Funny Nicknames for Potheads and Stoner

Are you a stoner? If so then there is nothing to be ashamed of about it. With the recent developments concerning the legalization of Marijuana, it has become even easier to get your hands on the most acclaimed psychedelic herb. In this situation, it is always better to know a few attractive nicknames for potheads … Read more

Good, Cool, Funny Necromancer Names


Are you in search of an evil necromancer name? Well, necromancy was a practice in which magicians communicate with the dead to gain evil powers.  Necromancer used evil customs and practices to become more powerful than an ordinary human being. Are not you feeling the terror? So, the name should also be filled with evil … Read more

Cool Nickname Ideas for Your Dear Ones


Giving nicknames to your near dear ones is in fashion nowadays. People often get confused as to what would be a suitable nickname for others. The nickname must reflect his/her personality and should be something which person viewing, commenting, etc. should also agree to. The nickname can be of a word or two or more. … Read more

Amazing Grandma Nicknames

Grandmothers are the dearest person to us and perhaps everyone. They always hold a special place in our lives and if you look back they are the ones who took utmost care. There are no words that can describe how you can pay respect to their contribution and imparted wisdom on us. Her recipes are … Read more

Nicknames for Marijuana

Nicknames for Marijuana

In common understanding, when it evolves to beginning up with a business enterprise it becomes necessary to choose the best and easy name for the same. Are you thinking to come up by a marijuana business? The initial – plan the particular title for your weed business. Make sure the name you keep for your … Read more

Intimidating Nicknames

Nicknames are always embarrassing and intimidating. These names are generally given either out of love or hatred for the person. No matter, what the case might be nicknames are either given by loved ones or by ones who actually hate you. Irrespective of who has kept the nickname and why it is always intimidating for … Read more

Bedroom Nicknames Suggestion

Bedroom Nicknames

Isn’t it an amazing idea to name your bedroom with a nickname? The place is filled with lots of memories and love. Therefore, bedroom names are essential to give in today’s modern life so that you can get attached to the feeling when you go back at your home after a heavy day work or … Read more

Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Have you ever wondered how exciting it may sound when you are called by a nickname or when you may call a person be your fellow friend or soulmate or anyone else close to your heart by a nickname that they might have never thought of? In general terms, it has been seen that we … Read more


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