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51+ Nicknames For Kennedy (2024)

Kennedy is generally a gender-neutral Irish name that implies a misshapen head, originating from the Celtic ‘O Cinneide’, which means a disfigured head owing to wearing a helmet.

Kennedy’s ancestors had estates in Ireland and Scotland, where the family’s medieval ancestral seat is on the Ayrshire shore, facing the Irish Sea. Kennedy has become a trendy unisex name in the United States.

Do you know that the name of the 35th US president is John F. Kennedy? As per Social Security Administration data, Kennedy has been continuously popular, sliding slightly from the top 60, where it had been from 2014-2018. Kennedy’s popularity peaked in February 2018 over the preceding five years. Kennedy was extremely popular among the Kennedy family, notably John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

Another famous bearer of the name Kennedy is John Kennedy Toole, an American novelist. Then there is the famous American gymnast Kennedy Baker, and the Indian actor, Kennedy John Victor. The name has also been used for characters in ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ So, here are some great nicknames for Kennedy!

Popular Nicknames For Kennedy

These nicknames are widely used variants of the real name Kennedy. In many cases, they are derived from the real name itself. The following are some popular nicknames for Kennedy that are cool enough to be likable. These names can be suggested to family members or friends if there is any personality named Kennedy.

1. Edy/Eddie– Eddie can be a good nickname for Kennedy. It sounds similar to the ears and is pretty much as cute as it sounds like Teddy every time we call this name.

2. Enny– Enny sounds pretty similar to Kenny. So, to sound unique, we can remove the ‘k’ and make it a cute nickname for a sweet Kennedy. This nickname is mostly suitable for a female Kennedy.

3. Kay– This can be a short and easy-to-articulate nickname. This nickname also sounds cool and trendy and can be a wise pick.

4. Ken– Ken or Kenn is a shorter form derived from the full name. This nickname was especially used by the famous gymnast Kennedy Baker. This fast and simple nickname can be a good pick for a sweet little boy.

5. Kenny– This nickname can be the female version of Ken. This name goes by a pretty little girl whining in her nurse’s embrace.

6. Kenndy– Did you hear Candy? This nickname is perfectly suitable for a Kennedy holding candy in their hand. This unisex nickname can be used by any tiny candy lover.

7. Neddy– Neddy can be an appropriate nickname for a nerdy Kennedy. This is to add some fun, as Neddy sounds similar to Nerdy.

8. Needee– When Kennedy is needy of chocolates, ice-creams, candy, and the long, never-ending list, this nickname is just the right pick!

9. Ned– Ned can be a perfect one for a boy Kennedy whereas Neddy can be a good nickname for a female Kennedy.

Cute Nicknames For Kennedy

Cute nicknames are created when adoring terms are added to the prefix or suffix of the name or when the name is edited to sound more adoring. Check out some of these cute nicknames for Kennedy to choose from.

10. Kake– This can be a pretty good nickname for Kennedy, who’s fond of cakes.

11. KeKe– KeKe can be a really cute nickname for Kennedy. It is suitable to call a sweet little girl with the cutest personality. So parents and to-be parents, pick this name for your princess Kennedy.

12. Keeks– Geeks! This is a classy and cute nickname that can stand out for your Kennedy in a crowd.

13. Kenzie– Henzie-Penzie! Kenzie wins our brownie points as a super trendy cute nickname and is among the most preferred nicknames for Kennedy.

14. Kensie– This one is just another form of Kenzie. Anyone can be chosen for this Kennedy nickname.

15. Ken-Ken– This is the cutest coined form of Kennedy, as we had come across Ken in our previous list. This one here adds up some cuteness by using Ken-Ken instead of Ken.

16. Kendall– This one is for all the real Kendall fans. If you admire the supermodel personality, this nickname is just apt.

17. Kendol– This nickname is filled with affection and is a perfect pick for your child, who is as pretty as a doll. Also name sounds close to the greatest media personality, Kendall Jenner. Kennedy might gain fame among their friends’ group, who might refer to them as Kendall.

18. Kennidoodle– This nickname here can be for the creative Kennedy who likes to daydream in the middle of boring classes and doodles behind notebooks and in between paragraphs!

19. Kenz– This one is a cool Kennedy nickname. It can be used as a unisexual name and an intelligent choice.

20. Kentucky– All of us are die-hard fans of KFC. But do you know what KFC stands for? It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. The man in the logo of KFC, the founder, started KFC in Kentucky. So, this is a brownie point for all chicken cravers.

21. Kiki– This nickname is the most popular and is for a Kennedy with the cutest personality.

22. Little Kenken– Little Kenken goes to Kenya in the rain! HMMMM! Testing creative skills with nicknames! This nickname reminds us of Little Red Riding Hood! Hence the aftermath! Keeping aside the poem, Little Kenken is solely curated for a little child, and parents can call by this name with affection.

Cool Nicknames For Kennedy

Have you tried some cool variants of Kennedy? Variants of a nickname help people from different communities or cultures choose a relatable name close to their roots with the same meaning as Kennedy. Here’s a catalog of some cool nicknames for Kennedy.

23. Deee– This nickname for Kennedy can be a super cool one, and it is a unisex nickname which is a plus point.

24. Di-Di– This is a term used to refer to an elder sister in most cultures so any elder child can be called by this nickname. This is cool and unique at the same time.

25. K.K.– This is the initial of the name and can sound interesting as the name remains a mystery.

25. K.D.– The same goes with this name consisting of the initials which can be trendy and the best pick among cool Kennedy nicknames.

26. Kedy– This one sounds cute and cool simultaneously. If you are on the search for a good pick, you can rely on this.

27. Kenna– This nickname sounds funny and trendy, both at the same time. Hence is a good mix of both flavors.

28. Kennedie– An Irish variant of the name Kennedy.

29. Kenni– This can presumably be the female version of Kenna.

30. Kensington– This nickname is for a Kennedy who lives in Washington.

31. Kennerz– This one can be a unique pick for a social media handle and is mostly the trendiest of all. It is quite creative.

32. Kenwood– Kenwood gives us some adventurous and spooky vibes. So this name would perfectly go by any Kendall who loves to escape into the woods or has a dream house made of woods.

33. Kinnedius– Kennedy’s Latin version is Kinnedius.

34. N.D.– This can be another good nickname with initials and is a smart pick for a nickname.

35. Needy– This nickname is quite unique and is perfect for an endearing Kennedy.

Funny Nicknames For Kennedy

Here is a list of hilarious Kennedy nicknames to tickle your funny bones. If a Kennedy is close to your heart, among your friends or family members, these names are a must for comical character humor.

36. Canopy– This is just beyond imagination that a human character can have this as a nickname.

37. Comedy– The name itself is satirical to take a dig.

38. KenD – A fun way of calling Kennedy.

39. Keneedy-A fun mix of ‘Kennedy’ and ‘needy,’ perfect for the Kennedy who always needs lots of attention.

40. Kenkenbenben– This nickname is quite a one to laugh at. Any Kennedy pet named this can run after your life.

41. Kenny-Penny– This nickname can quite suit a funny character who goes penniless every time. This nickname can be a dig at Kennedy, who needs to learn to save money.

42. Kenopy – A fun twist with the word ‘canopy.’ This is perfect for Kennedy, who loves gardening.

43. Ke-Rainy-Day– This one is the ultimate fun character to have a nickname as rainy day! Rainy Day goes rhyming with Kennedy and is the ideal satirical nickname.

44. Kennedie– An Irish variant of Kennedy.

45. Kinnedius– A Latin variant of Kennedy.

46. Kennedy- (also known as Ken-doll): A character in the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

47. Leon Scott Kennedy– (also known as Kennedy or Cowboy or Rookie): A character in the film, Resident Evil.

48. John F. Kennedy (also known as Crash Kennedy or JFK): A former president of the USA.

49. John Kennedy Toole (also known as Fish Tales): An American novelist.

50. Kennedy Baker (also known as Kenn): An American gymnast.

51. Kennedy John Victor (also known as Vikram): An Indian actor.

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