand LensSnapperly
Click And Shoot StudioPhoto Pick StudioA Fine PortraitDigital Track Lab
Picture Perfect MomentFade To Black PhotographersClick And Shoot StudioPicture perfect

Photography Company Name Suggestions

Photography is an art and not everyone possesses this art so if you are holding it then make good use of this art and start your photography business by giving it an impressive and catchy name.

Some fancy photography company names are as follows:

PhotamoraThe white room photographyCherished CapturesMoments Made
Duo exposuresPicture bay viewPrecious MomentsTimeless Classics
StopcamRare momentIn A FlashTimeless Tokens
Take a picCandy clickFlash FiendsMaking Memories
LenskingSquare frameSingle Flash PhotographyOne Cherished Click
Photo factoryPhoto with tripodEvents Remembered PhotographyEvery Moment Matters
Roger’s light photographyKapturedTimeless TreasuresMaster The Moment
Second element picsFocus tripodForever PhotosRemembering Moments
Twenty-two seconds loveFrame fuchsiaCapture CrewMagical Moments
Nick with picLens reflexCandid CapturesCandid Clicks

Cute & Creative Photography Names

There are many different names of photography and photographer names which are unique names for a photography business. We act as a photography business name generator.

Here a list of creative names for a photography business is given.

Special Moments StudioClicksLensation Picture StudioLoveThe Full Exposure PicturesSmiley snapDream Photography
Moments Perfect Capture Event Lens SensationalThe Flash Me PhotographyThe Dark Room Portrait StudioPhotoberryCelebration Photography Studio
The family PhotographyLensation Picture StudioThe Artsy LensFreeze the secondBright Diamond Studios
Awesome Offspring PhotographyNatural Light PhotographyJust Shoot Me PhotographsSplash workBaby Bee Photography
New View PhotographyPhoto PhactoryMom & Pop PhotoShopDelighted PicsSpecial Moments Studio
PicturesquePerfectly Posed Photo StudioPicture PerfectCool Kids StudiosDon’t Blink Photography
Mama’s Moments PhotographyHoney-Lens PicturesEvents StudiosFun Family PortraitsShutter’s moment
Captured MomentsAmbient PortraitureWith Love” PhotographyClicks Expert Camera In The MomentMerge memories
Keep That Smile Picture StudioLens-bians PhotographyLovestruck PhotographyPhotoShop Styles And Poses DigitalGet it pics
Flutter Me Shutters PhotographyThe Lens QueenHeavenly Maternity PhotographyIn a Pinch PicturesTripod buddy

Clever Photography Studio Names

We will help you select the photography names not taken yet. A major photography names list here will assist you.

Family Photo sessionCool Kids StudiosLensesSublime Pearl SmilesPolaroidCaptain Picturesque Modern Photo Capture 
The Open StudioFriendly Photo sessionImpressionPhoto ExpertKeepsake KeepersWildPhoto Photoset Capture Crew The Artsy Lens 
Special Moments Studio TransformationGalleries Friends PhotoPhotographers Photo Artist Forever PhotosMagic Click And Shoot Studio Classic Shots 
Set All in the Family TrendyCaptures Hollywood PhotoPhotographer Flash Fiends Color ShotStudios Photo Pros Perfectly Posed Photo 
Lovestruck PhotographyUnique SnapsPhotography Noir Photos Every MomentStudio Cute Galleries Photo Ready The Picture 
Ideal Photo sessionWow ImagesPhotosEvents RememberedHigh ClickPeople with the Lens Emerald 
Victory ImagesIdol PhotoAmbient photographyPhactoryDream PicturesPortrait ProsLens 
Vows Pictures Personal Proofs Photo Pick StudioCaption Perfect PhotoMoments of photographyStudiosPleasing Portraits Flawless Coral Photo 
Portraits Picture Perfect Moment CandlesPhotographers Bright Media PerfectNatural momentsCelebration Photography Studio 
Click Ambient Portraiture BellePhotography Perfect Click Fade To BlackSay Cheese Photo StudioCamera Crew Shutter Up Love 
Cool-Photography-Business-Name Ideas
Some cool photography business name

Cool Photography Business Name Ideas

There are many clever photography names which are very cool. A list of creative photography names is given below.

Some cool photography business name ideas are as follows:

Lens queenCamera stopStudio Photogenic Timeless Tokens Stylish PicsSnapsIn a Pinch Pictures Passion StudiosStrike
The camera clubPhoto hubStudiosPicture Delight Instant Photos PortraitStudio Perfect Shutters Timeless
Smile, pleasePhoto gridAnd Cakes StudioBlack-N-WhitePixel studioStudios Picsmania
Picture perfectClick timeStudioBaby Photo Bliss eleven Quality PixelsBestSimple Picture Star Adventure PhotoCean One
Photogenic youWe createPhoto Bride Wedding Photography StarSay Cheese Photo Studio
Your memoriesShutters vivid snaps Flawless Images SeriousMoments Photographer three studio RingsPhotography Digital PhotographerMom & Pop
StudioGrand SnapsSnap Perfect DelightedPhotography Picturesque Aesthetic PhotoClientoPhoto Family Photography SmoothPhoto Pros
Shots Impression Photography GlamPhotography Picxellence ApolloPhotography Snap Captures CatchyCapture Captain
Photo Photography by furla studio Portraits And PosesArtworkPictures Single Flash Photography Imagix PhotoSwim Snaps StudioMaking Memories
Photography Outstanding Studios SnazzyPicsNovel Images Snap ServiceThe Ultimate lookWedding PhotographersMemory Makers

Unique Photography Business Name Ideas

There are many creative photography names for Instagram and Facebook. The list is given below.Some fancy and unique photography business name ideas are as follows which you can keep for your new photography business:

Portrait happinessClick for youA New View PhotographyPicturesque 
Camera landBlack and white studioJust Shoot Me PhotographsPhoto Shoots Studios 
Picture peopleCandids for youShutter UpFlash Me Photography 
Spotted selfiePicture for youStrike a Pose Photo StudioLaura’s Tilted Tripod 
The festivalPicture questThe Artsy LensThe Dark Room Portrait Studio 
Lens QueenFull Exposure PicturesLens QueenFull Exposure Pictures 
Lens-bians PhotographyBracketeers PhotographyLens-bians PhotographyBracketeers Photography 
Ambient PortraitureZoomin’ PhotosAmbient PortraitureZoomin’ Photos 
Honey-Lens PicturesFrame Me Please PicturesHoney-Lens PicturesFrame Me Please Pictures 
Perfectly Posed Photo StudioThe Picture PatchPerfectly Posed Photo StudioThe Picture Patch 

Good Photography Business Names

There are many good names for the photography business. The photography studio names list is given below:

Shutter UpWedding PhotographersPolka-Dots Studios Picture Perfect Moment 
Flutter Me Shutters Photography A Fine PortraitPristine White Studios Photo Pick Studio 
Lensation Picture Studio A Lasting Impression Into the Wild Photo Shoots Click And Shoot Studio 
Picturesque Wild Image Photography Click and Blink with the Jackson Moonlight Photography 
The Artsy Lens Say Cheese Photo StudioShutters on the Members Perfectly Posed Photo Studio 
Pin Me Up PhotographySublime Pearl SmilesArt And You In A Flash The Picture Patch 
Swim Snaps StudioCapture the Moment Lens-bans Photography Foxy Silver Snapshots 
High Click Photography Nick with his Pic Racketeers Photography Flawless Coral Photo Shoots 
Click Studio CapturesStrike a Pose with the Masons Ambient Portraiture Photo Factory 
Color Shot Studio Dream Wedding Studios Fade To Black PhotographersLens Queen 

Photography requires investment. Investment in purchasing the camera, purchasing gears. Although the investment is big huge if you start working well than earning profits will not be a tough task.

Once you open up a photography business you can expand your business further in fields of photo framing, keyring designing, phone cover printing, etc. Expanding business will help you earn more profits further in the future.

After going through the various names and ideas which you can give it to your photography business, Here are different photography names for you according to different categories:

Sports Photography Names

Want to go to sports photography, then we have different names for you. Go ahead and pick a suitable sports photography names.

A Magic MomentDon’t BlinkIn The MomentPicture People
Amazing PicturesEssence PhotoKeep That SmilePicture This Photography
April Visions PhotographyFade To BlackLight Garden PhotographyRare Moments
Blend PhotographyFlutter Me ShuttersLive Happy StudioReality Weddings
Bright Diamond StudiosFocal Point StudioLovestruck PhotographyReflect Elements
Celebration Photography StudioGood Time PhotographyMagestic PhotoSilhouette Photography
Citizens PhotoHappy Endings PhotographyMerge MemoriesSnap Out Loud
Click And Shoot StudioHold That PoseNatural Light PhotographySpace Snapshots
Cool Kids StudiosIn a PinchOwn FiltersSpotlight Studios
Don’t BlinkIn The MomentPhoto Factory

Elegant Names for Business

Let us make your business grand with some elegant names for business.

Flutter Me Shutters PhotographyShutter UpInto the Wild Photo ShootsClick and Blink with the Jackson
The Ultimate look photographyDelighted PicsShutters on the MembersArt And You In A Flash
Imagix Photo StudioImpression PhotographyLens-bians PhotographyShutter surprise
vivid snapsPerfect CaptureMy tilted tripodHappy filters
The People with the LensLens QueenX AperturesPhotopedia
Photo PhactoryFlawless Coral Photo ShootsTilting perspectiveFreeze the seconds
Foxy Silver SnapshotsThe Picture PatchGrand LensHappy pixels
Perfectly Posed Photo StudioMoonlight PhotographyGrand LensSnapperly
Click And Shoot StudioPhoto Pick StudioA Fine PortraitDigital Track Lab
Picture Perfect MomentFade To Black PhotographersClick And Shoot StudioPicture perfect

Wedding Photography Names

Looking for wedding photography names? We have designed special names that will attract more and more customers.

Coral photo shootsPerfectly posed studioAmazing PicsPhotoshoots studio
Perfect moments studioDream studiosAmbient PortraitureLove photography
A fine portraitThe artsy lensArt and You in a FlashCaptured moments
Picture perfectPicture studioBeautiful Exposure ViewBaby bee photography
Shutter surpriseDigital track labBlack-N-WhiteSmiley snap
Every clickCandy clickBride Wedding StudioStar photography
Flashy filtersShoot it yaar!Bright MediaPhoto berry
Rare momentFrame fuchsiaCamera CrewCurious captions
The kapturedThe family photographyCandid CapturesSay cheese photo studio
Zoomin photo studioDream photographyCandid ClicksCamera Crew Shutter Up Love


Photography Name Generator

Our photography name generator has some best collection of names for your photography business and studios.

Precious MomentsSupreme PortraitProfiCameraSmooth Pictures
Magical Wedding PhotographyCatchy Portrait StudioArtwork PhotographyBeautiful Exposure View
Love Photo StudioFirst-Choice PortraitPhoto ArtistPicturesque View
Dream Photo StudioFantastic Portrait StudioCatchy CameraCute Impressions
Amazing PicsKing PhotographyPerfect PhotoshootPerfect Pixels
Best Moments PhotographerPerfect PortraitAesthetic PhotoEmerald Photography
Special OccasionPortraitProFamily Photo StudioB&W Photography
“I Do” Photo StudioProfiPortraitSmile Photo StudioAdventure Photo
Charming Wedding PhotographyPortrait MasterPicture StarModern Image
Photoshoots studioAdvanced Portrait PhotographyWow PhotosLove photography

Photography Instagram Names

Photography for Instagram has become a trend nowadays. Why not start photography for Instagram? We have unique photography Instagram names just for you.

Shutter Up PhotographyIdeal Photo sessionProfessional Photos NowA Lasting Impression
Perfect ClickNew Way PhotosNo Blurs PhotographyPolka-Dots Studios
Memory MakersParty PhotosetPortfolio PhotographyArt And You In A Flash
Creative CapturesSerious ShotsNew You PhotographyX Apertures
Flash PartiesPhoto ExpertFlutter Me Shutters PhotographyGrand Lens
Forever PhotosGallery PhotographersPerfectly Posed Photo StudioClick And Shoot Studio
Apollo PhotoArt Kid ShotsPicture Perfect MomentThe smiley picture studio
Friends PhotosetTake Two PhotographyBracketeers PhotographyPortrait photographers Instagram
PortraitClassic ShootersThe Artsy LensVibrant shades
Hollywood PhotoClick Click PhotographersViral Instagram PhotographyClick a world

Other Names For Photography

Looking for more names? We have other names for photography too. Below is a list containing a vast variety of creative and cute Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business.

vivid snapsFlashy FiltersMake It SnappyForever Photos
Photo PhactoryCandy clickPicture PerfectCapture Crew
The Picture PatchKapturedLucky LensCandid Captures
PicturesqueMemories Are UsShooter GoalsMoments Made
Dream Wedding StudiosLens Is UsCherished CapturesTimeless Classics
Shutter surpriseRays of FlashPrecious MomentsMaking Memories
PhotopediaFlash Insta FiendsIn A FlashOne Cherished Click
Grand Lens of InstagramCapture CrewSingle Flash PhotographyEvery Moment Matters
Picture perfectMaster The MomentEvents Remembered PhotographyMaster The Moment
Space snapshotsLens Of LightTimeless TreasuresPhotographic Memories

Naming Your Photography Business

Confused about the name? We will help you with naming your photography business.

A New View PhotographyPicturesqueFamily PhotographyWedding Photography
Just Shoot Me PhotographsPhoto Shoots StudiosMama’s Moments PhotographyKiss the Bride Wedding Photography
Shutter UpFlash Me PhotographyMom & Pop Photo Shop“I Do” Photography
Strike a Pose Photo StudioLaura’s Tilted TripodHeavenly Maternity PhotographyIn The Moment Photography
The Artsy LensThe Dark Room Portrait StudioCool Kids StudiosSpecial Moments Studio
Lens QueenFull Exposure PicturesAll in the Family PhotographyLovestruck Photography
Lens-bians PhotographyBracketeers PhotographyAwesome Offspring PhotographyBright Diamond Studios
Ambient PortraitureZoomin’ PhotosFun Family Portraits“With Love” Photography
Honey-Lens PicturesFrame Me Please PicturesIn a Pinch PicturesCelebration Photography Studio
Perfectly Posed Photo StudioThe Picture PatchDon’t Blink PhotographyEvents Studios

Whimsical Photography Names

The following are some whimsical photography names.

Ambient PortraitureDuo ExposuresMama’s MomentsShadowcatcher Imagery
Artful PhotographerExposureMemoir StudioSilver Lights Photography
Artistic VisionField GemsNational Photographer GroupSmiling Shamrock
Awe Exposure ViewFotos by FolaNu Visions in PhotographySunshine Productions
Baby Bee PhotographyFrozen N TimePaper + Pate PhotographyThe Artsy Lens
Big Hugs PhotoGreen SkyPhoto MagicThe Lemons Photos
Blue Abyss PhotoHeadshotDo Not Bend GalleryThree Sixty
Click TimeIntrigue PhotographyPitman PhotoTrotter Photo
Darkroom DetroitLooking GlassProshotsValentine Studios
Digital Dream StudioLotus EyesRempel PhotographyWith Love Photography

Idea for Photography

Here you will find many ideas for photography names. and Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business

Shooter GoalsPix DeluxeFilm PhotographyConceptualize Photography
We Shoot Greatness PhotographyShot Clock PhotosProfessional Photos NowArt Kid Shots
Photo Ready PhotographyChrome Clear PhotographyNo Blurs PhotographyPortfolio Photography
Wedding Crashers PhotographersReady For The Close UpSharper Image PhotographySplit Image Photography
Klear Image PhotographyCamera ProsCamera Roll PhotographyPicturesque Shots
Picture PerfectClassic ShootersTake Two PhotographyImpress Me Photographers
Portrait Goals PhotographyCapture Magic PhotographyGet The Shot PhotographySouthern Shooters
Snapshot PhotosClick Click PhotographersFamily Portraits PhotographersThis Guy Shoots
Vintage Shots PhotographersCinematic Brilliance PhotographyOld School PhotographersPerfect Prints Photography
Better MugshotsCarbon Copy PhotosIconic Photos TodayBe Our Guest Photography

Studio Name Generator

Studio name generator will help you get the right name for your business.

Super LensYou ShineSnapsSnap Captures
Classic ShotsUnique SnapsPicxellenceCaption Perfect
Emerald PhotographyStyles And PosesPicture StarThe Open Studio
Trendy CapturesGrand SnapsOutstanding StudiosWow Images
Cute ImpressionsDream PicturesTransformation GalleriesCandles And Vows Pictures
Novel ImagesClassic StudiosDawn StudiosSmiles Photography
Vivid MemoriesElegance CaptionsPerfect ShuttersBright Media
Diva ShotsEvent LensPicturesqueQuality Pixels
Glam PicturesRings And Cakes StudioPicsmaniaPortraits And Poses
Cute GalleriesPhotogenicVictory ImagesPosh Studio


Photography is a trending business. One must get elegant names for business. We will help in getting a perfect name.

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