Good names for a vocational rental business and other things you must keep in mind

Starting a vocational rental business seems super fun, yet keeps you on your toes as a business owner. You get to think about a lot of things before starting this business, like a vacation rental software for managing your clients and their transactional data. Then, you need an Airbnb calendar sync to manage all the bookings of your rental properties. 

Other than that, you need good names for your vocational rental business to attract more customers, even in the off-season. So, if you’re game for opening up this business, read the post ahead.

You will get plenty of information on things you need to keep in mind before going for this business. 

What are the things to consider for a vocational rental business?

  • Good names for attracting new customers 

Having catchy and genuine names for your vacation rental business is a must-have. You need unique names representing the purpose, the location, or the uniqueness of the property. 

Also, make sure that whatever name you choose must not be copied. It must be unique and highly original so that you can market and brand it well for running campaigns to attract different types of visitors all year. 

  • Location of the rental property

For a vocation rental business, location matters a lot. If most of your customers will be those who are working from remote locations, they need a quieter place to stay. 

So, ensure that the location of your rental business or property is not crowded. Make sure it is still connected to the main city and other facilities of the city like restaurants, hospitals, clinics, etc.

It will make the stay of a person, colleagues, or families easy and suitable. They will then want to recommend your vacation and vocation rental property to others. 

  • Tools and software to use for managing travellers and bookings

If you want to scale your business operations and manage booking all year with limited human resources, this can be tough while doing it manually. So, trust a reliable software to execute the heavy load of paperwork for you. 

That means you don’t need to hire more administrative staff when you have a vacation rental software. You can manage, view, edit, audit, update, or review all your bookings as per the calendar in one place. 

Also, you can add your visitors’ details in the software to manage customised or personalised packages for them. If you get frequent visitors, send them discounted offers easily. Most times, a software might help you remind them of the same. 

  • Sales & marketing budget

The more you spend, the stronger the marketing presence your brand will have. However, when you are about to set up a vocational rental property business, this is important aspect to sort. 

You can’t go on spending too much on the sales and marketing budget. To take calculative steps, create a sales and marketing funnel. Check how many cold leads you are getting per month or week.

Creative a marketing kit or campaign like sending out automated emails, messages on your customer’s apps or push notifications. Active word-of-mouth with the locals or natives of the city. That will have more impact on getting new customers at a cost-effective rate. 

Check what is the conversation rate for your sales team. Are they able to close the customers within a certain budget or package? Are you getting more revenue over a period? 

Have such facts ready with constant analysis of the input and output of your sales and marketing efforts. Then, you can keep on correcting the steps you want to take to grow the rental business. 

  • Setting the right prices for each package

Do marketing research. Check how many competitors are there in the same locality and what are their prices. Decide what type of pricing theory you want to execute to attract new customers and visitors to your lodge or rental property. 

Try and experiment with prices if you’re starting a new. Keep the prices low or give discounts on bulk orders or for longer stay days. 

Create multiple packages depending on the type of rooms or apartments you will be offering to your visitors. 

  • Amenities that you would be providing 

Always be sure of the amenities in each room you will be providing to the visitors. Those who are on vocation holidays mostly require a work desk, stable Wi-Fi, pick-up/drop services, etc. 

They might require parking if they are coming with their own vehicle. Some people might require free meals with the room at least once per day. While, others might require smoking-friendly rooms. 

So, each party or visitor will have a different requirement. But create a wholesome and attractive package of such amenities according to your target audience. 

Be mindful to charge higher if you’re giving a lot of amenities in a room.

  • Cleanliness of the property and each room

Most often visitors are put off if the rental property is not kept clean. So, do not commit that mistake. Hire the cleaning staff and make them clean the surroundings of the property along with each room daily. 

  • Update the paperwork of your rental property

One important aspect to keep in mind is to update all the paperwork of your rental property business. This is important to file for the business tax returns. Also, it helps you stay compliant with the business rules and regulations.

If your papers are updated, you can save yourself from paying heavy penalties to the government and not be a defaulter.


We talked about 8 core things to take care of when you’re opening a vocational rental business, including:

  • The right tools and software
  • Cleanliness of the property
  • Good names to choose and register for
  • Customer management
  • Amenities to provide
  • Budgets to set, etc. 

Feel free to explore more options online. However, do not forget to create a master business plan that includes all these points. That will help you get started with the research and save your energy or time in the long run.